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Rogerwilkerson: Bring Coke into play… Coca Cola... Doc Savage. Just under two years after The Shadow appeared on magazine racks, Doc Savage became the third pulp character to get his own magazine. The world met the Man of Bronze in a novel titled “The Man of Bronze,” March 1933. Doc Savage was created by Street and Smith’s Henry W. Ralston, with help from editor John L. Nanovic, in order to capitalize on the surprise success of The Shadow magazine. It was Lester Dent, though, who crafted the character into the superman that he became. Dent, who wrote most of the adventures, described his hero – Clark “Doc” Savage Jr. – as a cross between “Sherlock Holmes with his deducting ability, Tarzan of the Apes with his towering physique and muscular ability, Craig Kennedy with his scientific knowledge, and Abraham Lincoln with his Christliness.”

Through 181 novels, the fight against evil was on. Doc Savage is one of the few characters whose complete original pulp run has been reprinted in book form. Links Doc Savage newsgroup Yahoo Groups for Doc Savage fans Dr. Adventure in the Hollow Earth. The Punkettes (Steampunk, Clockpunk and Dieselpunk, Oh my!): Film Review: Iron Sky. I re-watched this one to review it for you guys because this movie does what I thought was a really interesting thing.

The Punkettes (Steampunk, Clockpunk and Dieselpunk, Oh my!): Film Review: Iron Sky

It's definitely got some heavy dieselpunk elements in the Space Nazi side of things, in a very over-the-top way. It's meant to be ridiculous though, and the movie doesn't take itself too seriously at all. The thing I find interesting though is the way they handled the Nazis. Steampunk'd. Tommy Thunder and The Tales of the Aether Age. Dieselpunk Song of the Week - Happy Swingin by Shemian. Dieselpunks After Dark. Brass, Sass and Bullets. Dieselpunk Friday: Biplanes of the Interbellum. Posted By Traveler on 7.

Dieselpunk Friday: Biplanes of the Interbellum

September 2012 The time between the World Wars saw some amazing developments in fighter technology, only surpassed by what came with the beginning of the jet age (which is worth another article altogether). One of the most significant developments was the move from bi- to monoplanes. The move was not a quick or fast one and different nations did it at different times. Diesel Punk. Meh. I really don't know how I feel about diesel punk.

Diesel Punk. Meh.

I suppose all on it's own I like it. It's the future that steampunk becomes, followed by raygun gothic. I love the Rocketeer, and Tale Spin. I love heavier-than-air flying machines as much or more than aerostats. But something about it leaves me cold. Dieselpunk Underground. Are you ready for International Dieselpunk Day? Ol Guys From The Dieselpunk Era. "El Investigador" Año II N°1. Retrofuturismo.

"El Investigador" Año II N°1

Así comenzó un proyecto que ha dado paso a que cada día primero aparezcamos puntuales y sin fallo en estas redes aethéricas, presentando el primer magazine de retrofuturismo en español. Nos hemos ido ajustando visualmente siempre con la intención de llegar a nuestros lectores sin dejar de contar información veraz y contenido de calidad. Gracias a todos, también somos la primer revista de este tipo que es de periodicidad mensual, a nivel mundial. Y bueno en este primer aniversario no quisimos bajar el ritmo y les presentamos la primera publicación totalmente dedicada al dieselpunk, en idioma español.

Con la colaboración de expertos como Nick Ottens y Larry Amyett que han escrito expresamente para este número que además es nuestro especial de aniversario. Lindsay Kitson – Dieselpunk Author. Since I did my first solo last week, I’ve built up about 5 hours of solo flight now.

Lindsay Kitson – Dieselpunk Author

Previous to that, my instructor mentioned several times when she took me up in more questionable weather, that I’ll need to start thinking about what my personal limits will be – what I’m confident I can handle with regards to winds and crosswinds, and what I might not be able to land the plane safely in. Post-solo, having flown a bunch on my own, I’ve noticed it really does change the way I think about that. The safety net is gone, but not only that. For the last ten years, I’ve been working in a call centre environment, and that’s an environment where, despite what management will try to push you to believe, the completion of whatever task you perform is dependent on the performance of so many other individuals, that it’s very difficult to excel, and sometimes indeed, to even complete the task assigned at all.

On the Road Again with Diesel Punk. Marcelgomes: Dieselpunk Jet Pack. Dieselpunk. Industria Mechanika » Dieselpunk. I’ve been mentioning on our Facebook page that we’ve got many new products in development and that I would soon be showing them off.

Industria Mechanika » Dieselpunk

Well, wait no longer as the announcement time is here! This isn’t everything we’ve got coming up, but will give you a taste of what to expect. Share This Image » First up, go to Facebook, Twitter, friends, etc and please share this Promo Image. This will help us spread the word about our upcoming (and existing) products and keep bringing these amazing pieces to life. Adrian Majkrzak’s Black Moth [Heavy] » The Fedora Lounge. Dieselpunk: Love Affair with a Machine. Dieselpunk. Gatehouse Gazette. Drömsmedjan. Dieselpunk. Dieselpunk. Dieselpunk: for the war effort! « The Flying Fortress. TFF is dedicated exclusively to dieselpunk, a subgenre of retro-futurism styled on the 1930s and 1940s.

Dieselpunk: for the war effort! « The Flying Fortress

Smoking Lounge. Dieselpunks - Dieselpunk + Steampunk Culture.