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March 2017

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Take a Stroll Through Google's Android Global Village at MWC. Why it matters to you Couldn't make it to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona?

Take a Stroll Through Google's Android Global Village at MWC

Fear not. Acura Uses Biometrics in 'Mood Roads' Activation at Sundance. Instant Nail Salon: Meetings & Conventions. Change the tune. Burger King Gets Mildly Risqué With An Adult-Themed Meal. To celebrate Valentine's Day, Burger King took a more mature route to surprise their customers Move over kiddie meals, the adults were the top priority of Burger King Israel on Valentine’s Day.

Burger King Gets Mildly Risqué With An Adult-Themed Meal

Limited edition adult meals were served to those ages 18 and over, including some mildly kinky adult toys! Recording Academy's "Grammy Celebration" After-Party: The Recording Academy’s official Grammy after-party, known as the Grammy Celebration, followed the awards next... A Sculptural Seat Designed for Daydreaming. Being able to kick back and relax is a luxury for most and when you have a seat that lets you climb into all different angles and positions, even better.

A Sculptural Seat Designed for Daydreaming

Tel Aviv and Milan based Joynout designed the ultimate minimalist lounger that invites you sit, lounge, relax, and daydream. This Company Is Using Technology From Sci-Fi Movies To Help People Walk Again. Syfy’s Pop-up Sorcery School Will Teach You How to Do Magic Like a Pro. A magical dinner party, complete with enchanted silverware, inside a smoke-filled forest at Syfy's Hall of Magic.

Syfy’s Pop-up Sorcery School Will Teach You How to Do Magic Like a Pro

Alanna Martinez View as Slideshow Guests at the entrance of the Syfy's Hall of Magic. Courtesy of Syfy The entrance to the Hall of Magic. Inside HBO’s Immersive ‘Game of Thrones’ Art Experience. A view of HBO’s Art the Throne: Immersive Art Experience at The Angel Orensanz Foundation.

Inside HBO’s Immersive ‘Game of Thrones’ Art Experience

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for HBO An eclectic crowd of TV executives, musicians, super-fans, and art aficionados gathered at the Angel Orensanz Center in preparation for the upcoming sixth season premiere of Game of Thrones. Nissan creates a special concept car for dog lovers. Kansas teen dies following skiing accident in ColoradoKansas teen dies following skiing accident in ColoradoMonday, March 6 2017 4:15 PM EST2017-03-06 21:15:56 GMTMar 06, 2017 10:15 PM CETMar 06, 2017 10:15 PM CETThe family of 15-year-old Tess Smith says she died following a skiing accident in Colorado.

Nissan creates a special concept car for dog lovers

Chanel Space Station Fall 2017 Show Paris Fashion Week - Chanel Rocket Ship and Space Station Show Fall 2017. You can always count on an out-of-this-world runway set at Chanel but today, Karl Lagerfeld quite literally took things out of this world at Paris Fashion Week.

Chanel Space Station Fall 2017 Show Paris Fashion Week - Chanel Rocket Ship and Space Station Show Fall 2017

For its Fall 2017 show, Chanel created its own space station inside Paris's iconic Grand Palais and it was nothing short of epic. The show was heralded by a life-size Chanel rocket ship stationed at the center of the runway, which made for the perfect backdrop to Lagerfeld's futuristic, galactic-inspired set. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Handcrafted Wooden Rings have Miniature Worlds. Delvaux Palais Royal PFW Party. Rebloom. WOW UNCHAINED on YouTube. Tour an Art Deco Masterpiece. Fake dismembered body parts littered the red carpet. Netflix Premieres Zombie Show With Gory—and Super-Shareable—Details. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ 89th Annual Academy Awards: Returning sponsor Swarovski partnered with production designer Derek...

The National Hispanic Media Coalition (N.H.M.C.) hosted its 20th annual Impact Awards Gala at the Beverly Wilshire on February 24.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ 89th Annual Academy Awards: Returning sponsor Swarovski partnered with production designer Derek...

