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ParaNorman trailer (MSN Exclusive) on MSN Video. KURHIKUAERI K´UINCHEKUA (Renovación del Fuego e inicio del Nuevo Año) Flowtown Infographic: Should You Have A Twitter? S 2011 Year in review. PAGE NOT FOUND. P.ost. Tony Schwartz: The Myths of the Overworked Creative. Time is finite, but we act as if it were otherwise, assuming that longer hours always lead to increased productivity.

Tony Schwartz: The Myths of the Overworked Creative

But in reality our bodies are designed to pulse and pause – to expend energy and then renew it. In this revelatory talk, energy expert Tony Schwartz debunks common productivity myths and shows us how to regain control over our energy so we can produce great work. Tony Schwartz is founder and CEO of The Energy Project, a company that helps individuals and organizations fuel energy, engagement, focus, and productivity by drawing on the science of high performance.

Tony has written four bestselling books, including The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working, published in 2010, and The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy Not Time, co-authored with Jim Loehr.Tony has also published widely about leadership, engagement, and culture change. The Protester: A Portfolio by Peter Hapak. Ahmed Harara is a dentist.

The Protester: A Portfolio by Peter Hapak

While protesting during the Egyptian revolution in January, he was struck in the eye by a rubber bullet. Blinded in that eye, he continued to protest. Then, during the November protests in Tahrir Square, Ahmed was shot in his other eye by a rubber bullet. Now he is completely blind.