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Cosmo Films

Cosmo Films Limited is the largest BOPP films exporter from India and the world's largest manufacturer of thermal lamination films. We offers a comprehensive range of BOPP Films for flexible packaging, lamination, labelling and industrial applications, including speciality films such as high barrier films, velvet thermal lamination films and direct thermal printable films.

Packaging Industry: Then And Now. Today, we use packaging everywhere—in the food & medicine industry, hospitality, transportation, and so on.

Packaging Industry: Then And Now

This unimaginable amount of need & consumption for packaging is not new. From the oldest days to the present, packaging has always been an integral part of our lifestyle. Cosmo Synthetic Paper. Types and Feature of Cosmo Label Films. A label is a small part of the product, yet holds great significance.

Types and Feature of Cosmo Label Films

As the buyers these days are growing conscious, they prefer to purchase products only after reading a label; no/misprinted label can create negative buying decisions & goes on to reflect your brand value. A quality label, on the other hand, protects the legibility of printed information you wish to communicate to your audience. Velvet Lamination Films. SIES SOP Star Awards 2020. Premium Lamination Films. High Barrier Films. In-Mould Label Films. Benefits Of Reusable Packaging. TeploR Heat Resistant BOPP Film. WPO Award. Cosmo Synthetic Paper.

Another Step Towards Sustainability With Recyclable Composite Packaging. Scuff Free Lamination Films. Digital Lamination Films. Cosmo Synthetic Paper - Wood Pulp Paper. Premium Lamination Films. Cosmo Synthetic Paper. Printing Guide for Flexible Packaging. Festivities Wrapped In Health & Safety With Cosmo Films. Indian festivities are all about togetherness.

Festivities Wrapped In Health & Safety With Cosmo Films

It is that time of the year when everyone’s heart is filled with joy & love for their near & dear ones as they meet to celebrate. However, this year, all the festivities have taken a backseat due to the spread of coronavirus worldwide. While everyone found themselves stuck between celebrations and social distancing, Cosmo Films worked day & night to come up with the perfect solution. Our range of films are specially engineered to fight bacteria and viruses as well as provide the packaged products with a long shelf life.

Scroll down to know more about it. To tackle the rising health concern, we introduced Cosmo Antimicrobial Film. It exterminates infectious germs & suppresses their further growth. Cosmo Synthetic Paper - Success Stories. Wrap Around Label Films. Cosmo Antimicrobial Films. High Barrier Films. High Barrier Films. Antimicrobial Film For Festivals. Antimicrobial Film. Transparent Overwrap Films. CPP Films. Printing Guide for Flexible Packaging. Today, flexible packaging has become the lifeline of the food and beverage industry being used in various forms including stand-up or lay-down pouches, sealable zip-lock pouches and so on.

Printing Guide for Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging has made the handling of perishable products easier than ever, drastically reducing the chances of spoilage and enhancing their shelf life. Its benefits do not limit to the functional values but rather extend to adding an aesthetic appeal to the packed product. Competing in a customer-centric market, brands need to ensure that their design ticks multiple checkboxes including factors like user-friendliness, brand identification, quality and so on. This not only requires choosing the right packaging material but also the right printing process. Scroll down to know more about the printing processes for flexible packaging.

Flexography A widely used printing technology, flexography technique employs a flexible plate rather than a solid one. Printing Guide for Flexible Packaging. Exclusive Book Launch: Another Success Story of Cosmo Synthetic Paper. Yet again, Cosmo Synthetic Paper has proven its versatility & quality by turning a new project, a high quality art book, into a success.

Exclusive Book Launch: Another Success Story of Cosmo Synthetic Paper

It’s a coffee table book titled ‘Dialects Of Silence’ which reflects the mood of Indian capital city during the four month lockdown; captured by an ace photographer, Parul Sharma in black and white. The images have been brought to life with printing of the book on Cosmo Synthetic Paper. It is the first time a high quality art book has been published on synthetic paper and we would like to thank Roli books, the publisher for this beautiful reproduction. Cosmo Synthetic Paper brought the sensitivity & brilliance with which she captured each of the images to life.

All the proceeds from this book launch are going to Cosmo Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Cosmo Films, to support its various programs for the welfare of society. Cosmo Synthetic Paper is a replacement for the pulp-based paper. Want to know more about our product? Biopolymers, Biodegradable & Recyclable Plastics: Packaging for A Sustainable Future. Wondering how plastics can be sustainable & eco-friendly?