The black-tie event, which celebrates positive portrayals of Latinos in media, honored Karla Souza, Jaime Camil, Netflix series One Day at a Time, and other Latino actors, filmmakers, and shows. “Though the Oscars this year once again fail to recognize the tremendous Latino talent in entertainment today, N.H.M.C.’s Impact Awards Gala seeks to give these creatives the accolades they deserve and excite a new generation of young people,” said Alex Nogales, president and C.E.O. of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, in a press release.

Don't Burst This "Bubble": Meetings & Conventions. Tongue Untier: Meetings & Conventions. The Plane Offers a Balancing Act For Standing Desk Users. The Level by Fluidstance made an immediate and lasting impression the first time we stepped onto the active standing balance board back in 2015 at Dwell On Design (a demo which earned an enthusiastic, “SO FUN”).

The Plane Offers a Balancing Act For Standing Desk Users

Designed to counteract the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, the company’s line of balance boards – previously available in two bamboo and aluminum versions – is marketed primarily at standing desk users. Their latest and most affordable model, The Plane, joins the Fluidstance catalog as their smallest and most affordable option. Just a tad shorter and less wide than its two predecessors, The Plane is constructed in the United States from recycled plastic and reclaimed tire rubber, offering the same challenge of constant and varied motion in all three dimensions when standing upon its slightly wobbly ride.

Curtain lights became "rain" The Augmented Reality App By Zappar. You Can Create Your Own Augmented Reality Experiences with this App. 2017 is the year tech will change the way we interact with the world around us.

You Can Create Your Own Augmented Reality Experiences with this App

Augmented reality is the emerging tech that’s slowly disrupting our lives. Perhaps you spent a good chunk of last year running around after Pokemon IRL? Or sent a Snap of you with an adorable pair of dog ears to your nearest and dearest on Snapchat? Then you’ve experienced the power of augmented reality for yourself. And there’s an exciting British startup bringing AR to the palms of the people. Zappar is the app that’s giving you the power of augmented reality via something you can’t live without – your smartphone. Fuseproject Teams With Samsung on a TV That Turns Into Art When You're Not Watching. Editor's Pick Samsung has teamed up with Yves Behar's design firm Fuseproject to create a new kind of television -- one that makes your walls look good when it's not broadcasting the news or your latest binge. "The Frame" television displays artwork when you switch it to "Art Mode" and showcases over 100 works from 38 different artists, including Luisa Lambri, whose pieces have been featured at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and the Metropolitan Museum of New York, Todd Eberle, who has had solo exhibitions at Art Institute of Chicago and Tate Modern and urban artist Barry McGee.

The art was curated by Elise Van Middelem and has been scanned in ultra high definition. The system includes dimming sensors that adjust the screen backlighting to make the art look as real as possible according to the lighting in the room. A Twitter-Enabled Chalkboard Promotes NatGeo's 'Genius' at SXSW. iPhone 7 – Sticker Fight – Apple. Zachary Quinto and Claire Danes Read From Classic Books in Audible’s Politically Charged Ads – Adweek.

Hey, Big Brother, Zachary Quinto is watching you. During Sunday’s Academy Awards telecast, the Star Trek actor appeared in a stark black-and-white commercial for Amazon’s Audible audio-book service, reading a passage from George Orwell’s 1984. “If he were allowed contact with foreigners, he would discover that they are creatures similar to himself, and that most of what he had been told about them is lies,” Quinto reads. What is the best definition for happiness? - Quora. Dawn Of Man at the Mondrian South Beach. Generative Valentines. Microsoft: Delqa Immersive Music. Ford: Dynamic Sanctuary. Flip-Disc Display System — BREAKFAST. Yes I am Precious. Projects — BREAKFAST. Light Installation. Organizers Created a Custom Space for a Growing Financial Summit—and Then Fully Transformed It. LOS ANGELES Santa Monica-based venture capital firm Upfront Ventures hosted its fifth annual Upfront Summit on February 1 and 2 in Los Angeles, increasing its invitation-only attendance by 25 percent.

The program’s style represents a departure from a stripped or serious mood associated with some financial sector events, and instead takes a lively, glossy, and highly produced approach with three goals: to show off the power of the L.A. tech community to investors and to other venture capital firms, to position Upfront Ventures as the top firm in town, and to underscore the value of the L.A. location and its proximity to creative and entertainment communities. Home - Equil. New Mobile Payment System for Events Debuts at SXSW. AUSTIN Badges or wristbands embedded with R.F.I.D. chips have become a popular method for transactions at events. Guests go online to link a credit card to their unique device and then simply swipe their wrist or badge at the event to pay for things such as concessions, merchandise, or a fund-raiser donation. A cashless system such as this is not only efficient, but data shows it also results in much higher spend-per-person than a traditional system that only accepts cash or credit cards.

