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J’en ai rien à coder 2011 - Chapitre 6 – Internet Explorer & Développement Web - Focus sur HTML5. HTML5 Boilerplate - A rock-solid default template for HTML5 awesome. Initializr - Start your HTML5 project in 15 seconds! HTML5 Rocks - A resource for open web HTML5 developers. HTML5 Presentation. Deck.js » Modern HTML Presentations. 5 awesome HTML5 demos. You’ve probably seen a bunch of tutorials or articles about HTML5 on design blogs recently, but didn’t try to use it because most users will not be able to view it anyway.

5 awesome HTML5 demos

Now to motivate you, I compiled a few HTML5 demos that should make you want to start learning this new markup. Be aware that you may not be able to see some of the demos. To know what elements of HTML5 your browser supports, take a look at this chart. 20 Snippets You should be using from Html5 Boilerplate.

I recently, as many web designers and developers will have, became aware of a fantastic resource put together by web developer, Paul Irish, and Divya Manian.

20 Snippets You should be using from Html5 Boilerplate

Html5 Boilerplate, as they have named it, is a powerful starting off point for any website or web application. As Paul Irish describes it; “It’s essentially a good starting template of html and css and a folder structure that works., but baked into it is years of best practices from front-end development professionals.” It is absolutely packed full of fantastic snippets of code that are still very much worth using even if you don’t want to start using html5 boilerplate as your base template. Tous les objets de formulaire en HTML 5. Periodic Table of the Elements - Josh Duck.