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Pyxer - Google Code. Sourcecode moved to GITHUB: Yet another Python Framework! The goal of this project to make web development as easy as possible to enable the developer to start quickly with a new project. This project should be distributable via PasteDeploy for normal servers and for Google App Engine (GAE), without the need of using different technologies and approaches. Minimal from pyxer.base import * @controllerdef index(): return "Hello World" Since Genshi does not work on GAE a new Templating Language comes with Pyxer that is very similar to the syntax of Genshi and Kid.

@controllerdef index(): c.somelist=[1,2,3] And the corresponding template named "index.html": <ol> <li py:for="value in c.somelist"> Value: $value </li></ol> The most recent examples can be accessed here: Osg - Trac. Lux Render.