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Our Technology - Keyssa. Unlike almost every other aspect of mobile and computer hardware design, the connector has remained undisrupted for decades.

Our Technology - Keyssa

Product designers struggle with delicate metal connectors that put unsightly holes in otherwise beautiful products. And, the EMI, RFI, and ESD design issues with connectors have only gotten worse as communications speeds have increased over time to allow for large-file/fast-data transfer of 4K video. Wireless communications eliminated many of those connector design issues but added new ones like cost, antenna design complexity, major power consumption and customer frustration with slow wireless networks, managing passwords, and pairing issues. Skybox Imaging - Welcome. 石墨烯电池利用环境热量自行充电. 当离子猛烈撞入石墨烯带时,碰撞会产生足够的能量,使不在原位的电子离开石墨烯,进入电路。 图示石墨烯电池实验装置设置,带有黄金和银电极。 来源: 香港理工大学 这是一个有趣的创意,用于制作电池。 SmartPlanet - Innovative Ideas That Impact Your World.