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Comunicazione visiva. Back Button Focus Explained - What Is It & Why You Need It! Arte e fotografia: elementi di un sistema. 83 Best Photoshop tutorials 2016. I Prefer Paris: Photographer Ellen Feldman: Urban Zip and Paris Mysteries. Olivia Bee. Ridurre il peso delle immagini: 8 strumenti utili. LANDSCAPE STORIES: Videolibri. [NSFW] This Is Nuts: Meet the Penis Fashion Photographer.

The next time you're having a rough day thinking about how all your photography is looking the same, the competition is stiff, and bookings are down, remember that there are photographers out there taking pictures exclusively of the male anatomy and translating those into $10,000 limited edition prints.

[NSFW] This Is Nuts: Meet the Penis Fashion Photographer

You're probably thinking, "that's ridiculous, and why would that make me feel better? " Well, Soraya Doolbaz and her phalllic fashion photography are proof, not only of the "American dream," but that there's money to be made anywhere and everywhere. Her story begins in her own words: I was born in Iran and now I live in New York. Back when I was single, I would get a ton of dick pics and my friends would get them, and we would show them to each other and some dick pics were better than the other ones, and I thought, 'what if I took them with a professional camera?

' And thus after some experimentation and word of mouth began the Dicture Gallery.

Scuole e musei cine e foto

Progresso Fotografico - Zoom - Esposizioni. Ispirazioni fotografiche. Torn photos by Scott Hazard. These lifelike goldfish are actually acrylic paintings, created layer by layer, within resin.

Torn photos by Scott Hazard

The fish are referenced from schools of live goldfish artist Riusuke Fukahori keeps in his studio. The constant need to clean the fish tanks also informs Fukahori’s broader sense of environmental consciousness–seeing the fish as not unlike people in the soiling of our own air/water and the potentially deadly consequences if left unchecked. Fukahori’s second solo show, Goldfish Salvation, will be at New York’s Joshua Liner Gallery until December 19th.

Come aumentare i followers su Instagram? - Don't Panic - Guida per sopravvivere nel Web - Lifestyle - Marieclaire. The Portraits In This Book Are Only Visible When You Hold It In Your Hands — Vantage. When is a photobook, not a photobook?

The Portraits In This Book Are Only Visible When You Hold It In Your Hands — Vantage

When it’s got no visible photos visible, right? Wrong. Artist Carina Hesper is making a book that, when set down and out of hands, is completely blank. Macula – Centro Internazionale di Cultura Fotografica. MIT Created a Camera That Will Never Overexpose a Photograph. MIT scientists have designed a new camera that will never overexpose a photograph, no matter what the lighting situation is.

MIT Created a Camera That Will Never Overexpose a Photograph

Called a “modulo camera,” it captures a high dynamic range photo with every exposure. Instead of capturing multiple photos at different exposures, as with traditional HDR imaging, the camera only requires a single exposure. I Migliori Libri di Fotografia. "Ausencias": Impresionante proyecto fotográfico. New55 FILM. Monica biancardi. The project aims to promote those who, despite the tragedy, have chosen to lead their lives in Casso, without a feeling of panic or desolation.

monica biancardi

I asked fourteen different individuals, including the only child living there, to let me see their hands. The face, just like the hands, is the part of us that represents us most. It is through them that we can recognize one’s social level – they are a window of one’s personality. Although this is a simple portrait, by asking: “how they show their hands,” a multitude of expressions, truths, and different behaviours were revealed without considering gestures. Through this process, my work as a portratist was enriched, as I wanted to render them “saints” even if they were very alive and transform them into true icons. The photographic half-length portraits in B/W, realized in analog format 6×6 cm square, measure: 1,4×1,4 meters.

Come fare foto e video

ANDO GILARDI, su GHITTA CARELL e le PIZZE NAPOLITANE. INDEX 93. Fototeca Gilardi. Cortometraggio animato. Advanced Fashion Photography Lighting. Ripresa e montaggio di un reportage video girato con Reflex DSLR. La foto più cara del mondo - Fabio Severo. Il fotografo Peter Lik ha annunciato di aver battuto il record per la foto più cara del mondo, dichiarando di aver venduto una sua opera per 6,5 milioni di dollari.

