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3D printing i skolen. Periodic Table Writer - Chemistry Elements » My Fun Studio. Socrative. Google Tools. 35 Digital Tools To Create Simple Quizzes. Scan Answer Sheets From Your iPhone or iPad with ZipGrade. Construct an equilateral triangle - GeoGebra - Numbas Editor. Symphonical - Boost your productivity. A web word processor and web whiteboard for schools. Create, collaborate and share without email! Bootstrap. Lærerressurs - Trinn 9 - Deler - 1 Grunnleggende kjemi - Illustrasjoner fra læreboka.

M+ A Comprehensive Guide for Effective Use of iPad in Teaching. iPad, this mystic gadget that has been making the news since its launch a few years ago, has now secured a strong foothold inside different educational settings.

A Comprehensive Guide for Effective Use of iPad in Teaching

Its sharp design, practical portability, and the sublime sense of mobile gadgetry it bestows upon its users and, above all, its widespread among learners , all of these factors combined made this tablet an indispensable tool in the learning toolkit of students. With this huge presence inside our schools, several school districts have finally adopted it as a teaching and learning tool to be used inside the classroom. App developers, on their part, have also noticed this increasing potential of iPad in education and therefore started creating and developing apps targeting the educational audience. From apps for toddlers to advanced research apps, the app store now is teeming with all kinds of educational apps. In this context, several teachers are planning to incorporate iPad for the first time in their classroom instruction. Critical perspectives on Educational Technology.

I have studied computer programming teachers' perception about instruction and learning in Swedish upper secondary school.

Critical perspectives on Educational Technology

The study exposes that programming teachers in common do not use the potentials for peer-learning in ICT/IT, inside and between schools. They are to a high extent constrained by what organization (school) can offer. They prefer industrial programming languages taught with short instruction followed by students' own work; education is commonly designed for individual student work with lots of time for self discovery learning. I wounder if that could be considered a local phenomenon for Sweden or if these teachers (~100) have established some sort of tradition or culture of what is considered appropriate for learning and teaching?

It would be interesting to know if someone else in this group have experienced or read any article about how technology itself constrains teachers' beliefs about learning or if you could suggest a paper about instructional traditions. Thanks! Interactive Science Software - Atom Builder. Atom Builder allows students to investigate the properties of elements from the periodic table.

Interactive Science Software - Atom Builder

Students can use this software to lookup the atomic structure of elements and change the number of protons, neutrons and electrons to produce different atoms. This is a free and complete version of LJ Create's popular Atom Builder app. You can use this software for any educational purposes. This version of the software does however have to be loaded using this web page. The app contains a periodic table reference so students can see where a particular element fits into the periodic table classifications.

Mål etter 10. trinn. Educational Apps. 5 Games and Apps That Build Math and English Skills For educators who are interested in using games for learning — specifically towards developing skills as they relate to the Common Core State Standards — here are five games students can enjoy and that we’ve found sync with standards.

Educational Apps

Continue Reading Apps That Challenge Kids to Solve Environmental Issues Environmental education for most adults used to mean learning a little bit about recycling and planting some trees on Arbor Day. We didn’t delve into ecology as much as we skimmed the surface. Continue Reading 5 Online Games That Teach Kids the Art of Persuasion Sure, games can teach gravity or supply and demand, but can they show us how to build a good argument? Continue Reading Beyond Minecraft: Games That Inspire Building and Exploration The success and popularity of Minecraft in and out of classrooms is no surprise. Continue Reading. Education Technology Tips For Students And Teachers.


Education - App Store Volume Purchase Program. The Best iOS Apps for Students and Teachers. iPad Årstaskolan - Årstaskolans iPad-projekt. Google. PDF to Word Online Converter — The Easiest to Edit — 100% Free. TK2.0 og veien dit. RIKT -Ressurs for IKT. Allan's Blog. Powered by Traduttore When I received the invitation from the new Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, I decided to completely upgrade two seminar workshops.

Allan's Blog

Dr Ian Green from the School of Education here at Adelaide and I have used Padagogy101 (introduction to iPad in HE) and Padagogy201 (more advanced use for L&T) to train over 600 faculty from universities in Australia. For Singapore, Ian wasn’t going to be with me and I was solo, as well I needed a better way to leave resources in place for people to revisit. However I was completely surprised at what else happened. It was a huge amount of work to meet the Singapore deadlines and involved quite a bit of lost sleep. With the action verbs. Education. “When are we ever going to use this?” When I was a teacher, this was a question I heard almost daily.

I would imagine that has not changed much since I left the classroom five years ago, particularly when it comes to math. Students are naturally inquisitive about what they are learning and why, as they should be. However, as teachers continually make a concerted effort to connect mathematics and common, everyday occurrences in students’ lives outside of the classroom, this question will go the way of the chalkboard.

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