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April 2018

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EventTech 411: Mobile Audience Engagement Tools. Skrite: Brands and planners seeking new ways to communicate with their target audience can now look to the sky. Skrite... Havana Club Leverages Live Theater to Highlight its Heritage. TeamLab: Homogenizing & Transforming World. Click to enlarge Tokyo-based teamLab is a group of ultra-technologists including programmers, user-interface engineers, mathematicians, CG animators, as well as architects, designers, artists and editors, who blur the boundaries of their respective fields to create and discover new ideas and push limitations.

teamLab: Homogenizing & Transforming World

Presently, their interactive installation Homogenizing and Transforming World is part of the exhibition Distilling Senses: A Journey through Art and Technology in Asian Contemporary Art, at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Individual balls floating within an enclosed space communicate to each other via wireless connection. Diaphanous Multicolor Thread Windings. Éclats de Verre by ATOMIC3. From ATOMIC3, a colorful light installation that took place in the heart of Montreal, Canada this winter.

Éclats de Verre by ATOMIC3

(Click the images below for full sized images) The Éclats de Verre installation was one of three winning entries in Montreal's 2011 Créer l'hiver ("create winter") competition, the aim of which was to produce distinctive experiences throughout the coming winter in the Quartier des Spectacles section of Montreal. Sur-natures by Miguel Chevalier at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. Hopper - When to Fly and Buy. Tourism Startup Orion Span Announces Plans for the First Hotel in Space. These days everyone wants an out-of-this-world hotel experience offering excellent service or exceptional design.

Tourism Startup Orion Span Announces Plans for the First Hotel in Space

But if the first-ever luxury space hotel launches in late 2021 as planned, the figure of speech will for once be an accurate description. In early April, plans for the futuristic Aurora Station were announced at the Space 2.0 Summit in San Jose, California. The exclusive hotel, which is being developed by space technology startup Orion Span, is slated to launch in late 2021 and plans to host its first guests in 2022.

Orion Span says Aurora Station will accommodate six people—including two crew members—at a time. During a 12-day stay on the space station—the starting price for which is $9.5 million per person—guests will float freely through the zero-gravity hotel, taking in views of the northern and southern auroras from the station’s windows. article continues below ad. New Dimensions in Testimony preserves Holocaust survivors stories as holograms. The Governors Ball on Instagram: “□MG!” Alice Cohen-Babayev (@wonderlandbyalice) Forbes Welcome. Gothamist Daily: The Met Rooftop's New Installation, "We Come In Peace," Has Landed.

By Scott Lynch The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Roof Garden is now officially open for the season (along with its bar!)

Gothamist Daily: The Met Rooftop's New Installation, "We Come In Peace," Has Landed

, and this year’s site-specific commission is a powerful pair of imposing sculptures by Pakistani artist Huma Bhabha. Titled We Come In Peace (a phrase lifted from the 1951 sci-fi film The Day the Earth Stood Still), the work conjures up an ominous but open-ended narrative, inviting visitors to explore their own thematic interpretations: subjugation and supplication, respect, fear, and/or adoration; social upheaval and displacement; gender, power, and “memories of place.”

Pinknic. Corporate Events and Art Tours - Multilingual Tours Available - Art Smart. ART SMART offers engaging art experiences to corporate audiences.

Corporate Events and Art Tours - Multilingual Tours Available - Art Smart

We specialize in customizing tours and experiences that support the corporate mission and marketing objectives while inspiring the client. Our team’s expertise in curation and event planning allows us to create and execute tour programs geared toward: client entertainmentinternal team buildingbrand marketingconferencesspousal/guest programs. Top 5 On-Stage Presentations That Impressed Audience Using Augmented Reality.

Live stage shows sole aim- Arrest Audience Attention.

Top 5 On-Stage Presentations That Impressed Audience Using Augmented Reality

Conventional on-stage presentations vividly explain the objective of event, but failed to left indelible mark on the mind of attendees. A startling fact unveiled by Phillip Khan-Panni, UK Champion business speaker and author that 80% of presentations fail to deliver their objective and connect with the audience. Participants get bored, visual elements do not intrigues and no interaction involved are the common signs of those events, which do not succeed in sustaining audience engagement. Be it live music event, entertainment shows, product promotion event, dance show, and international meet, the result is same. Augmented reality can turn those shows into winning business presentations. FoxTales’ gravity-defying StoryRoom is a rotating 360-degree visual experience. The room and video camera rotate in unison, creating the illusion...

What the Museum of Selfies Can Teach Us About Photo Ops at Events. LOS ANGELES It's no secret that creating a highly shareable photo op at an event is an easy way for brands to extend their reach beyond the parameters of a venue and into the social circles of hundreds of guests.

What the Museum of Selfies Can Teach Us About Photo Ops at Events


NowThis Future - This ring lets you HEAR color. Fast, affordable, scalable 3d printing service. Bring your best ideas to life.

Fast, affordable, scalable 3d printing service

Voodoo Manufacturing makes custom manufacturing easier than ever before. Our high-volume 3D printing factory can produce 1 –10,000 plastic parts faster and more affordably than most traditional solutions. I have never seen so much meaningful interaction as we did when we used 3D printing to help us reach our audience.” Jesse Harrington Au, Program Manager at Autodesk Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, Voodoo Manufacturing is a team of industry and technology experts paving a path toward the future of manufacturing. We work across industries with some of the largest brands and agencies, and have powered startups and entrepreneurs to build what they never thought was possible. Voodoo Manufacturing lets you go from idea to production without breaking a sweat.

Uh oh, Your web browser is not supported. Step #1: Your Concept. A wall of blocks concealed the car before its debut. See How One Brand Used 15 Drones to Reveal Its... 5 Reasons Why Our Temporary Inflatable Event Structures are the Safest in the Industry. Sign In. Magic Leap. Mtn Dew Kickstart Gives Hoops Fans Courtside Access. DREAM MACHINE. Puttshack - the most incredible mini golf concept in the world… Color Hunt - Beautiful Color Palettes. BLACKBIRD80.

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