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Canadian Valley Professional Development Network Calendar. DIY projects, how-tos, and inspiration from geeks, makers, and hackers.

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Projects. How to set up a Makerspace. Where to buy Kits & Components. Vocabulary/Tutorials. Coding. Books to Buy. ULearn Summer Academy. Reference Sites. Curation Sites. 3-D Printing. Rube Goldberg Machines. Maker Videos. Oklahoma Engineering Foundation. Thanks to everyone who attended the 33rd Annual OEF Engineering Fair, held Tuesday, February 18, 2014, at Rose State College.

Oklahoma Engineering Foundation

Were you on tv? Watch this news clip to find out! OEF Engineering Fair Featured on News! Bridge Building Contest: Load Capacity Category Winners: Oklahoma Future City Competition. Bridge Design Contest. Contests - Instructables - DIY & How To. How to Write an Instructable. The first question from every new Instructabler is "what should I write about?

How to Write an Instructable

" The simple answer is... anything. If you have enough passion to create a project, then you have the passion to share it. You should preferably publish something original, but with tens of thousands of projects already published here, it's possible that somebody else has already had a go at your idea, even if you thought of it by yourself. Don't let that put you off. It's quite likely that many people will prefer your style of writing, or find your instructions easier to follow. Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder. Student Passion and TEDx Talks. I instituted 20 Time in my classroom this year.

Student Passion and TEDx Talks

I gave my students one day a week to work on anything they wanted as long as they were passionate about it. Here is a link to their blogs where they documented their journey. At the end of the year, they each needed to give an oral presentation focusing on what they had learned, not what they had accomplished. As part of 20 Time, I decided to take on a project of my own. I wanted to see if I could organize a TEDx event that would allow my students to share their experiences with the world. 3 Powerful Observations One of the things I saw as my students worked on their projects and prepared for their talks was the value they found in their work. Another thing I saw with my students as they prepared for the TEDx event was the support they offered one another.

The last thing that really sticks out for me was the element of pride I saw. The Big Event. How To Make A Great TED Talk. Recently my company Ideas on Stage was privileged to coach the speakers for TEDxESCP , a fantastic TEDx event at the ESCP business school in Paris.

How To Make A Great TED Talk

Working with an amazingly diverse group of fine speakers, we produced a show of which I am particularly proud, and with which the students and speakers should also be extremely pleased. Following this, I have been asked for the recipe for a great TED talk, or indeed, the magic ingredients for any conference speech. This is not an easy question, since with the ten speakers I coached, we produced some very different talks. We had Emmy-winning film director Anne Aghion who spoke movingly about her experiences making films in Rwanda and Antarctica, with no slides but a couple of short video clips.

We had Alexandre Marchac who gave a brilliant talk about the advances in reconstructive surgery, illustrated with many photos and a couple of videos and a ‘TED moment’ in that one of his team’s face transplant patients was actually in the room. Simple Clear. Teachingwithted / How to "Do" a TED Talk. Tinkering Fundamentals: A Constructionist Approach to STEM Learning. About the Course Tinkering is an age-old human practice that has recently been introduced into the educational field as a potential driver of creativity, excitement, and innovation in science learning.

Tinkering Fundamentals: A Constructionist Approach to STEM Learning

It is seen by many as an effective means to engage students in exploring STEM concepts, practices and phenomena. Tinkering typically blends the high and low tech tools of science along with a strong aesthetic dimension that supports children’s self expression. For over a decade, the Exploratorium has been developing science-rich tinkering activities. Working with learning scientists, we have identified a set of design principles and indicators of learning that can help you to integrate tinkering activities into your elementary and middle school science programs. Recommended Background This course is appropriate for anyone interested in incorporating tinkering activities into their educational programs. Suggested Readings Petrich, M., Wilkinson K., & Bevan, B. (2013). Course Format. Make/Hack/Play Together Free Online Training Course. Karen Fasimpaur This mini-course will introduce educators to the “Maker movement,” both in digital and non-digital realms.

Make/Hack/Play Together Free Online Training Course

Sylvia Libow Martinez. I recently gave the closing keynote at the Maker Possibilities Day hosted by the Maker Education Organization and sponsored by Intel.

Sylvia Libow Martinez

It was interesting, because I knew that most of the attendees were already implementing making in various classrooms and informal educational settings. So I couldn’t do my regular keynote where I introduce the Maker Movement to educators and show examples of how technologies like 3D printing, robotics, wearable computing, programming, and more can be used to transform learning. This audience was well beyond that! So I created a new talk – “The Top Ten Things Maker Educators Know” as a David Letterman style top ten list. #10 – Just do it.You know you can’t wait for the perfect space, budget, bandwidth, software, version. Website and blog of New York Times best selling author of "The Element", TED speaker, education and creativity expert.