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Lasercut pendulum clock prototype. The last few times I’ve been geeking about at Nottinghack I’ve been playing around with the idea of making a pendulum clock.

Lasercut pendulum clock prototype

This came about because I once started, but never finished making a clock out of paper. The paper clock is a really nice project, but there is a lot of very fiddly cutting out of card with a craft knife and gluing together which is very fiddly and time consuming. To my mind, the obvious solution to this tedious labour was to spend five times as much time and effort adapting the paper clock design so that it could be constructed from ply wood using the laser cutter at the space. Anyways. Pictures. That’s as far as I’ve got so far. Too much friction in pendulum & escapement rockerNo enough force delivered to escapement wheel. Lasercut pendulum clock prototype. Gear template generator. This free online gear template generator is designed for making scale accurate paper gear templates which you can glue onto wood and then cut out with a bandsaw.

Gear template generator

I recommend printing the gears with an ink jet printer. Even cheap ink jet printers print very scale accurate but Not all laser printers are accurate. You can still access the old (pre 2015) Flash based gear geberator Getting the printout to scale correctly, avoiding cropping Different browsers print at different scales depending on browser type and printer configuration. Use an ink jet printer I recommend using an ink jet printer. Printing the gear templates To print the gear template, use the 'Print' button, instead of printing the web page from the browser.

The gear generator program that I created and sell doesn't need the scale calibration, and can paginate across many pages for larger gears. 7 Free Wooden Gear Clock Plans for You Eccentric, Masochist Woodworkers. Ever since I had the pleasure of seeing Keith Chamber’s wooden gear clocks in person, I’ve been on the look out for more all wood clocks.

7 Free Wooden Gear Clock Plans for You Eccentric, Masochist Woodworkers

See Wooden Gear Clocks by Keith Chambers >> I think wooden clocks are one of those dividing lines in woodworking… To have the aspiration to make a clock, entirely from wood, puts you in your own unique category. One well-known seller of wooden clock plans, Clayton Boyer, pitches his most-difficult plans like this: “Selling plans for the clocks on this page goes against my basic philosophy of trying to spread joy in the world through creative woodworking. However, I have come to the conclusion that I should not stand in the way of a woodworker’s desire for additional frustration in his/her life when they obviously want it so badly.”

He won’t sell plans from his “Masochist’s Corner” unless you’ve built one of his simpler clocks first… and sent him photographic PROOF that you completed it. Home. » Gearless Clock. Building Dr Woodwards Gearless Clock – (Plans by J. » Gearless Clock

Wilding) by C.Raynerd Introduction: Back in 2003/04 at the age of 20 y/o the professor and my tutor at Uni was hugely into Patek Philippe watches. I had a bit of interest and because Patek make hand made watches they after show images of their production shops and this brought out my hidden engineering interests. So now in 2011, with a couple of years experience behind me, I`m going to give this another go. I recently ordered all the brass plate and received this a couple of weeks ago and I`m just waiting on the remaining materials, mainly imperial bar stock to arrive from College Engineering Supplies. This is the clock built by John Wilding: Dr Woodward originally wrote about the design in his book – My Own Right Time but sadly I can`t find it in the library.

Pocketwatch 101 - Pocket Watch Dials, Types and Materials Used. Materials Used, Single and Double Sunk Dials, Cracks and Chips in Enamel Dials One of the most immediately visible features on any vintage pocket watch is the dial.

Pocketwatch 101 - Pocket Watch Dials, Types and Materials Used

Yes... it's called the dial, not the "face". (Then why is it called an "open face pocket watch"? Beats me...I don't have a clue). Anyway... the dial is one of the first things you see when looking at a watch, and the impression it makes can make a huge difference in the visual appeal and value of a vintage watch. Vintage pocketwatch dials were made with a variety of materials and in a wide range of styles. Dial Materials: Metal and Enamel (NOT Porcelain, NOT Ceramic) The two most common materials used for pocket watch dials were metal and metal coated with enamel.

Elgin metal dials. [ELGIN] Online Elgin Database. [ELGIN] What You Need To Know About Watch Repair (FAQ) An Elgin Watchmaker Working on a Railroad Watch There is a lot that you need to know about watch repair, but many people are looking for quick answers, so here they are.

[ELGIN] What You Need To Know About Watch Repair (FAQ)

Keep reading if you want to know more. These answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are aimed at vintage watches, but there is nothing specific to Elgins, and most of this applies to new mechanical watches too. Vintage Wrist and Pocket Watch Information - Repair Collecting Supply Cleaning Company History Book Kit School Tools. HOW TO CLEAN AND OIL A VINTAGE MECHANICAL WRIST WATCH OR POCKET WATCH REPAIR. Mechanical Pocket Watch for 3D Print. A quick note to say that these are only preliminary images!

Mechanical Pocket Watch for 3D Print

I will be uploading a video of the watch in action, as well as better renders and more descriptions next week but unfortunately I'm out of time this week. Watch this space to see how it all works! In this instructable I'm going to show you how to print your own pocket watch! The thought of trying to make one is probably quite daunting, and in fact, it is quite the challenge, but lucky for you, I've already suffered through it so you won't have to!

Basic Pocket Watch Movement from Matthew "Rick" Shaw on Vimeo. We'll need to look at how a mechanical pocket watch works so we know what we're getting ourselves in for. The Balance Wheel is the key to the watch. Home.