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Celtic. ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies. The Online Medieval & Classical Library. Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library. Medieval & Renaissance Games. Welcome to a page specifically dedicated to Really Old Games.

Medieval & Renaissance Games

This page is intended to cover anything and everything pertaining to games in the Medieval and Renaissance periods. All are welcome to contribute; I am particularly looking for relevant sites to point to. Bookmarking this page: If you are bookmarking or creating a link to this site, please use the form: Eva's costume page. Castle Learning Center. Early does it. THOROUGHLY MODERN MUSIC, even though the newest is three centuries old IN BREMEN AS IN BOSTON, Karina Gauvin is a powerful and poignant Ariadne.

Early does it

Mystic or migraine sufferer? That’s one question history can’t answer regarding Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), German abbess, visionary, theologian, composer, artist, and adviser to the great minds and personages of her day. Another is whether she herself composed all the music that’s appearing on a growing body of CDs or whether there was a convent-workshop aspect to the project. The Norton Anthology of English Literature online.

Dead Can Dance Within - Lisa Gerrard, Brendan Perry, 4AD Records. Caxton's Chaucer - view the original Canterbury Tales. Carnivalesque. Early Modern Notes. Mediaeval Baebes Official Site.