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Drum equipment

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This Snare Was Found in a Dumpster.


Official Latin Percussion Website: Play the best. Gibraltar. YAMAHA Maple Custom Absolute. Brazilian instruments. Social activitiesRight from the beginning, the activities of the Blocos were a lot more than participating in the carnival of Salvador.

brazilian instruments

The aim was the development of a black consciousness, encouraged by various social projects inside their particular hood. Also the texts of the songs reflect this new awareness. The importance of the connection to the African patrimony is already set with the names of the Blocos. All names of the Afro Blocos descend from an African idiom, mostly from the Yoruba or a Bantu language. School- and apprenticeship projects, iniciated and run by the Blocos, increased the kids´chances. Musical development of the Afro Blocos Early timesThe hypnotic rhythms are played on the traditional Samba instruments. DevelopingThe musical directors managed to structure the rhythmic action bit by bit. GroovesIn Europe, people identify the Blocos from Salvador by their grooves. Vic Firth.

Drums. Behringer B205D. Behringer B205D Ebo555 on 15.05.2013 This little monitor is quite exceptional, given its size and price.

Behringer B205D

It is wonderfully featured and has enough punch to make it a good option for close monitoring, even in a live band situation. It has proven to be surprisingly tough, given that it's used in every weekend and is being transported from place to place in the back of a car, in all weather/conditions. I'm beginning to sound like a Behringer employee (which I am not!) If you need a compact, versatile monitor which you can use in all manner of different ways, you really won't find anything better at less than twice the price of this one. Good alternative to wedge monitors Wibbers on 15.05.2013 I never really got on with floor (wedge) monitors; in my band we don't often have the luxury of a front of house sound engineer and so have to do monitoring ourselves. Superb StephenW on 04.05.2013 Speaker David807 on 15.05.2013. Drum kits of the pros: stars' live and studio drum setups in pictures. Sound Lab. Yamaha. UK and Ireland Home > Products > Musical Instruments > Drums > Snare Drums Snare Drums Product Categories Wood Models Signature Models News & Events 29/10/2013 [About Yamaha]


Pearl. With no assembly line boundaries and no mass production compromises, Masterworks drums truly represent all that is possible.


There is no inventory. Every drum in your kit is designed by you, and hand built to your exacting specifications, one drum at a time. We've assembled an elite group of Pearl Master craftsmen in order to manufacture the finest drums the world has ever known. Masterworks drums are as individual as you are, and like no other you have heard or seen before. Completely Custom, Totally Handmade, Pearl Drums Custom Drums. DW.