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Allocine : #AlloCiné lance sa nouvelle ... AlloCiné lance sa nouvelle application mobile. Lancée en janvier 2010, et depuis adoptée par 8 millions d’utilisateurs, la première version de l’application mobile fait aujourd’hui peau neuve.

AlloCiné lance sa nouvelle application mobile

Quatre ans après son premier lancement sur les stores d’Apple et de Google, la nouvelle application mobile AlloCiné a été totalement repensée. Plus complète, plus rapide, plus sociale ! Un nouveau designA nouvelle ergonomie nouveau design, pour rendre votre navigation plus fluide, ludique et visuelle ! Retrouvez dès la page d’accueil tous les contenus éditoriaux et vidéos qui font l’actualité du moment. Ne manquez plus les émissions à voir absolument, les dossiers incontournables et toutes les dernières news ciné et séries. Un moteur de recherche ultra performantVous avez déjà fait l’expérience, sur, du nouveau moteur de recherche doté de la technologie d’autocomplétion. AlloCine - Google Apps sur l'Android Market. AlloCiné Blogs - ALLOCINÉ INSIDER. h31c9sxj Shared by D_Dso. Google's Android 3.0 Honeycomb for tablets: a guided tour of the UI (video) A funny thing happened after Google posted (and subsequently pulled) its Android 3.0 Honeycomb video: T-Mobile celebrated its G-Slate announcement by posting the same video.

Google's Android 3.0 Honeycomb for tablets: a guided tour of the UI (video)

And about six more after that (to be fair, they're also on the Motorola / Verizon Xoom we demoed). Today it was made official during Verizon's keynote, with Google itself narrating a hands-on demo. We've scrutinized these videos to no end and we think we've come up with the most complete picture of Google's tablet OS experience at this point. Join us after the break for all the goods. Update: Set aside about 25 minutes and check out our exclusive (and thoroughly awesome) interview with Google's Matias Duarte, the driving force behind Honeycomb interface.

Sony's PlayStation Suite will bring PSOne games to Android devices. PhoneDog Media ExclusiveDownload iM5, now available in the App Store and Google Play. iM5 is a PhoneDog Media backed Social Platform to inspire real-life action through the crowdsourcing of ideas.

Sony's PlayStation Suite will bring PSOne games to Android devices

See the video Most of us have been waiting for Sony Ericsson to unveil the XPERIA Play so it can really up the ante when it comes to Android gaming, but Sony may have beaten SE to the punch. Earlier today in Tokyo, Sony announced PlayStation Suite, a game platform that will allow Android devices running 2.3 and up access to PlayStation 1 games. All games will be certified to make sure the games run smoothly, and both QWERTY and full-touch devices will be supported. The service will be going live by the end of the year and will feature a healthy mix of PS1 titles. Simultaneously Launching "PlayStation®Certified" License Program to Provide PlayStation® Content and Development Support for Android™ Based Portable Devices Tokyo, January 27, 2011– Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Via Engadget. Introducing Nexus S with Gingerbread. A year in Android — 2010 in a nutshell. Me, my mobile and I - Un nouvel AppStore pour Android. Visualized: the real Android fragmentation. It's been staring you in the face all this time.

Visualized: the real Android fragmentation

The Android fragmentation that not only threatens, but dooms Google's mobile OS: the buttons are always in different places. How will we ever cope? [Thanks, Drummertist] Comments. YouTube Remote: Control YouTube on your TV from your (Android) phone. How Android Is Transforming Mobile Computing. Why Android developers are losing money, and it’s not due to piracy. Posted in Tech blog on August 16th, 2010 by Pingdom Google has made great strides with Android, and a ton of developers have flocked to the growing mobile platform.

Why Android developers are losing money, and it’s not due to piracy

Not everything is rosy, though. One major concern among developers is that piracy levels are very high on the platform. Google is of course not oblivious to this and recently announced plans to combat piracy with DRM methods that app developers can include in their apps. But there is one problem that is arguably much more problematic for Android developers when it comes to getting paid for their apps, and it isn’t getting nearly as much attention as we think it should. The big problem with selling Android apps Google is talking about fighting piracy, but perhaps the first thing they should focus on is actually making it possible for users to buy apps. You can only pay for apps in 13 out of the 46 or so countries where Android phones are available. In other words, piracy isn’t the root of the problem, the inability to pay is. 200 000 mobiles équipés d'Android sont vendus chaque jour - Journal du Net > e-Business.

Test de Google App Inventor. J'ai enfin reçu l'invitation pour App Inventor, un nouvel outil en ligne de Google qui permet de créer des applications pour Android façon click n play.

Test de Google App Inventor

Tout se fait à la souris, de manière graphique, destinant cet outil à des non initiés à la programmation. Une fois loggé sur App Inventor, j'ai du tout d'abord installer une petite appli (Windows Mac ou Linux) qui permet de faire communiquer l'application web avec le téléphone Android. Pour que App Inventor fonctionne correctement, vous devez avoir un ordinateur équipé au choix de : Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 (Intel)Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7Ubuntu 8+, Debian 5+ Et de : Mozilla Firefox 3.6 ou supérieurApple Safari 5.0 ou supérieurGoogle Chrome 4.0 ou supérieurMicrosoft Internet Explorer 6 ou supérieur.

Android market share trebles in three months. Google’s head of Android partnerships departs.