“We do about 100 events a year now that use R.F.I.D. as the method of payment, and we’ve found when people are using an R.F.I.D. item as opposed to their credit card, debit card, or cash, they are spending an average of 30 to 40 percent more,” says Anthony Palermo, C.E.O. of Connect&Go, a Montreal-based company that provides R.F.I.D. solutions for festivals, conferences, and experiential marketing events. “People are just tapping to pay.

SXSW: 8K Virtual-Reality Ride From Tokyo Requires No Headset. Courtesy of NHK Enterprises/NHK Media Technology SXSW attendees next week will be able to climb into a cockpit for a virtual flyby of major Tokyo landmarks in what’s being billed as the world’s first virtual-reality motion ride with ultra-high-resolution 8K video. Unlike other virtual-reality implementations, the 8K VR motion ride at the Austin Convention Center will not require a head-mounted display or headphones — instead, it uses a hemispherical screen and surround sound to provide the VR experience. The two-seat ride is produced by a group of Japanese media and entertainment companies, led by NHK Enterprises and NHK Media Technology, which are affiliates of Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK. They worked with spherical-screen technology vendor Wonder Vision Techno Laboratory and RecoChoku Labo (the R&D department of digital-music provider RecoChoku) to develop the five-minute ride, which is described as a “celebration of Tokyo” as the host city for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

The event came to Sir Stage37 in New York on February 22. See Patrón's Interactive Margarita Day Celebration. Relan. Creative Advertisement Crafted From Bacteria-Filled Petri Dishes. This Machine Can Replace An Entire Photo Studio. The StyleShoots Live is designed to streamline the entire workflow of a photoshoot onto a single device The number of product photos demanded by any ecommerce enterprise is staggering. As a response, smart photo studio startup StyleShoots has created an all-in-one solution that reduces the workforce needed in a photo studio to just the stylist and the model. They call it the StyleShoots Live.

Ford Augmented Reality Wows Crowds at 2017 North American International Auto Show. Kino-mo - Hypervsn. Water Never Tasted So Good: Meetings & Conventions. VIDEO: First Look At Disney World's 'Pandora – The World of Avatar' Set To Open May 27. Twist by Pinch Food Design. Thync Relax Pro: News, Features, Release, Price, and More. This city has no female monuments, so a pop up exhibition is trying to change that. In-Depth Look at NikeLab's "The Vision-Airs" Exhibition in Hong Kong. NikeLab recently launched its “The Vision-Airs” exhibition at Hong Kong Art Central’s for Art Basel Hong Kong 2017 which looks to display the future of the Air Max series. The installation offers interpretations of “the future possibilities of air” while keeping in mind the “very essence of Air’s original purpose: to provide lightweight, consistent cushioning that lasts.”

Adobe BASH: Inside the After-Hours Event for Creatives. EventTech 411: Wearable Smart Badges. Brass Puzzle - The Cool Hunter - The Cool Hunter. Vlisco’s Fabric Exhibition at Museum Helmond, The Netherlands - The Cool Hunter - The Cool Hunter. Many fascinating stories of colonialism, manufacturing, selling, trading, culture, design and art make up the 170-year history of the iconic Dutch fabric design brand, Vlisco. The Power of The Box - Powerful Packaging Design - The Cool Hunter - The Cool Hunter. Mini Italia Countryman Launch - The Cool Hunter - The Cool Hunter. TCH ACCESS agency’s collaboration with the world’s best brands and ad agencies continues. We are working on a number of fun projects with car brands, property developers, sports brands beverage (alcohol and non) brands, movie studios. UNILAD - Quite possibly the most satisfying jigsaw puzzle...

Carvana – Car Vending Machine. Pick Up Your New Car From A Giant Vending Machine. Sony Global - Stories. "Beauty and the Beast" was just the... - INSIDER pop culture.