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Minecraft Wiki. Forestry Wiki. Forestry for Minecraft Page: Main.HomePage - Last Modified : Mon, 03 Sep 12 Forestry for Minecraft is a modification for the game Minecraft designed with compatibility to BuildCraft and IndustrialCraft in mind.

Forestry Wiki

Buildcraft Wiki. Laser Mod. You can download an updated version here.

Laser Mod

(use webmilio's topic to post a reply!) The basic of the Laser Mod includes three types of blocks: Use the laser mod to defense your house, as a light source, or for a mob-trap and much more! The ruby All blocks are based on the ruby now. BuildCraft-IndustrialCraft Crossover. BuildCraft-IndustrialCraft2 Crossover Mod v2.0[SSP/SMP] This mod adds 4 electric engines, a oil materializer which produces oil from UU-matter, a generator that can run off of oil, fuel, or power from Build Craft's conductive pipes.

BuildCraft-IndustrialCraft Crossover

Download: v2.0 [Universal] Mediafire Link for MC 1.4.6/1.4.7, BC 3.3.0, and IC2 1.112. If you have a problem, you must follow the guidelines in the reporting bugs section or you will not receive any assistance. Changes: 2.0. Industrialcraft - Wiki.