La foto più cara del mondo - Fabio Severo

L’immagine in questione si chiama Phantom, e ritrae le maestose pareti rocciose dell’Antelope canyon in Arizona, uno scorcio pittoresco in cui la semioscurità della gola viene squarciata da una colonna di luce, da cui il fantasma del titolo. Resource Magazine 40 Movies about photography every photographer should watch - Resource Magazine.

Film making and photography go hand-in-hand.

Resource Magazine 40 Movies about photography every photographer should watch - Resource Magazine

In film making, the art of cinematography is lost with photography. The skill to present moving images in such postcard-like material is in itself a direct descendant of the art of still-photography. If a photographer truly wants to improve his or her craft, they need to study how filmmakers and cinematographers captures moving images on the screen. Just as important is for still photographers to watch films that depict he art of photography through Hollywood’s eye and also visit the stories of celebrated photographers through documentaries. 1950s Hong Kong Captured In Street Photography By Fan Ho.

Critically acclaimed Chinese photographer Fan Ho spent the 1950s and 60s taking gritty and darkly beautiful photos of street life in Hong Kong.

1950s Hong Kong Captured In Street Photography By Fan Ho

His photographs, to be published in his new book “Fan Ho: A Hong Kong Memoir“, reach back through time and space to connect us to the everyday sights of this bustling metropolis in a way that many of us have never seen before. Ever since Ho moved to Hong Kong from Shanghai in 1949, he has been documenting these special everyday moments. But the challenges (and superstitions) he faced then were quite different from those faced by photographers today; “With a knife in his hand, a pig butcher said he would chop me. He wanted his spirit back,” Ho told the South China Morning Post. 1950s Hong Kong Captured In Street Photography By Fan Ho. PHOTOLUX LEICA AWARD 2014 - Gallery di Luigi Grassi.

IL SALE DELLA TERRA, Trailer, regia di Wim Wenders e Juliano Ribeiro Salgado. CreativeLive: Free Live Online Classes - Learn. Be Inspired. Barcelona. Duane Michals. FUORI GAMUT Officina di Stampa Fine Art. - Photos du journal. Le grandi foto che René non fece. Ce jour-là (livre) Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Ce jour-là (livre)

Ce jour-là est un livre de Willy Ronis publié au Mercure de France dans la collection Traits et Portraits en 2006. Le livre regroupe les pensées de Willy Ronis sur 52 de ses photographies. Chaque petit texte commence par « ce jour-là » et est accompagné de la photo expliquée. Ferrania Film. Photographize - Photos du journal. The Manual App Gives You Full Manual Control of All Your iPhone's Camera Settings. The now-public iOS 8 brings about a number of updated features that give users more control than ever before, and one of the most talked-about ones is the ability for developers to integrate full manual control of the camera into their applications.

The Manual App Gives You Full Manual Control of All Your iPhone's Camera Settings

A number of major camera apps have already done that, but there’s a new app out that focuses on full manual controls and full manual controls alone: it’s called (go figure) Manual, and without any extra bells or whistles, it emphasizes giving you complete control over you iOS device’s camera without any other distractions. Manual’s simple interface lets you control essentially everything Apple baked into its CameraKit SDK: focus, white balance, ISO, shutter speed and flash (although this has been present since the iPhone 4 included a flash).

Manual is already available for download in the iOS App Store for $2, so head over and let us know what you think if you give it a shot. Useful Free Lightroom Plugin Shows You What Focus Points Your Camera Used for Each Photo. There are some Lightroom plugins that make you truly question why the feature isn’t built directly into Lightroom itself, and Show Focus Points is one of those. Just as the name implies, it’s a plugin that lets you see which focus point was used when your camera captured the photograph. Following the ‘do one thing well’ mentality, Show Focus Points has only that one, namesake capability. After installing the plugin, you can access it for a particular photograph by going to the Library Menu, selecting Plugin Extras, and then choosing Show Focus Points. Lighting School.

Basic Lighting A good place to start. These lessons demonstrate professional lighting techniques using only basic lighting tools. ApromaStore il negozio on-line di fotografia professionale.