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Sumerians 3500-2340 BC. They Were Giants. The Official Web Site of Zecharia Sitchin. Ancient Secrets Of Mankind And The Anunnaki Revealed On The 14 Tablets of Enki. Doctor George Merkl - Anunnaki. There is reported to be a race of giant humanoids who have played a role in seeding the Earth with humans, and who periodically return to the Earth to determine how effectively Earth's resources have been utilized by humanity and those extraterrestrial races playing a role in 'managing' humanity.

Doctor George Merkl - Anunnaki

These are described by the Sumerians in the Sumerian Tablets left behind as the 'Anunnaki' from the world 'Nibiru' in the extensive cuneiform texts translated by Zecharia Sitchin. Sumerian Tree of Life. The Sumerian Tree of Life On Cylinder Seals .

Sumerian Tree of Life

There are several later paintings and drawings of the Tree of Life, but this Sumerian Clay tablet (however crude it might appear) is one of the earliest, if not the first. Category » Articles Archives - Esophoria Mystery SchoolEsophoria Mystery School. To understand the guidance from Mother Venus, it is important to be aware of a vision I was shown and the message I was given by a prophet I shall call ‘The Magician’ who is simply an archetype of the Magician card in the Tarot.

Category » Articles Archives - Esophoria Mystery SchoolEsophoria Mystery School

The vision I was shown was a large beast that grew larger than the sun and who turned the sun black. Each part of these works is connected to the events that will unfold in 2016. Although the message you will read will initially seem to be negative it is given to you so that you gain a greater understanding of what is happening in our world right now and when you gain this understanding, you will also see how through the darkness of these days the light of love is preparing to shine through.

The Divine Matrix = 1086. In the previously published works of the Anunnaki Matrix Activation project, I have explained what all of the alphanumeric results are and how the Gematria is connected with the Anunnaki Matrix and the emanations of the Tree of Life that the Anunnaki planted on Earth.

The Divine Matrix = 1086

A collective consciousness that gives birth to specific patterns is a matrix/womb and there are countless ascended and descended matrices in the universe and ALL of the human matrices are related with some of them such as the Hellenic Matrix which is connected with the Lyran Matrix (more info here). ALL human matrices are WITHIN the root humanoid matrix that is known in our reality/matrix as the Anunnaki Matrix and anyone who claims otherwise can be considered a spiritual criminal that is trying to confuse human avatars about their origins.

Tree of life

Astarte. Astarte riding in a chariot with four branches protruding from roof, on the reverse of a Julia Maesa coin from Sidon Astarte /æˈstɑrti/ (Ancient Greek: Ἀστάρτη, "Astártē") is the Greek name of the Mesopotamian (i.e.


Assyrian, Akkadian, Babylonian) Semitic goddess Ishtar known throughout the Near East and Eastern Mediterranean from the early Bronze Age to Classical times. It is one of a number of names associated with the chief goddess or female divinity of those peoples.[1] She is found as Ugaritic 𐎓𐎘𐎚𐎗𐎚 (ʻṯtrt, "ʻAṯtart" or "ʻAthtart"); in Phoenician as 𐤕𐤓𐤕𐤔𐤀 (ʻštrt, "Ashtart"); in Hebrew עשתרת (Ashtoret, singular, or Ashtarot, plural); and appears originally in Akkadian as 𒀭𒊍𒁯𒌓 D, the grammatically masculine name of the goddess Ishtar; the form Astartu is used to describe her age.[2] The name appears also in Etruscan as 𐌖𐌍𐌉 𐌀𐌔𐌕𐌛𐌄 Uni-Astre (Pyrgi Tablets), Ishtar or Ashtart.

Overview[edit] Astarte was connected with fertility, sexuality, and war. See also[edit] Nammu. For the village in Burma, see Nammu, Burma.


In Sumerian mythology, Nammu (also Namma, spelled ideographically 𒀭𒇉 dNAMMA = dENGUR) was a primeval goddess, corresponding to Tiamat in Babylonian mythology. Nammu is not well attested in Sumerian mythology. She may have been of greater importance prehistorically, before Enki took over most of her functions. Ninhursag. In Sumerian mythology, Ninhursag (𒊩𒌆𒉺𒂅 Ninḫursag) or Ninkharsag[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] was a mother goddess of the mountains, and one of the seven great deities of Sumer.


