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TCP_IP_Protocls. Passwords. WEP Hacking with CommView. Step 1: Setting Up CommView for Wi-Fi Download the zip file of CommView for Wi-Fi from the website.

WEP Hacking with CommView

Extract the file and run setup.exe to install CommView for Wi-Fi. When CommView opens for the first time it has a driver installation guide. Follow the prompts to install the driver for your wireless card. Run CommView for Wi-Fi. Click the play icon on the top left of the application window. CommView now starts scanning for wireless networks channel by channel. >Step 2: Selecting the Target Network and Capturing Packets A few things to keep in mind before choosing the target wireless network This tutorial is only for WEP encrypted networks. Choose a network with the highest signal. Now you might notice that packets are being captured from all the networks in the particular channel. Right click the desired network and click on copy MAC Address. Now you have to save the packets so that they can be cracked later.

Go to the logging tab on top and enable auto saving. >Step 3: Waiting.. Crack1ng « Thireus' Bl0g. This article is a collaborative work between 3 authors.

Crack1ng « Thireus' Bl0g

This is our look back on 2012′s most famous public password leaks. Authors: m3g9tr0n, Thireus, CrackTheHash | Copy Editor: Thireus. Nowadays, different hacking communities around the World publish their leaks on various online paste Web Services like Pastebin,, and others. The most usual target’s vulnerability is SQL Injection. These leaks contain elements like usernames, passwords, addresses, zip codes, telephone numbers and even paypal accounts or credit card nubers. In this article, we gathered a big amount of public published leaks with main purpose to check the strength of users’ passwords and password policy which is applied for each service. CRACKING METHODOLOGIES AND TOOLS… (m3g9tr0n) The tools we used to accomplish our cracking process are John the Ripper and Hashcat-suite. When dealing with password cracking the most important thing is to know as many elements as possible about your target. Stratfor Case inke –> ? GPU Rainbow Cracker.

Overview The Cryptohaze GPU Rainbow Cracker is a fully GPU and OpenCL accelerated set of rainbow table tools. GPU Rainbow Cracker

Unlike the existing CUDA accelerated rainbow table tools that simply accelerate the stock RainbowCrack tables, the Cryptohaze rainbow tables are a totally ground up implementation. Of major significance is the fact that the reduction function is now something very well suited to GPUs and high speed CPU implementations. While the RainbowCrack reduction function was very good, it was not very fast, and did not scale well onto video cards. The new reduction function is significantly faster and allows for some truly impressive speeds. Downloads Download the latest versions from The Rainbow Table tools require a 64-bit OS.

New Features The Cryptohaze GPU Rainbow Cracker has a number of brand new features that make it even more powerful and easy to use, including: Performance It's fast! Table search rate This is a comparison of table search rates on different systems. Top 10 Ways to Get Free Wi-Fi Anywhere You Go. Hack Any Password Protected Wi-Fi Network And Use Unlimited Free Internet ! Today I’ll tell you how do you hack any password protected Wi-Fi network with “CommView For Wi-Fi” hacking software.

Hack Any Password Protected Wi-Fi Network And Use Unlimited Free Internet !

In some of my previous post i have shown how to hack a password protected WiFi hotspot internet connection using beini iso and Linux Backtrack. ::New Updated Tutorial Using ComView Wi-Fi. More Easy & Shorten! ::=> Wireless Password Hacker 2013_Genuine Version! =>Before you start, It will be needed to know what actually Wi-Fi is? "Wi-Fi" is a type of wireless networking protocol that allows devices to communicate without cords or cables. 1: Wi-fi uses antennas around which wi-fi "hotspots" are created. 2: The source internet connection is provided by a PC or server to which the antennas are connected either wirelessly or via a cable. 3: Some mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDA) now have wi-fi chips installed.

Some organizations provide it for free but maximums provide it for business purpose only. Let's Begin!


Software. Wi-Fi Network Hacking. Wireless networks are everywhere; they are widely available, cheap, and easy to setup.

Wi-Fi Network Hacking

To avoid the hassle of setting up a wired network in my own home, I chose to go wireless. After a day of enjoying this wireless freedom, I began thinking about security. How secure is my wireless network? I searched the Internet for many days, reading articles, gathering information, and participating on message boards and forums. I soon came to the realization that the best way for me to understand the security of my wireless network would be to test it myself. How a wireless network works A wireless local area network (WLAN) is the linking of 2 or more computers with Network Interface Cards (NICs) through a technology based on radio waves.