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Outdoor Fabrics from Pennine Outdoor. Model. Backpacks: Adjusting the Fit. Tenkara Chest Pack - ZimmerBuilt. Shoulder Strap Pockets - ZimmerBuilt. Dry Bag Hauler - ZimmerBuilt. Padded Shoulder Straps - ZimmerBuilt. Water Bottle Pocket - ZimmerBuilt. Hip Belt Pockets - ZimmerBuilt. Add an Internal Frame to an Ultralight Backpack. The one thing that I really miss from my ultralight packs is an internal frame.

Add an Internal Frame to an Ultralight Backpack

I have found that even with the relatively light loads of 5Kg base weight and under that without an internal frame it is very difficult to get the pack properly stable and comfortable - lots of small things in a pack does not compress down too well! After playing with my own pack design (45L, frame, padded back and 350g leanweight) I realised it would be very easy to add a frame to my OMM 25L without much effort or weight. Here is a picture of the finished article: This project is also one that can be hand sewn.

What I have done is take two strips of scrap fabric (in this case it is 0.75oz Spinnaker fabric) that are approximately 6cm x 55cm. They have been folded over to make two tubes and then the ends of both tubes folded over and stitched to seal them. Finally I have stitched the tubes to the seam edge of the pack (on the inside) at 4-5 places including of course the top and the bottom. Make Your Own Gear » Two Ounce Pack Frame. Some recent discussions about light frame packs (in the gear forum) prompts me to update this thread with photos and info for the latest version of my lightweight frame pack.

Make Your Own Gear » Two Ounce Pack Frame

It has about 50 liters of volume and weighs less than 13 ounces (front and back bags, frame, waist belt). Additional items can be lashed to the aluminum top bar. I replaced the time tested 1.9 ounce uncoated nylon with 1.1 ounce uncoated nylon for this version. Haven't used it enough to say how this lighter fabric will hold up over time but it has done well with 30 lbs of groceries so far. . Back bag is attached to frame by two top corner loops and velcro on the bottom two corners. I used an envelope shape instead of the more typical box shape for the back bag. Top of both front and back bags has a drawstring closure. Waist belt is 3" wide unpadded nylon webbing. I inserted a fairly stiff piece of 24" X 30" blue cell foam inside back bag. Aluminium Warehouse. 6.0mm Carbon Tube - Carbon Materials. Mystery Ranch Backpacks. Make Your Own Gear » My first DIY Backpack. Thanks for all the kind replies, I don't know who was more amazed at how well it turned out, me or my wife.

Make Your Own Gear » My first DIY Backpack

I was so nervous at first to start cutting up the xpac, but once I started I couldn't stop, just too much fun! Stuart - I wish I would have thought about weighing out the pieces before I put them together, it would have been neat to see how much just the fabric weighs. But when you add in buckles , bungee cord, webbing and gross grain the inside seams the weight adds up. John - I like your idea for therapy! I am hoping to finish up my second pack tonight and will have to get some photos and post. Nathan - The 4mm is the thickness of the foam mesh, so my straps are around 8mm thick, I did put a piece of 330d Cordura between the foam just to make it a little stronger.

Gossamer Gear G4_instructions.pdf. Ultralight waterproof backpack mk. III. Introduction I decided to make this backpack not only because I enjoy making my ouwn gear, but also because there is no commercially available pack with the features I wanted.

Ultralight waterproof backpack mk. III

Highlight of the design is full waterproofnes. Since I converted from poncho to wp/b jacket for rain protection, I was looking for solution that will let me not to worry about my gear getting wet, even in the worse conditions. There are of course more advantages. One can let the waterproof bag outside shelter, hang it out of reach of bears, swim with it... This is a third version of the pack. Design Making classical backpack waterproof is possible, but to make it durable enough, the materials would be quite heavy.

Sleeping pad, that serves as a frame, is inserted in between - protected from wear, but easily accessible. There are two mesh pockets on the sides of the pack, intended mainly for water bottles. Make an Ultralight Backpack. Background I liked the weight and strength of the GoLite Jam pack but found it to be a little uncomfortable for carrying loads that did were not completely rigid.

Make an Ultralight Backpack

HOMEMADE BACKPACK. Homemade Backpack Reasons for Making my Own Backpack: The reasons I finally ended up making my own homemade backpack stemmed from my desire to enjoy the backpacking experience more and the desire to lighten my load.


In the past I followed the advice of other backpackers in order to lighten my load, but I never thought about making my own one pound homemade backpack until I read a small article on the Lightweight Backpacker's website. The article focused on the three big items (backpack, sleeping bag and tent) instead of all the many small items we have in our packs. After reading "The Pacific Trail Hiker's Handbook" by Ray Jardine, viewing Lynne Whelden's video "Lightweight Backpacking Secrets Revealed", reading multiple articles on the Internet, and searching through archives of several mailing lists such as the AT-L at and the BackpackingLight Yahoo Group at I was convinced that making my own backpack was indeed possible!

Make your own lightweight Backpack. "Making A Backpack"....

Make your own lightweight Backpack

Hmmm. Where to begin? HOMEMADE ULTRALIGHT BACKPACK - Home made Ultralight Pack. The instructions below can be downloaded as a zipped Microsoft Word file here. (1.34MB) A printable version is also available.


Please give this page time to load. if you are on a 56.6 it should take about 2 min. These are a little messy right now, but I'll go through and clean them up later. G4 by GVP Gear This pack began as an experiment to see how light I could make a pack.It is highly specialized to the way my main hiking buddy Read Miller and I hike and the gear we carry.It is designed to carry loads of 20 - 30 lbs.It is based on the first three packs I made, which have been used for 3 seasons and hundreds of trail miles. Homemade Rucksack. Cost to Build: $6, would have been more but I salvaged parts from an old book bag and had all the other parts lying around the house Weight: 12.9oz Capacity: 3500ci, 4400ci with extension collar Largest Load Tested: 27.75 pounds Recommended Maximum load: 27 pounds.

Homemade Rucksack

Dream it – Design it – Build it.