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BuildingOpenNero - opennero - This page describes how to build OpenNERO from source for a variety of platforms. - Project Hosting on Google Code. OpenNERO uses the CMake cross-platform build system.

BuildingOpenNero - opennero - This page describes how to build OpenNERO from source for a variety of platforms. - Project Hosting on Google Code

The general steps are: Install prerequisites as needed. Check out the source code. Run CMake. Build. Prerequisites Download and install cmake Install Xcode (optional install on the Mac OS X DVD) Install wxPython Build and install Boost Libraries Steps to build (recommended) create a new directory for your build in your build directory, run cmake -G Xcode /path/to/opennero/checkout open the resulting OpenNERO.xcodeproja Xcode project file Build OpenNERO using Xcode Open CMake, specify the source directory (opennero checkout directory) and build directory (another directory). Summary mkdir opennero cd opennero svn checkout mkdir build-of-trunk cd build-of-trunk cmake ..

Install the following packages (using sudo apt-get install) Required Ubuntu DEB Packages libboost-all-dev libx11-dev libxxf86vm-dev libgl-dev libz-dev maven flex bison or, Fedora RPMs. Skynet meets the Swarm: how the Berkeley Overmind won the 2010 StarCraft AI competition. We’re gathered in a conference room on the Berkeley campus, the detritus of a LAN party scattered around us.

Skynet meets the Swarm: how the Berkeley Overmind won the 2010 StarCraft AI competition

The table is covered with computers and pizza, and there’s a game of StarCraft projected on the screen. Oriol Vinyals, a PhD student in computer science, is commanding the Terran army in a life-or-death battle against the forces of the Zerg Swarm. Oriol is very good—one-time World Cyber Games competitor, number 1 in Spain, top 16 in Europe good.

But his situation now is precarious: his goliath walkers are holding off the Zerg’s flying mutalisks, but they can’t be everywhere at once. The Zerg player is crafty, retreating in the face of superior firepower but never going far, picking off targets of opportunity and applying constant pressure. Then Oriol makes a mistake. Oriol makes a desperate, last-ditch attack on the Zerg base, trying to break through before the mutalisks are reinforced, but it’s too late. There's a palpable air of celebration in the room; even Oriol is grinning. Action description language. In artificial intelligence, Action description language (ADL) is an automated planning and scheduling system in particular for robots.

Action description language

It is considered an advancement of STRIPS. Pednault (a specialist in the field of Data abstraction and modelling who has been an IBM Research Staff Member in the Data Abstraction Research Group since 1996[1]) proposed this language in 1987. It is an example of an action language. Origins[edit] Pednault observed that the expressive power of STRIPS was susceptible to being improved by allowing the effects of an operator to be conditional. The sense of a planning language is to represent certain conditions in the environment and, based on these, automatically generate a chain of actions which lead to a desired goal. Syntax of ADL[edit] Figure 1 An ADL schema consists of an action name, an optional parameter list and four optional groups of clauses labeled Precond, Add, Delete and Update. The R represents a relation symbolτ1,... Semantics of ADL[edit] STRIPS. Definition[edit] A STRIPS instance is composed of: An initial state;The specification of the goal states – situations which the planner is trying to reach;A set of actions.


For each action, the following are included: preconditions (what must be established before the action is performed);postconditions (what is established after the action is performed). Mathematically, a STRIPS instance is a quadruple , in which each component has the following meaning: is a set of conditions (i.e., propositional variables); is a set of operators (i.e., actions); each operator is itself a quadruple , each element being a set of conditions. A plan for such a planning instance is a sequence of operators that can be executed from the initial state and that leads to a goal state.

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