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Programming. Design. Webdevelopment. Tutorials. Css. Webtools. Hosting. Buttonator. Rgb. Pdf. IE CSS bugs when using floats and <code>background-color</code> - If a div is given a background colour and contains floated items (floated using CSS’s float or HTML’s align on images), things can go very wrong in Internet Explorer – screenshot of my examples page in IE6, compared with how it should look.

IE CSS bugs when using floats and <code>background-color</code> -

Internet Explorer 6 sometimes hides some or all of the main content of the div (examples 2 and 5 have their titles missing); additionally in Internet Explorer 5 and 6, if the container is given position: relative, the floated items disappear (example 4). Contrary to other reports, no spacer div of any sort is necessary to provoke this bug – none is in use in the examples given here. Scrolling down to hide the missing section and then back up ‘cures’ the problem, but this isn’t exactly a viable solution. My solution is simpler: give the container div a line-height. The default line height of browsers appears to be around 1.1-1.2, so setting line-height to around that provides no or hardly any visual change, but cures the bug in IE. 960 Gridder - Lay out websites with ease. Dirk Paehl Opensource page - HTML Tidy for Windows. HTML Tidy is a tool that was originally written by Dave Raggett of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Dirk Paehl Opensource page - HTML Tidy for Windows

It is designed to fix mistakes in HTML, tidy up the layout (hence the name), assist with web accessibility, convert HTML to XHTML and many other things. The software is now maintained by a group of volunteers working as an Open Source Community at Source Forge and this is the place to go for more information. I try to keep my system virus free but you do check downloaded files yourself, don't you? Download the latest version HTML Tidy for Windows (vers 25 mar 2009) EXE Version compiled 06 nov 2009 Install and Uninstall These tools do not require any external libraries or environment.

Uninstall? To run Tidy This is a command line application so you will need a COMMAND.COM (Command prompt or DOS) window. C:\>tidy [-switches] file.htm Or you can use my GUI for this program: GUITIDY See the documentation at Source Forge for a full instruction manual.  Design inspiration and Resources. 6 Web Design Workflows That Work. Here is the list of articles about web design work flow which is very important for every team or individual to work effectively.

6 Web Design Workflows That Work

Sometimes they look very scientific, but there will be good theoretical advice that might help. Hope you’ll enjoy reading this and it will prove useful to you. Thats what I call real GAWNO!! 111 1. 2. Top 10 articles for web dev and design - April 2009. 100 Terrific Web Design Cheat Sheets that Will Save you Time, Money and Mistakes. By Nicole White Most web designers know that cheat sheets are incredibly useful.

100 Terrific Web Design Cheat Sheets that Will Save you Time, Money and Mistakes

You can use them for quick reference, easy learning, and more. In this list, we’ve compiled an incredible collection of the 100 best and most useful cheat sheets out there. Open Source Web Design - Download and upload free web designs.