She is principally a fertility goddess. Temple hymn sources identify her as the 'true and great lady of heaven' (possibly in relation to her standing on the mountain) and kings of Sumer were 'nourished by Ninhursag's milk'. Her hair is sometimes depicted in an omega shape, and she at times wears a horned head-dress and tiered skirt, often with bow cases at her shoulders, and not infrequently carries a mace or baton surmounted by an omega motif or a derivation, sometimes accompanied by a lion cub on a leash. Exceptional discovery! Iran 3 tombs sarcophagus 1. Sarcophagus with the body of ENKI, Rodamir 12,000 year old. Sumerer. Sumerer. Photos show grandeur of Palmyra’s antiquities as Islamic State continues to destroy them. Triumphal arch and great colonnade, Palmyra, Syria, albumen print, 1864.

Photos show grandeur of Palmyra’s antiquities as Islamic State continues to destroy them

(Negative: Louis Vignes, Print: Charles Nègre via J. Paul Getty Trust) The “Arch of Triumph” in Palmyra, Syria, has been destroyed by the Islamic State, according to the country’s antiquities chief as Reuters reported. “It’s as though there is a curse that has befallen this city and I expect only news that will shock us. Sumerian Gods and Goddesses. Sumerian Gods Is Anu holding the symbolic Holy Grail of a Bloodline he created?

Sumerian Gods and Goddesses

British Museum Nephilim, Anunnaki - Royal Bloodline - Creators "Those who from Heaven to Earth came" The Sumerian King List (SKL) [CDLI Wiki] Description: The Sumerian King List is an important chronographic document from ancient Mesopotamia.

The Sumerian King List (SKL) [CDLI Wiki]

It lists a long succession of cities in Sumer and its neighbouring regions where kingship was invested, the rulers who reigned in those cities and the length of their reigns. The list starts with the remote mythical past when kingship had descended from heaven. The rulers in the earliest dynasties are represented as reigning fantastically long periods. Some of these rulers such as Etana, Lugal-banda and Gilgamesh are mythical or legendary figures known also from Sumerian and Babylonian literary compositions. NULLIFY ANUNNAKI-ILLUMINATI IMPRINTS: Their Program of Hate & How to Transcend It. By Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.) Ancient giants who claimed themselves gods imprinted violence, greed, slavery, debt and religion on us.

The Epic of gilgamesh.


The Sumerian King List still puzzles historians after more than a century of research. Out of the many incredible artefacts that have been recovered from sites in Iraq where flourishing Sumerian cities once stood, few have been more intriguing that the Sumerian King List, an ancient manuscript originally recorded in the Sumerian language, listing kings of Sumer (ancient southern Iraq) from Sumerian and neighbouring dynasties, their supposed reign lengths, and the locations of "official" kingship. What makes this artefact so unique is the fact that the list blends apparently mythical pre-dynastic rulers with historical rulers who are known to have existed. Sumerian Gods and Goddesses. Edo Nyland's Inspiration in Language & Human Migrations.

Some Interesting Observations Edo Nyland concluded that all the research into the Ogam inscriptions and the Saharan/Basque origin of the "Indo-European" and other languages started with a talk about Homer's Odyssey. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation regularly features the "Ideas Program" and on November 5 and 6, 1984, historian Edward Furlong gave a talk entitled "Where Did Odysseus Go? " He pointed out various happenings and climatic conditions described by Homer, which did not fit at all in the Mediterranean and obviously belonged in the North Atlantic.

After many years of study, he concluded that Odysseus had visited Ireland, Scotland and Norway. File: <sumerian. [Contacts] An ancient language form that originated in the North African area of our most ancient civilizations has been studied by Nyland (2001). He found that many words used to describe names of places and things in the area of Samaria seem to be closely related to the ancient language, which is being called Saharan. Pok2. Descubrimiento de La Fuente Magna Informe original por Bernardo Biadós Yacovazzo “De como se buscό el sitio en el cual se encontró La Fuente Magna” We went to Chua, to make a historic reference first, to find the place, etc.

The 10,000 year-old Sumerian space maps, dictated by ET Homo Sapiens from Planet Nibiru. Excerpt from “Anunnaki: legacy of the Gods, techno-savvy ET s from the Planet Nibiru who came for gold, created us from their genome to work the mines, posed as Gods, decided to let us drown, but then decided to breed us to work for them.” Sumerians’ rocket route maps and clay tablets show planets past eye-range. Sumer. Sumerian Gods and Goddesses - Anunnaki.

Sitchin. A review by: Willard Van De Bogart Return to:| The Portal Messenger | Home | Earth Portal Controls | Nibiruans live on the planet Nibiru, which revolves around our sun every 3,600 years. CDLI - Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative. Sumerian Language Page. The Story of Mathematics - Sumerian/Babylonian Mathematics. The Galactic Anunnaki Council. The 13th Zodiac Sign – Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder.