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Whistleblower: Minn. veterinarians giving three-year rabies vaccine every two years. Spot hates the veterinarian’s needle, but responsible owners bring in their dogs for rabies vaccinations as often as their vet suggests.

Whistleblower: Minn. veterinarians giving three-year rabies vaccine every two years

Many veterinarians say that’s every two years, even though the rabies vaccine is active for three years beyond the initial inoculation. That means more business for vets, but it concerns some dog owners who think the too-frequent shots are costly for owners and risky for dogs. Those concerns prompted the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine in 2011 to strongly recommend that vets follow manufacturers’ immunity labels. Some veterinarians stand by the two-year vaccination schedules, however.

Now the two women who first raised the issue blame the board for not enforcing its guidance. Worlds Greatest Dog Trainer Application. (291) Away To Me (Sheepdog Movie) Complete. » 2013 » July. It’s summer time, and here in the desert that means heatwaves, 90 degree nights, and little to no outdoor time for the fur kids.

» 2013 » July

Many dogs, especially brachycephalics like Lucy, can only be outside for 10-15 minutes at a time. Even some of the heartier breeds will push themselves past their healthy limits in order to remain in the fun outdoors. Whether it is the Mojave Desert reaching 115 – 120 degree days or Midwest winters reaching -30 degrees, how does one continue to fulfill the mental and physical needs of their dogs during adverse weather? CPDT-KA Exam Study Course. E-Training For Dogs Inc., Standard Terms and Conditions - e-Training for Dogs. Dogs test out DIY automatic sliding door (VIDEO) » DogHeirs. Dog Training Video: Teaching with a Remote Dog Training Collar.

Training a dog with a remote dog training collar from day one.

Dog Training Video: Teaching with a Remote Dog Training Collar

The dog training video below follows Sit Means Sit founder Fred Hassen while he starts training a Catahoula Leopard Dog with a Sit Means Sit dog training collar. This dog has had no obedience training at all up to this point. The training begins with teaching the dog how to pay attention. Being able to develop attention is the cornerstone to all dog training. It doesn’t matter if you choose to train with a leash, prong collar, clicker, or dog treats. handbook - april 2013.pdf.

Professional Testing Corporation. Things Dogs Teach Us. Positive Reinforcement - The Big Bang Theory. Chiens mordeurs de l’été : pourquoi sortent-ils les crocs ? 10 Reasons Why Membership Pays. Approval seeking or attention seeking? Jumping up is nearly always viewed, by both positive and negative trainers as A Major Sin.

Approval seeking or attention seeking?

It certainly rates near the top of the list of most dog owners as an undesirable behaviour. The behaviour can vary from a flying, direct midriff punch, scratching your legs, or eye level shoulder blasts. But if we could empty our minds of the traditional view that This Is a Bad Thing, we may begin to see the behaviour as a sign or symptom of an underlying need that is being dismissed. Often jumping up is viewed as “attention seeking”, which expert advice tell us needs suppression as opposed to attention.

The No-Pull Debate. Recently, WDJ received a letter from Christine Zink, DVM, PhD, DACVP, DACVSMR, who was concerned about the photo in WDJ (on the cover, no less!)

The No-Pull Debate

Of a jogger whose dog, running alongside, was wearing a front-clip-type harness. A sports medicine guru and canine athlete enthusiast, Dr. Zink (and others) posit that no-pull harnesses are detrimental to a dog’s structure and gait – and are especially inappropriate for canine athletes. In a limited gait analysis study, Dr. Zink observed that dogs wearing no-pull, front clip harnesses bore less weight on their front legs than they normally would – even when the harness wasn’t attached to a leash!

Parker and the Baby. Dogs show left facial lateralization upon re... [Behav Processes. 2013. Why Does My Dog... Lean on Me? Is your dog a leaner?

Why Does My Dog... Lean on Me?

It’s a common enough issue. Most serial dog owners are likely to have lived with one at some point. But it’s not just leaning. Courteous Canine, Inc. DogSmith of Tampa: What is Buzz Dreaming About? McConnell Publishing Inc. HILARY'S BLEND (formerly THE BALANCER) supplement for home-made meals. New Member Registration. (85) Things Dogs Teach Us! Where Dogs Are Family « Keywords: horse, blind dog, drowning, Danube River.

A horse named Agripin had been swimming near the waters of the Danube River when he noticed a dog drowning and in need of rescue.

Where Dogs Are Family « Keywords: horse, blind dog, drowning, Danube River

The small blind dog named Abby had slipped off a nearby dock and drifted far from the river bank. She was unable to find her way back to shore. So Agripin swam out to the small dog and offered her a ride back to shore. The river was relatively shallow, so Agripin could stand up in the waters. Sensining help had come, Abby climbed on Agripin's back and rode back to shore. Agripin's water rescue of the small dog amazed his owner, who had been watching from shore. The story above is a wonderful story, but turns out to be completely untrue! This photo and accompanying story is circulating heavily on social media at the moment.

However, Raili Kokko posted a comment on DogHeirs to let everyone know that the dog is not blind and wasn't rescued by the horse. They posted another photo of Brenda Lee and Lucy to their Facebook page with the hilarious caption below: Dog trick video for the uber dude title by in the doghouse. Communiqué. Québec, le 29 juillet 2013 – Le gouvernement du Québec rappelle aux citoyens des régions de l’Estrie et de la Montérégie qu’il est important de signaler tout raton laveur, toute mouffette ou tout renard mort ou qui semble malade, paralysé, désorienté ou anormalement agressif, en communiquant avec Services Québec au 1 877 644-4545 ou en remplissant le formulaire en ligne à


Bien que l’ensemble des citoyens de l’Estrie et de la Montérégie soient mis à contribution, le ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement, de la Faune et des Parcs (MDDEFP) demande aux résidents des municipalités suivantes d’être vigilants et de signaler tout animal suspect : Alors qu’au Québec, la vaccination des animaux sauvages est renforcée près des frontières, il en est autrement du côté américain, où la vaccination dans le comté de Franklin, dans l’État de New York, est inexistante.

In Defence of Dogs par John Bradshaw. Ten tips to prepare your pets for a new baby at home. Things your dog might say if they could talk. Weekly Wag: "It's like a trial run for owning a dog." Pet Photography by Serena Hodson. Simon, Ralph, and Rocco are the three dog muses behind Australian photographer Serena Hodson‘s impressive portfolio.

Pet Photography by Serena Hodson

I love the touch of humor in every portrait as well as the way she’s able to capture each dog’s unique personality! Looking through her portfolio, the connection between dog and photographer is almost palpable, don’t you think? Experts' Keys to a Successful Dog Training Business. Pet Pro News. What to Expect: Introducing a Puppy to Your Adult Dogs. Sibling rivalry Getting a new puppy is exciting—at least for the humans in the family.

What to Expect: Introducing a Puppy to Your Adult Dogs

Sometimes the dog of the house doesn't think the pup is a welcome addition, however. Why Read Scientific Articles. It should come as no surprise that there is quite a difference between the scientific literature about animal (and dog) behavior and popular literature on dog training. It’s still fairly difficult for the average dog trainer to access the scientific literature. On occasion, articles originally published in the scientific literature are made available on the internet, but more often only abstracts are accessible. Being able to read complete papers usually requires journal subscriptions, membership in scientific societies, or purchasing individual articles, all of which can be quite costly.

The secondary literature is comprised of articles that cite, or refer back to the original research. Review papers often do this as do many popular or applied articles. Dog Friendly Dish Washing. The say cleanliness is next to dogliness. Or something like that. I could have that quote wrong. In Defence of Dogs par John Bradshaw. 7 Tips for Living with a Blind Dog. Our dog Tino went blind at age nine. We weren’t prepared for it at all. One day, I noticed a little spot on his eye. I didn't think much of it, just thought maybe he had scrapped it on something, so we took him to the vet to get it checked out. Le syndrome du chiot nageur ! quoi? un chiot ça nage ? - Conseils du Vétérinaire. Le « syndrome du chiot nageur » est une anomalie qui est constatée sur des chiots âgés entre deux et quatre semaines et qui ont de grosses difficultés dans leur locomotion.

DOGSmart Training Online Registration. Six Tips to Put More Fun Into Fido’s Walk - KONG. By Skye Anderson Do you walk ahead of your dog, constantly nagging him to “Come along, little doggie”? Does he walk a couple of paces ahead, stop to sniff, and then catch up to you again? Or, does he forge ahead, leaving you off-balance with a yanked arm? Coercion in Pet Dog Training Leads to a “Life of Quiet Desperation” for Dogs. Coercion in Pet Dog Training Leads to a “Life of Quiet Desperation” for Dogs by Niki Tudge Scientifically we all acknowledge that negative and positive reinforcement in the scientific sense can develop and strengthen behaviors.

LES GESTES DE PREMIER SECOURS POUR LE CHIEN ET LE CHAT « Quels sont les gestes de premier secours à adopter si votre animal ne respire plus ? La connaissance des procédures de première urgence, dans le cas où votre animal suffoquerait ou éprouverait des difficultés à respirer, peut lui sauver la vie. National Canine Research Council. Clinique Vétérinaire Du Vieux Village - Sherbrooke, Québec. English Avec sa grande expérience, Eddy est indispensable au bon fonctionnement de la clinique. Un des membres originaux, il travaille à la clinique depuis 1994. (83) Coercion in Pet Dog Training Leads to a “Life of Quiet Desperation” for Dogs. How to communicate with a dog in his own language- dog training dog communication. 10 Tips For Current and Future Puppy Owners That Want to Train the Perfect Dog. For a limited time you can use the promo code "10tips" to save 50% on Dr. Ian Dunbar's comprehensive Online Course How To Train a Puppy General Dog Training Tips. ROYAL CANIN SPONSORISE DES COMBATS D'ANIMAUX - Maltraitance animale.

Le fabriquant français de nourriture pour animaux soutient des combats illégaux entre chiens et ours en Ukraine. Une vidéo de ces combats vient attester les dénonciations d'une ONG. Une organisation de protection des animaux, Quatre Pattes, accuse, preuve à l'appui, le fabricant français de nourriture pour chiens, Royal Canin, d'avoir sponsorisé des combats illégaux d’ours en Ukraine au mois d'avril. Ces compétitions se déroulent sous forme de concours, explique Quatre Pattes dans un communiqué. Vets On Vaccines. A Dog's Advice to Humans in Photos. Dogster Editor's note: Our beloved behavior columnist and dog trainer, Casey Lomonaco, created this slideshow and kindly agreed to share it with readers so you can all enjoy it.

We think it's awesome -- enjoy! I am Mokie.