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Cirque, jongle

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Como fazer um diabolô caseiro.

Fabriquer ses Balles

Buugeng, moongeng, s shape staff. - Atelier. Ateliers Cirque - Juggling Torches from green wood. Juggling equipment can be expensive at over $20/torch these work well and are a lot more affordable.

Juggling Torches from green wood

Since my brother taught me to juggle I made my first set for him as a birthday present. I made it at Techshop and it was my first time using the wood lathe and a lot of fun! There are good sites out there to get inspiration and one I used is: Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or pictures to share. Materials/Tools Required Branches or wood at least 2" diameter by 18"+ length Aluminum/Steel/Copper piping 3/4" diameter Wicks Screws for attaching wicks and pipe to torch body Drill with metal/wood bit Wood lathe. Giraffe unicycle (self-made) The Pogo Stick of Insanity. Well the title says it all.

The Pogo Stick of Insanity

This is a quick Instructable of a project i do with my grade 8 metalwork class. Each step of the Instructable will be one day in the class. I will start with a daily tools and materials list as well as a detailed description of what you'll need to do the project.