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Mobisoftinfotech. How to publish an Android App on Google Play Store? Whether it is a game, a social media app, or a guide app, you undoubtedly spend hours and hours on Android app development, and you should now be ready to launch your app in Google Play Store.

How to publish an Android App on Google Play Store?

Now, to do that, there are many things you’ll have to fulfill to see the Google Play Store publish your app. With this guide, you’ll be able to publish your Apps in a market with a community of more than 1 billion active Android users. Prerequisites For Publishing Your App On The Google Play Store Before publishing your app, you should have in mind how would other people see it in the Google Play Store, just like you view every app that has been published before.

To do this, you should build a structure and gather all the things you need to have to present a well-made App. 1. 2. 3. 4. Screenshots from your Phone or Tablet need at least two images on JPEG, or the same as with your Feature Graphic, 24 via PNG without alpha. 5. Artificial Intelligence in the Pharmaceutical Industry – An Overview of Innovations. In today’s data-driven age, companies never fail to grab a single market opportunity to make the business processes better, smarter and more efficient.

Artificial Intelligence in the Pharmaceutical Industry – An Overview of Innovations

Data science acts as the fuel behind this rising tide. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, companies can now touch the peak of efficiency in data analysis that leaves a great impact on their entire businesses. The way industries are adopting AI and machine learning, it will eventually drive remarkable growth in the coming years. Research says the AI market will reach $89.8 Billion in Annual Worldwide Revenue by 2025. The pharmaceutical industry is not an exception in this scenario. But before diving into the discussion on the application, impact and future of AI in Pharma, let’s talk about the current scenario in this industry where not all companies are using AI and machine learning. Intermodal V/s Multimodal Transport System: Similar But Not Same. In today’s smart cities, connecting destinations faster and seamlessly are the key to development.

Intermodal V/s Multimodal Transport System: Similar But Not Same

Intermodal and multimodal transportation freight methods allow better shipment or commutation even to remote areas by combining different modes of transportation, including but not limited to flight, freight, truck, and public transportation. Although used interchangeably, intermodal and multimodal transportation systems are worlds apart. Introduction to the Concept The efficiency of smart cities can be improved beyond expectations by crafting an optimal transport system.

Every stakeholder and customer is looking for that key innovation, which puts one community or a smart city apart from the other. Park and Ride System: Is It Defining Better Future for Urban Commuters? Parking in developed and populated urban areas is often a point of concern and quite time-consuming.

Park and Ride System: Is It Defining Better Future for Urban Commuters?

There is a range of options available to solve parking problems. Talking about the most effective solutions to minimize the traffic volume and reduce the congestion in parking areas, park and ride service is a technology-driven system that should be mentioned. HWisel Appliance Repair Service App Case Study. Event Transport Management Software Case Study. The Challenge Managing transport operation prominent sports championship in the USA.

Event Transport Management Software Case Study

The organizing authority needed a complete digital solution to manage and automate ground transportation operation for players and guests. Due to the complexity involved in coordinating each guest's transport arrangement throughout their trip, our operations team planned ahead; managing staff, organizing overnight accommodation for chauffeurs and accruing availability. This meant that the transport was at the client’s disposal, providing them with the opportunity to travel freely and flexibly. Mylilstory- Smart Daycare Management Software for a Smarter Child Care. Motorbike hailing and on-demand courier solution for Kenya. Solution.

Motorbike hailing and on-demand courier solution for Kenya

Use University Shuttle Service to Develop Sustainable Transportation Ecosystem. Believe it or not, a new mobility system is reshaping university transportation along with urban public transit.

Use University Shuttle Service to Develop Sustainable Transportation Ecosystem

Connectivity, robust technology platforms, and smart devices have dramatically paved the way to better mobility solutions for universities. Contemplating underlying opportunities for university transportation, today, we are going to discuss one of the essential mobility solutions, on-demand university shuttle service. All About Smart Universities. Emergence of Urban Mobility Experience: Past, Present, and Future. Transportation has been an inseparable aspect of living since human existence.

Emergence of Urban Mobility Experience: Past, Present, and Future

The development from walking on legs to bullock carts to trains and then airplanes are contributing notably in the ever-developing transportation industry. The main goal behind the growth has always been a faster, safer, and longer journey. At present, whenever we talk about modern transportation, the latest trend that draws attention is intermodal transportation.

This system uses more than one way of transit for reaching the destination. These modes are dependent on several geographical and surrounding factors such as traffic, type of roads, distance, etc. Now, with the constant rise in population in urban areas, another prominent term gaining traction is induced travel. So, these are some of the trending catchy-words when we talk about the urban mobility experience. Educational Transportation Management System. On-Demand Delivery App For Sudan. Due to globalization, last-mile delivery businesses are increasing rapidly.

