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4ms. OUTPUT FAVORITES: Modular Synth Start Guide. Control Forge. Control Forge Specifications 20,000 Dynamically Allocated Gate/Trig 1x 3.5mm mono socket 100kΩ Input Impedance 1.6V threshold Logic 1x 3.5mm mono socket 100kΩ Input Impedance -5V to +5V Time Scale CV Preset Sequencer DEC Preset Sequencer INC Preset Sequencer RESET + Output 1x 3.5mm mono socket <1Ω Output Impedance -5V to +5V Accurate to 1mV or better over the entire range – (Inverted) Output Accurate to 2mV or better over the entire range Trigger 1 1x 3.5mm mono socket 1kΩ Output Impedance 10V Selectable Width Trigger 2 +/-12V via 16-pin, Doepfer-style connector 125mA +12V, 25mA -12V (maximum) 22HP (W); Panel to power connector (with connector plugged in) 25mm (D) 1x 16-pin, Doepfer-style cable 4x M3 screws 4x M2.5 screws 4x Nylon washers 1x Quickstart Guide Control Forge Introduction Video Control Forge Tutorial/Demo A great introductory Control Forge tutorial/demo from Martin Doudoroff.

Control Forge

BPM Mode Demo A video introduction to the BPM Mode introduced in firmware version 1.01c. Roland - SYSTEM-500 Complete Set. SYSTEM-500 Sound Patch Examples These Videos contain step-by-step instructions that will quickly introduce you to its major features.

Roland - SYSTEM-500 Complete Set

Read more… [Blog] AIRA Modular: What is Control Voltage? Read more… [Blog] AIRA Modular: What is A Modular Synthesizer? Read more… New module: MIDI To Trigger. Erica Synths MIDI To Trigger - Eurorack Module on ModularGrid. Control your drum modules and trigger events on your modular from any MIDI sequencer!

Erica Synths MIDI To Trigger - Eurorack Module on ModularGrid

If you want to use a MIDI sequencer to trigger events on your modular synthesizer (e.g. using the Mutant drums range or Tiptop Audio classical drum modules or envelope generators to control VCAs), Erica Synths MIDI to trigger module is just what you need; it converts ANY MIDI notes to eight 10ms Trigger signals. When designing the module, we put usability as priority; it will take you seconds to program the module. It works with any MIDI controller so there is no need to change MIDI controller settings, instead, you reprogram the module. Features: ● Converts MIDI notes into Trigger signals ● 8 Trigger outputs ● LED indication of active Triggers ● Easy assignment of MIDI notes to triggers ● Easy to set MIDI channel ● MIDI clock output ● Diode protection on reversed power supply 15 mA +12V0 mA -12V0 mA 5V25 mm deepØ 5.00 (1 Votes) Average Rating No info about availability.

Instruō Harmonaig - Eurorack Module on ModularGrid. Chord Generating Quantizer Harmonaig The four outputs are root, third, fifth and seventh for routeing to four tuned oscillators.

Instruō Harmonaig - Eurorack Module on ModularGrid

There’s a handy unison mode you can enable to let you tune your oscillators to the same pitch. The top knob controls the chord inversion and reorders the voicing. The second knob is the voicing spread which he likens to dropping root notes on guitar. Around the big knob is the “chord quality” which is the type of chord being used. Harmonàig also has built-in musical modes, like Ionian, Dorian etc. ? This Module is currently available. The Bride Chamber. Krisp1. Make Noise Co. Product Categories. ADDAC System. Untitled. Tiptop Audio - Welcome. Synth Archives - Roland U.S. Blog. Practice Tips and Tools Keyboard players from another era had a great idea: “Let’s get out from behind our boards and shine.”

Synth Archives - Roland U.S. Blog

And, the keytar was born. While some remember this instrument as a relic of the eighties, make no mistake, the keytar back, and it’s racking up cool points all over the place! And […] A Closer Look at the RD-800 Digital Piano: Part 1 Author: Jay Gough (Roland Canada) As a lifelong piano player, I’m pretty picky about my piano tone and feel. So, when we received our first RD-800 Stage Piano back in the middle of November 2013, I was curious how it would stack up to its […] Get Your Musical Ideas Down Quickly & Easily with the FA-06 & FA-08 Author: Adrian Marsi (Roland Canada) Why Go Workstation?

Instrument Modeling, Altered Tunings, Multi-FX, and Beyond Featuring a powerful instrument modeling engine and diverse multi-effects, the new GP-10 Guitar Processor puts an incredible sonic spectrum under your fingers. All modules from Xaoc Devices on ModularGrid. Toppobrillo. Buchla « postmodular.