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Dan Gerdeman

I am an art teacher, artist, and small movie maker.

Ap stuff

Fears of a Clown. Alive Again. Avalons Room-Short Screamers. Juxtapoz Magazine - Home. Human Skeleton (by xinixazi) Skeletons Of Looney Tunes Characters. Korea's Arario Gallery hosted a exhibit by Hyungkoo Lee entitled Animatus. Animatus is an exhibition which allows to see the skeletons of famous Looney Tunes characters such as Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Wile E Coyote and Road Runner. Its not only the skeletons that are on show, but also detailed drawings on the skeletons of various characters. The show is created by Hyungkoo Lee who says the Animatus series started with the “intention to analyze anatomical structures and physical forms of animation characters, within the hypothesis to visualize their possible anatomical foundation.”

Lee constructs the skeletons using a hybrid mix of real animal bones and synthetic materials. MICHAEL PAULUS - CHARACTER STUDY. A character study of 22 present and past cartoon charactersmichael paulus I am currently offering ALL 22 of these shown here for SALE in a alternate version.


I also have some larger pieces for sale Here. *Sign up for my Etsy Mailing List*and/or the Mailing List for This Site. The Art of Dan Gerdeman - Page 1 of 6. Dan Gerdeman.