On-Demand Delivery App For Sudan

However, digitally connected customers, looking for cost-effective delivery services along with seamless and convenient experience when shipping, purchasing, receiving and returning products, are facilitating last-mile delivery companies to rethink traditional courier delivery. As the demand for quick, cost-effective, and trackable delivery services is growing continuously, businesses are leveraging various technologies to stay one step ahead of their competitors. With easy access to the internet, users are finding it easier to buy whatever they need on e-commerce platforms faster than before. Hence, online shopping and mail-orders are empowering faster deliveries straight to the customers’ doorstep.

Ride-sharing Network For People With All Abilities

Digital Freight Matching Platform To Maximize The Transport Efficiency. TLC - Digital Freight Matching Platform. Logistics Freight Solutions. What Makes GoLang The Next Prominent Language In The Market? GoLang is a simple open-source programming language, created in 2009 by Google.

What Makes GoLang The Next Prominent Language In The Market?

However, it started getting popularity only in recent years. The language’s competitive advantage is its ability to produce reliable code blocks with simple processes, quickly. What is Go Language? GoLang is created by Ken Thompson, Robert Griesemer, and Rob Pike. The programming language is a combination of improved speed and better security elements.

What is Geofencing and Why is it Important in Taxi App Development? The taxi booking industry has witnessed a lot of problems when it comes to safety concerns. The security of a passenger traveling in a taxi is of utmost importance and it demands continuous monitoring. The most advanced location-based technologies let the taxi business authorities to track their fleets constantly. Intermodal Routing: A Step towards Building Smart Urban Public Transportation System. Commuting in today’s fast-paced world has become more accessible to everyone because of smart transportation technologies. On-demand transport platforms like ride-sharing, bike-sharing, and shuttle services, autonomous vehicles, smart infrastructure, and other highly-effective digital urban public transit solutions have rapidly changed the way people commute on a daily basis.

The cities will become crowded as 68% of the human population is going to live in urban areas by 2050 (compared to today’s 55%) as per the United Nations. The urban population of the world is proliferating, and it will increase the problems of traffic congestion, pollution, and parking. Intermodal Routing: A Step towards Building Smart Urban Public Transportation System. Hire Flutter Developers. Flexible and On-Demand Micro-transit Services To Improve Community Mobility.

We have come all the way from simple route planning using Google Maps to the likes of on-demand transportation options that provide micro-transit services. Custom Software Development Services Company. How Can an Educational Transport Software Solution Improve a School's Transportation Efficiency? Adults are always keen on their child’s safety in schools, and often find it challenging to keep a track of their commute, food habits, etc.

On the other hand, factors like polite and well-trained teaching staff, education, and a safe and secure transportation facility is a challenge for the educational institutes as well. An educational transportation software solution helps with efficient transport management, thereby ensuring the safety of both children and drivers. How is Technology Impacting the Education Industry? Technology in and out of the classroom is functioning as a vital tool by streamlining education, assessment, operations, and transportation. Here are a few ways in which technology is revolutionizing the education industry. Technology promotes engagement by providing interactive means for learning. Modeling and SimulationSpecific simulation tools enable visual representations of planetary movements, tornado development, dinosaur world simulation, etc.

Hire NodeJS Developer. Ride-sharing network for people with all abilities. Fleet Tracking App Solution: Its Importance in Transportation Industry. Undoubtedly, transportation plays a major role in worldwide logistics and supply chain management, facilitating the overall economic growth. In the last couple of years, this industry has gone through some major technological shifts.

Partners Program. Driverless Cars - A Futuristic Technology to Reshape the Cities. Mobisoftinfotech. Hire ReactJS Developer. Compliance Training For Employees: How Mobile Learning Solutions Are Changing The Rules. How Route Optimization Boosts the Efficiency of Your Logistics Business? Gone are the days when logistics industry used to experience a huge loss due to lack of infrastructure, unavailability of drivers, high transit time, the low turnaround of vehicles because of multiple checkpoints and excessive spend on fuel. Now the leading logistics companies are successfully planning their transportation routes and schedules to accommodate the growing level of short notice requirements of customers, the issue of unavailability of vehicles and the rising cost of fuel. Thanks to route optimization, it has become possible. 4 Major Freight Management Challenges Faced by the Trucking Industry. Simply worded, the one point objective and agenda of any Freight and Logistics Management system is “the designated goods at the right place at the right time at the right price”.

