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AppleInsider. By Josh Ong A new analysis claims the iPhone made up 30.7 percent of the U.S. smartphone market and 14 percent of the mobile market in the first quarter of 2012. comScore noted Apple's steady upward climb when it released on Tuesday quarterly data from its MobiLens service, which surveyed 30,000 mobile subscribers users.


Apple's share of the smartphone market grew 1.1 percent when compared to the fourth quarter of 2011. The figures were up 0.5 percent from Apple's three-month average from February. Akinator Academy pour iPhone, iPod touch et iPad sur l’iTunes App Store. 11 Great Free iPhone 4 GUI PSD Templates For Designers. From the graphic which post on RIM Blackberry Tablet Will Support Flash we can know, iPhone hold more and more smartphone market share and being one of the most popular electronic gadget,it has created a stir in the market.

11 Great Free iPhone 4 GUI PSD Templates For Designers

Same with windows OS, people started using it, then designers started using iPhone stock image for their graphic designs, more and more developers/designers searched for hours trying to find an iPhone 4 template to customize the home screen. Below is 11 free iPhone 4 GUI PSD telplates, hope you will enjoy them. iPhone GUI PSD Version 4 This version of the template has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Based on iOS4, it includes all the elements you need to design proof-of-concepts or production ready assets. Custom UI Component Database for iOS and Mac OS X. Apple : les chiffres. See iPhone Multitouch App Switching in Action. Here's video evidence that lets you see the new multitouch, app-switching capability on the iPhone.

See iPhone Multitouch App Switching in Action

We've seen this trick on a video featuring the iPad, but not one with the iPhone. Similar to the gestures available now on Apple's laptops with their "Magic Trackpads," a four- or five-finger multitouch gesture lets users move from one application to another. But don't get your hopes up about using this on iPads or iPhones when iOS 4.3 is officially released.

We obtained this from Apple's official release notes for iOS 4.3, beta 2: Les applications Flash converties en applications iOS désormais autorisés par Apple. THE iPhone poll: Do you use more apps or your browser on your iPhone? Answer here - AppsFire.com ★ blog ★ "Notre application représente déjà plus de 500 000 euros de revenus" Apple Patent Diagrams Send The Wrong Message To Developers. To the left, a recent diagram included in a travel app patent filed by Apple.

Apple Patent Diagrams Send The Wrong Message To Developers

To the right, the homescreen interface for existing third party travel app “Where To,” which has been in the app store since 2008. Apple’s diagram accompaniments to their recent travel, hotel and shopping patent applications were made public on July 30th, but no one made the “Where To” connection until Dan Wineman highlighted the similarities between the two on his blog Venomous Porridge. iPhoneG4_worldmap.jpg (Image JPEG, 1440x900 pixels)