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Welcome to Magenta! We’re happy to announce Magenta, a project from the Google Brain team that asks: Can we use machine learning to create compelling art and music?

Welcome to Magenta!

If so, how? If not, why not? We’ll use TensorFlow, and we’ll release our models and tools in open source on our GitHub. We’ll also post demos, tutorial blog postings and technical papers. Soon we’ll begin accepting code contributions from the community at large. Magenta has two goals. Second, Magenta is an attempt to build a community of artists, coders and machine learning researchers. To start, Magenta is being developed by a small team of researchers from the Google Brain team. Our goal is to build a community where the right people are there to help out. We’ll talk about our research goals in more depth later, via a series of tutorial blog postings.

Generation. Electronics. Spyractable: A "reactable-like" project for DIY tangible interface synthesizer. Eric S. Raymond's Home Page. Welcome to my piece of the Web.

Eric S. Raymond's Home Page

I maintain quite a lot of open-source software, FAQs, and HTML documents, so this site is rather complex. It's mostly validated HTML and light on the graphics, though. You won't have to wait an eon for any of the pages to load. If the software and FAQs I maintain are valuable to you (and especially if my software makes you money) please leave me a tip at Patreon or SubscribeStar. I'm on If you want to link to, copy, mirror, or translate portions of this site, please read my copying policy.

If the HTML or images on this site seem to be confusing your browser, see the site design notes. Features. OpenMPT is being developed since 1997 (initially named ModPlug Tracker) and can be used as a "classic" sample-based tracker to edit and play your favourite tracked music, but also as a modern DAW with plugin support and other great features.


Here, you can find some of the key features of the tracker. General Native and fast Windows GUI – accessible by screen readers and suitable for blind usersNo installation needed, fully portableVST effects and VST instruments supportedDirectX audio filters supportedFully configurable keyboard layout (OpenMPT comes with key maps in various flavours including Impulse Tracker and Fasttracker 2 style, as well as a Dvorak layout) - shortcuts can also be bound to MIDI CCs.Support for multiple sequences ("songs") in one file - write entire soundtracks in one little module file!

Editor features True multiple document interface - open many modules at the same time and copy&paste between them! Audio output. Optika_id_1057_malmberg_viljo_2010. AJAX SOUND STUDIO. Dedicated Python module for digital signal processing Pyo is a Python module written in C to help DSP script creation.


Pyo contains classes for a wide variety of audio signal processing. With pyo, the user will be able to include signal processing chains directly in Python scripts or projects, and to manipulate them in real time through the interpreter. Tools in the pyo module offer primitives, like mathematical operations on audio signals, basic signal processing (filters, delays, synthesis generators, etc.), but also complex algorithms to create sound granulation and other creative audio manipulations. pyo supports the OSC protocol (Open Sound Control) to ease communications between softwares, and the MIDI protocol for generating sound events and controlling process parameters. pyo allows the creation of sophisticated signal processing chains with all the benefits of a mature and widely used general programming language.

Zyne - Modular synthesizer. Zyne is a Python modular synthesizer using pyo as its audio engine.

zyne - Modular synthesizer

Zyne comes with more than 10 builtin modules implementing different kind of synthesis engines and provides a simple API to create your own custom modules. Tutorial on how to create a custom Zyne module: Tutorial A little sampler, written in pyo, that can be used to play exported soundfiles: If you want to share your own modules with other users, send it by email to belangeo(at) and it will be added to the download repository. Updates Zyne 0.1.2 Bug fixes release: Aubio, a library for audio labelling. Codehop. I plugged my Doepfer + Cwejman + Plan-B analog synth into Csound to get a sense how to better integrate the two systems.


In a nutshell, I created a simple Csound granular synthesizer that emits snippets of an acoustic guitar recording. Csound takes two inputs from the modular synth. The first input triggers a new grain, for which I use the unipolar pulse wave from the Doepfer A-146 LFO2; This allows me to control the rate in which grains are fired. The second input determines where in the audio recording the grain playhead begins. CDP Home Page. Michael Gogins. S o f t w a r e.

Csound Instruments.

Csound Instruments

Recent Compositions by Arthur B. Hunkins. Joachim heintz. Thoughts and experiences. Al Steffens's Computer Music. Numerix - File Section. Lisp from the Metalevel. Music21: a Toolkit for Computer-Aided Musicology. Version 3 of music21 is here!

music21: a Toolkit for Computer-Aided Musicology

This is the first major release in 11 months, with nearly 600 commits since the last version. How to Develop iPad Apps - iOS Development. If you've ever wanted to try your hand at developing iPhone and iPad apps, now is the best time to get started.

How to Develop iPad Apps - iOS Development

Not only does any delay put you further behind in terms of competing in the marketplace and making your own mark, but after three years, there are plenty of great tools and services to help you get up to speed quickly. The best thing about developing mobile apps is how an individual or a pair of developers can compete on semi-equal footing with large development shops. They may have more marketing budget, but what drives app sales more than anything is word of mouth and good reviews in the app store, so anyone with a great idea can be successful selling their app.

So how do you get started developing iPad and iPhone apps? 1. Note: You will need a Mac to develop iOS applications, but it need not be the most powerful Mac in the world. A Tutorial on Developing Your First iPhone App. Ensemble Software Homepage. Richard Dobson's Home Page. Quick links: I am professionally trained as a flute-player and composer, self-taught (with a lot of expert and patient help) as a programmer.

Richard Dobson's Home Page

For many years I worked as a flute-maker and repairer. I still play the first flute I ever made. I also play other kinds of flute, especially the Indian bamboo flute (bansuri). I am a visiting flute teacher at Bath Spa University. When not playing or teaching the flute, my main activity is in audio software development and research. Computer Music and.