These two terms are complementary to each other; while Logistics may deal with everything related to movement and storage of goods, freight management specializes in planning, tracking, and controlling the transportation of goods. While the Logistics part has its own challenges, one of the main challenges for any Freight Management system is communication. This challenge has become a common hurdle as the two systems are complementary in meeting the business objective. On-demand Economy - The Perfect Remedy for Startups. Mobile GPS Tracking: A Cost-effective Alternative to GPS Tracking Hardware. A poorly performing fleet is a massive challenge for any business; mainly if it’s a part of the logistics and transportation industry because logistics isn’t just a business function that they have to manage, it’is their whole and sole business! Being in the transportation industry isn’t a child’s play, after all.

IoT in Automotive Industry - Driving the Connected Car Revolution. Disruptive technologies are revolutionizing the ways in which vehicles operate, thus changing the face of the automotive industry. P2P Carsharing: Reshaping the Transportation World. TLC - Digital Freight Matching Platform. Hire React Native Developers. Educational Transportation Software Solution. On-Demand Home Services Aggregator Platform for Portugal.

Development Of Smartphone Application: Impacts On Logistics And Transportation Industry. Advancements in technology have effectively changed the way we interact with machines. How Ancillary Technology Is Transforming The Healthcare Industry? Will Digital Therapeutics Solution Reshape The Healthcare Industry? Voice Technology: Reinventing Healthcare and Exploring More Possibilities. How Is Transportation Technology Revolutionizing The Nutrition Sites For The Seniors? Medication Adherence Panaceas: Latest Technologies And Human Intervention. Emerging E-commerce Market for Pet Drugs Online. How Mobility Solutions In Logistics And Supply Chain Are Changing The Dynamics Of Business?

Warehouse Management System - Role and Functions in Logistics Chain. Drone Delivery Services: The Future of Transportation & Logistics? How Can Uber Freight Like Apps Benefit The Trucking Industry? Transform Fuel Filling Experience With On-Demand Fuel Delivery App. Android EditText : setFilters Example : Numeric Text. Mobile App for Corporate Social Responsibility with Example. Beauty Salons Could Be the next Big Thing in the On-demand Service Industry. What is PHI and What is Not PHI? Jquery Autocomplete With And Without Ajax. What Web Accessibility Means and How It Applies to Web Development?

Why Should You Say Yes to Employee Transport Management System? Metro Transit App: Optimizing your Commute with Cutting-Edge. List of Top On-demand Delivery Startups in India Transforming Logistics. Warehouse Management System - Role and Functions in Logistics Chain. 6 Good Reasons To Offer An Employee Shuttle Service. 20+ Pitch Deck Examples for On-Demand Startups. Mobisoftinfotech. Top 10 Apps to Order Medicine Online in India. Metro Transit App: Optimizing your Commute with Cutting-Edge. Top 34 Techniques to Get 100,000 Downloads for your App. Bus Booking Software And Tracking App. Hire Golang Developers - Go Development. Car Rental App Development And Software. On Demand Delivery Management Software & Driver Tracking App.

Ecommerce Mobile App Development: How to Build a Successful One? Rideshare & Carpooling App Development Solution. A List of Bike Rental Startups That Are Making It Big in India. Uber for Maids: Getting Help for House Cleaning Has Never Been Easier. Mobile App Development Client Questionnaire. Corporate Carpooling Solution.

Do You Think Urban Air Mobility will Redefine Traffic Congestion? Mobisoft Infotech - Your Right Tech Partner. Mobile Ticketing App: The Future Of Smart Travel Transportation. Logistics Optimization: The Best Way to Scale Your Ecommerce and Retail Business. How Artificial Intelligence Chatbots are Revolutionizing Healthcare? Logistics Apps: Potential To Mobilize The Entire Industry. Uber For Tow Trucks App - Roadside Assistance On Demand. Wearable Technology: The Coming Revolution in Digital Health. Mobile App Development Process – How Does an Idea Become an App? List of Top Uber Bike Taxi Apps Across the World.

A List of Popular Food Delivery Apps in India (2019) Top 34 Techniques to Get 100,000 Downloads for your App. 10 Popular Bus Booking Apps in India Changing the Way We Plan Travel. 10 Popular On-Demand Home Services Startups in India. Why to Select Custom Mobile App Development for your Business? Ecommerce Mobile App Development: How to Build a Successful One? What to Choose Between Native App & Hybrid App - An Overview. Overview of Samsung BADA Mobile OS. EHR App Stores: Accelerating Innovation in Mobile EHR Space.