Biopolymers, Biodegradable & Recyclable Plastics: Packaging for A Sustainable Future

You might be amazed by this fact but the infamous plastic is deemed to be the most environment-friendly material for packaging because of its extremely low carbon footprint. This has been proven in a report by the UK government & many other studies conducted worldwide. However, the root cause of its defamation lies in its association with the linear economy that results in waste creation. Impact of COVID-19 on the Packaging Industry. Every industry, including packaging, has witnessed the impact of COVID-19.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Packaging Industry

From event cancellations to short supplies due to extreme lockdown observations, we’ve seen it all. But to what extent has it affected the packaging industry? Mr Pankaj Poddar, CEO Cosmo Films, in an interview with Brands & Leaders said: “Packaging industry shall be in a better position to navigate in this crisis though it is also facing several challenges of costs going up, demand coming from only a few sectors is putting pressure on the prices, labour issues and other operational challenges”. Like a coin, every situation has two sides, and so does this. With people concerned about their health more than ever, the industry has seen a rapid increase in demand for packaged items. Resilience The packaging industry has wide applications and functions in a relatively mature market. Cosmo Films to invest Rs 300 crore in new specialty polyester films line.

Cosmo Films has announced its plans to re-commence the installation of a Specialty Polyester Films line (Biaxially-Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate) by the second quarter of 2022-23 with an estimated project cost of Rs 300 crore (approximately US $ 40 million).

Cosmo Films to invest Rs 300 crore in new specialty polyester films line

According to the company, the new line will be commissioned at the Waluj plant site in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India, with a capacity of 30,000 metric tons per annum. Pressure Sensitive Label Films. RoliBook - Cosmo Synthetic Paper. Dialects of Silence. Scuff Free Matte Lamination Films Suppliers. Unlike a traditional matte film, this film provides excellent resistance to scuff marks which could develop during production, transportation and handling of the pack.

Scuff Free Matte Lamination Films Suppliers

The matte surface of the film is also ideal for post laminating procedures such as UV spot coating, hot foil stamping, embossing etc. Apart from the luxury packaging applications like premium/luxury liquor, perfume, watches and jewellery packs/boxes, this film is best suited for laminating packing boxes of electronic goods like mobile phones, tablets, power banks etc.

Scuff Free Matte (Thermal-BOPP) Scuff Free Matte (Wet-BOPP) Scuff Free (Thermal- Nylon) Scuff Free Matte (Thermal-BOPP) PCT-2 (MDL) SF : Thermal Scuff Free Matte Film Description It is BOPP based, one side scuff free matte coated and other side extrusion coated, both side treated thermal laminating film. Features. Cosmo Films launches Transparent Antifog Film for large packs for fresh fruits & vegetables. Pearlised Wrap Around Label Films. Transparent In Mould Label Films. Transparent Barrier Films. Pearlised Wrap Around Label Films. High Barrier Films. Velvet Lamination Films. The flagship product of the premium range, as the name indicates, is engineered to lend a rich velvet finish to the printed surface.

Velvet Lamination Films

Engineered on a special matte base film, this film is ideal for giving a premium finish to premium/luxury liquor, perfume, watches and jewellery packs/boxes. The film can also be used for laminating coffee table books, high end magazines, brochures, manuals etc. The recently launched black velvet lamination films offer an intense black colour along with a velvet touch to the laminated paper/ paperboard or package, thereby enhancing its aesthetics. It is also perfect for post lamination processes like spot UV, foil stamping, printing etc.

Scuff Free Lamination Films. Barrier Films. High Barrier Films. Types of Premium Lamination Films. Talking about lamination films, the first thing that comes to our mind is the increased shelf life of packaging. However, in the modern world, its significance is much more than that. We live in a world where product marketing is not just confined to its key features but altogether aimed at creating a great customer experience. This experience begins the moment one sees your product on a shelf and then chooses to pick it to witness its texture & quality. Thus, the first contact is not with your product but its packaging. High Barrier Films for packaging. Barrier Films - An Apt Solution for Flexible Packaging. The packaging industry has drastically evolved in the past decade so much so that now when we think of packaging, the first thing that comes to our mind are the flexible, easy-to-carry pouches & not metal/glass containers.

Flexible packaging has turned out to be one of the fastest-growing packaging solutions in the industry. While these have undergone many changes & improvements, one of the biggest innovations has been its contribution to the food industry in the form of BOPP-based Barrier Films. These films are widely used in the FMCG sector as they provide several barriers against external elements & keep the inside contents intact and fresh for a longer period of time. High Barrier Films. 7 Unique Factors of Cosmo Synthetic Paper.

