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Color Blender. Psychology of Color [Infographic] Perhaps no choice is as vital to marketing as color.

Psychology of Color [Infographic]

Whether you are selecting the color for a product or for your email marketing campaign, color has tremendous impact on all of us. Subconsciously, we associate different colors with different things. Color Scheme Designer 3 - StumbleUpon. Sphere: Color Theory Visualizer. Color Palette Generator. Color Palette Generator #ffeeff #ffccdd #eeaaaa dull.

Color Palette Generator

Color Trends + Palettes. Pictaculous - A Color Palette Generator (courtesy of MailChimp) - StumbleUpon. Kuler. Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers - StumbleUpon. A good color combination has the tendency to communicate with the users and let them perceive the design in the correct way.

Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers - StumbleUpon

That is the basic reason why you need to pick the right color for your design. So, here we are bringing 50 varieties of useful and valuable color tools that would help you choosing the right color palettes for your designs. You are welcome to share more color tools and resources which our readers/viewers may like.