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Flames and things related. Pyroxmangite: The mineral Pyroxmangite information and pictures. Easiest Diet EVER: Lose 30 Pounds In 3 Months! By Gregg Prescott, M.S.Editor, Why “waist” your money on an Atkins Diet or Weight Watchers when you can get better results for FREE?

Easiest Diet EVER: Lose 30 Pounds In 3 Months!

Would you like a free and easy diet that TRULY WORKS? Imagine eating great food all day… and still losing weight! This has got to be the easiest and simplest diet EVER and you don’t need to buy a book or take a special course to learn how to do it. The best part: I AM NOT SELLING ANYTHING… THIS IS ALL FREE! Whether you plan on fitting into that bikini this summer or a tuxedo this winter, it only takes 3 months to lose 30 pounds! The simplest diet ever! A few years ago, I jumped on the scale and it read 209 pounds (94 kg). A typical diet has approximately 2,000 calories and 20 grams of saturated fat. I’ve done this diet several times in the past and both times, I lost 30 pounds (13 kg) in 3 months.

Crystal vibrations

Vibrations. Not Made By Hands Cosmic Energy Essences - Home. Healing Delight- Color/Sound Therapy. Sound Healing in Red Hill 19/04. Hello dear friends!!

Sound Healing in Red Hill 19/04

Solar Cosmic Light - Christed Heart Center. Plasma beans. Ascension Gateway - Spring Equinox 2013. Drunvalo Melchizedek - Teachings and Books. Bindu: Pinnacle of the Three Streams of Yoga Meditation, Vedanta, and Tantra. Ancient Egyptian Sexual Ankhing by Drunvalo. Egyptian Sexual Energy and the Orgasm It was believed in ancient Egypt that the orgasm was the key to eternal life, and that it was intimately connected with the chakra system.

Ancient Egyptian Sexual Ankhing by Drunvalo

A chakra is an energy vortex connected to the entire human energy field, and the Universal Heart Chakra is the fifth of thirteen chakras. (There is also a system of eight chakras; in that system, the heart chakra is number four.) The Egyptian system held that the orgasm was intimately connected to this fifth, or Universal Heart Chakra. First, we will explain the connection to eternal life. Drunvalo Melchizedek - Teachings and Books. Jewish Mysticism: Chapter II. The Merkabah (Chariot) Mysticism. Sacred Texts Judaism Index Previous Next Buy this Book at p. 33.

Jewish Mysticism: Chapter II. The Merkabah (Chariot) Mysticism

Merkabah mysticism. Etymology[edit] The noun merkabah "thing to ride in, cart" is derived from the consonantal root r-k-b with the general meaning "to ride".

Merkabah mysticism

The word "chariot" is found 44 times in the Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible – most of them referring to normal chariots on earth,[3] and although the concept of the Merkabah is associated with Ezekiel's vision (1:4–26), the word is not explicitly written in Ezekiel 1.[4] Merkaba meditation - 18 breaths to ecstasy! "The key to inter-dimensional survival is to remain positive and in love with life even when the outer world may seem hopeless.

Merkaba meditation - 18 breaths to ecstasy!

Know the perfection of Nature" - Drunvalo Melchizedek Merkaba meditation supposedly leads to "ascension" - a process in consciousness where the human body is transformed into light and translated by birth into a higher fourth dimension, thus transcending the limitations of this three-dimensional world. The ancient Egyptians referred to Mer-ka-ba as three separate words - Mer meant a specific kind of light rotating within itself, Ka referred to the human spirit, and Ba referred to the spirit's interpretation of its specific reality.

According to its practitioners, Merkaba is a 17-meters-in-diameter energy field around the human physical body, consisting of two counter-rotating tetrahedrons, spinning with the speed of light. This spinning of geometric forms affect a person's mind, body and spirit. MERKABA MEDITATION. The MER-KA-BA The Teaching Of The MER-KA-BA by Drunvalo Melchizedek The Teaching On Spherical Breathing By Drunvalo Melchizedek Like the sun, we must breathe, radiating out to all life.


And from all life we will receive our manna. Begin by creating a place in your home that is used only for this meditation. Once each day, enter into this meditation, until the time comes when you are a conscious breather, remembering with each breath your intimate connection with God. A Nest of Subversive Propaganda: Progressive Children's Arts Education from the New Deal to the McCarthy Era. And child abuse the artist seeks to become an affirming voice in the midstof all this.

A Nest of Subversive Propaganda: Progressive Children's Arts Education from the New Deal to the McCarthy Era

Art should represent man’s highest human and spiritual values. What I Got From the Buddhists: April 2010. An Inexplicable Life One of the Shiva Sutras, an ancient Kashmir Shaivite tantric text, says, “Mysterious are the ways of karma.”

What I Got From the Buddhists: April 2010

Mysterious is one way I might describe my current life. I find myself living in a Hindu ashram in Australia run by an American swami who is the guru here and also happens to be my former husband. While We Still Have Time: I love a parade. In my previous post I wrote about being a lifelong rebel, and gave some examples, and in "Army stories," I wrote about experiences I had working for and interactions with Army generals.

While We Still Have Time: I love a parade

What I left out in both those stories was my first encounter with an Army general, and how it fit my lifetime pattern. On April 26, MacArthur's tour brought him to Chicago, my sweet home. A huge parade was held for him, with the crowd estimated at between 3 and 4 million people, the largest in American history. Home. Ex-cult. KECHARI MUDRA "Through the performance... - Meditation Techniques-The Beauty of a Silent Mind. The Spiritual Eye - How to Decalcify and Activate Your Pineal Gland. By Christina Sarich Contributor May 16, 2013 from WakingTimes Website This article will presume you have a basic knowledge of the pineal gland, an important endocrine gland that is said to be the seat of enlightenment.

If you need to back up a little and inform yourself more about what the pineal gland is, you can start here before reading further. Activating your pineal gland, or spiritual ‘eye’ and detoxing it are two different things. How to master Kechari Mudra technique. Disclamer: Please consult your doctor before doing any of these practices. All this is for educational purposes, and if you are stupid enough to do it, do not blame others if you harm yourself in the process. You had been warned. November 1st, 2005: Written by Victor…. Khecarī mudrā. Quote: Namaste Dhyandevji, Thank you for that input. I have heard many times that siddhis are just obstacles in the form of miracles. I believe that Sri Vivekananda came to Sri Ramakrishna saying he had begun to develOp clairvoyance, and Ramakrishna's response was something along the lines of "let it leave you!

Stop your sadhana for awhile until it goes away. " I guess Siddhis are a way for Lord Shiva to test a devotee to ascertain his true readiness for enlightenment. I can only hope that Shiva one day sees fit to give me such strength, in whatever lifetime it is needed.