Ultra High Barrier Film. Digital Matte Lamination films. Scuff Free Matte Lamination films. World Star Packaging Award. Linen Films. Velvet Lamination Films. Wrap Around Label Films. Pressure Sensitive Label (PSL) Films. Majority of the home care & personal care products around the globe use our label stock films for their self-adhesive label needs. Our Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL) and Films also find usage in imparting functional and aesthetic appeal in beverage and pharmaceutical products. Cosmo Synthetic Paper For Identification & Credential documents. Cosmo Connect Newsletter. Cosmo Synthetic Paper for Plant Tags. Cosmo Synthetic Paper - Replacement of Paper. Overwrap Films for Packaging. Cosmo Synthetic Paper for Tags and Labels. Wrap Around Label Films.

Why Pressure Sensitive Label Films are here to stay? Thermal Laminating Films. Cosmo Synthetic Paper for restaurants. Metallized Films. Cosmo Synthetic Paper for Maps. COSMO SYNTHETIC PAPER: PRINTING RECOMMENDATIONS. Engineered by industry experts, Cosmo Synthetic Paper has turned out to be the best replacement for pulp based paper. What makes it the first choice of businesses today is its non-tearability, moisture & chemical resistance and excellent Printability. CSP is compatible with diverse printing technologies like Conventional Offset, UV Offset, UV Flexo printing, Water based Flexo printing, Thermal Transfer, Screen, Letterpress, UV Inkjet, HP Indigo & HP Latex printing and selective Laser Print technologies.

Here are some of the printing recommendations for printing on Cosmo Synthetic Paper. Printing Recommendations* Off-set Printing Off-set printing for CSP requires some additional care than a wood-pulp paper. *Disclaimer: These printing recommendations are applicable to all variants of CSP. Cosmo Synthetic Paper: The Eco-Friendly Solution. In the present day and age, one can hardly close their eyes to the environmental crisis the world is facing. With population explosion around the world, the demand & consumption for anything and everything has risen to unimaginable extents. The extensive use of paper, for example, has led to cutting down of innumerable trees and increased the carbon footprint. Cosmo Synthetic Paper For University Degree. Cosmo Synthetic Paper. High barrier packaging films in the food packaging industry. The journey of food from farm to plate can be a tricky one, with the chances of food spoilage in the course of being picked, packaged, transported, and stored.

In handling food products for such a long period of time without compromising the quality, the most important factor is its packaging. It is of utmost importance to provide all relevant barrier properties (Moisture, Gas and Aroma), to keep the products integrity intact. Barrier Films play a major role to extend the shelf-life of the product, also helping to make the structure completely recyclable with all layers belonging to the same family of polymers.

Barrier films have an impermeable co-extruded & flexible structure (single or multiple layers) which is solvent-free, and doesn’t react with the packaged food. It helps prevent contact with oxygen, carbon dioxide or moisture, while restraining migration of mineral oil and UV light. Velvet Premium Lamination Films for Your High-End Products. In this new era, where customer is the king, it isn’t really hard to notice how businesses are looking forward to lead through investing in premium packaging for their products. Scuff Free Matte Lamination Films. Synthetic Paper, Non Tearable Paper, Recyclable Paper Manufacturer – Cosmo Films. Metalized Barrier Films. Our focus on our customers’ needs led to the development of our range of barrier films. PET Gloss Lamination Films. Cosmo Synthetic Paper.

Velvet Lamination Films. Pressure Sensitive Label Film. Digital Lamination Films. Velvet Lamination Films. Clay Coated Paper. Carcass Tags. Cosmo Synthetic Paper. Transparent Overwrap Films. CPP Films, Cast Polypropylene Films Manufacturer – Cosmo Films Ltd. Packaging Portfolio of Cosmo Films: Leading BOPP Films Manufacturers Across the World. Digital Lamination Films Manufacturer and Producers. Insulation Films, Insulating Films Manufacturer, Supplier and Producer. Barrier Film, Transparent Barrier Films Manufacturers & Supplier. Our focus on our customers’ needs led to the development of our range of barrier films. Direct Thermal Printable Films. Direct Thermal Printable Films are BOPP films with a proprietary coating which enables image/impression formation on the film upon contact with the print head of the thermal printer. Metalized BOPP Film.