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The Ultimate List of Inspirational Travel Quotes. Vídeos - Comunicación - BASQUETOUR. Journal — anything but ordinary. To say we were blown away with the beauty of the boathouse in which we had fortuitously found ourselves staying in the gorgeous town of Ostersund would be a gross understatement.

journal — anything but ordinary

It was purely stunning. We felt as if we were in fact sitting in the sea as we heard the water lapping below each evening. Waking up to such a serene view each day made me feel incredibly grateful for the experiences we have been afforded. The boathouse was styled tastefully and perfectly equipped with a great kitchen (I got to bake!) And the view was beyond pretty. We have been using AirB&B a lot throughout our travels, finding it a nice way to stay somewhere a little more homey, get a feel for a local home, the culture and often meeting some lovely people as a result. Fia was a passionate advocate of the food movement in the local area and spearheaded a proposal to make Ostersund a UNESCO city of gastronomy, which it has been appointed since 2010. The 12 cleanest cities in the world — MBC Times. 2) Ifrane (Morocco) Population: 40,104 / Elevation: 5,460 ft (1,665 m).

The 12 cleanest cities in the world — MBC Times

Having no industries, the air quality is optimal. It is considered one of the cleanest cities in the world. Ifrane is a stay that you won't forget. It is reminiscent of certain Swiss villages! Ifrane has a remarkable European style, as if it were an Alpine village. World's Best Cities 2014 Winners List. The Top 50 Cities to See in Your Lifetime 

Buena Vista Images via Getty Images With our ever-expanding bucket lists, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the essentials.

The Top 50 Cities to See in Your Lifetime 

Well, we’ve gone to the community of travelers at with a simple goal: find the greatest destinations on Earth. From the great ancient capitals to the modern cities of Asia, the Americas, and beyond, here are the 50 cities you must see during your lifetime. 1.) Venice, Italy - How could we not include Venice? Click here for more photos of Venice 2.) Click here for more photos of Seville 3.) Click here for more photos of New York City 4.) Lisbon Activities & Free Lisbon Tours. Oasis Backpackers Hostels. At Oasis Hostel in Lisbon, we believe that it's important that our guests feel not only what it's like to stay in a city but what its like to actually to live in it!

Lisbon Activities & Free Lisbon Tours. Oasis Backpackers Hostels

Our World Famous staff and receptionist have put their years of knowledge together to creat these Lisbon activities and events to give you a true Local Lisbon experience. Our Staff does alot of tours for free and a small tip in exchange for a smile would help them with chicken and beer money! See Lisbon or Die! Come with us on our Lisbon tour starting from rhe Oasis Backpackers Hostel to all the main sites in Lisbon – plus a few hidden places that not even Marques de Pombal knows about...Baixa Chiado | Adamastor | Se | Alfama | Castelo | Graça | & more... 1 Guide and that's it Mon, Wed, Thurs, Frid. Meet at reception 11h30 FREE Mondays Meet at the Bar23h FREE A night with true Lisbon locals! Wednesdays Meet in the Lounge19h €15 It's Lisbon. Twice a monthask at reception 14h €12.

Travelling cheap in Europe. Posted at:2 June, 2013 in Blog, Travel Tips Europe can be an expensive place to get around.

Travelling cheap in Europe

Those of us who are looking to experience local culture and customs while sticking to a tight budget can get a bit of a shock when organising their ‘Eurotrip’. Perhaps us Western travellers have been spoilt with the comparatively cheap lifetsyles to be found in much of Asia and South America, where you can have the time of your life on $20 a day. But it can be done! Here’s some tips on how to travel Europe on a shoestring. Plan in advance Many European Railways and Flight companies have VERY good deals if you book in advance.

Booking websites like the amazing one offered by allow you to search how to get from one city to another in the quickest and cheapest way using whatever combination of transport is best! Book your accommodation Like the railways, accommodation in Europe tends to get more expensive as you get closer to your arrival date, especially during High Season.