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ATTA33. Us8.campaign-archive2. Engineer Lolo: never without his maker's toolbox... © DR As TRATECH, a sort of maker faire in Ghana, comes to a close, Léonce Atanley, never without an Arduino in his backpack, tells Makery about his future projects as an experienced maker for Africa.


Published on 03/17/2015. ► Read full article. 4 Ways a Robot or Drone 3D Printer Will Change Architecture. 4 Ways a Robot or Drone 3D Printer Will Change Architecture and Construction Buildings simply aren’t made like anything else—that goes for sunglasses, furniture, appliances, and fighter jets.

4 Ways a Robot or Drone 3D Printer Will Change Architecture

No other production process brings massive amounts of material to one place, constructs one item, and then hauls away the garbage. The inefficiencies are monumental. Modular construction has promised a great deal of potential to reduce waste. But what if one answer is to do more intricate construction on-site, not less? The technologies combined for a robot or drone 3D printer may quickly become the peanut butter and jelly of 21st-century fabrication technology. Earlier this summer MX3D made headlines for incredible plans to 3D print a pedestrian bridge with multi-axis robots. 1. MUPPette. MUPPette’s early success led its designers to question just how viable its fabrication method is. “3D printing right now is just extrusion,” Tran says. 2. NASA happens to agree. Comuntaller. SoDo MakerSpace - Seattle - Organisme communautaire. Reshape. Geographies of innovation. In recent years, Barcelona has focused on research and innovation as pillars of urban economic development.

geographies of innovation

The study 'Geographies of innovation' aims to assess the urban conditions for a suitable implementation of innovative initiatives. Beyond their individual success, the impact of research and innovation facilities is evaluated on an urban scale. Torno Co. Lab / Rama Estudio. Architects: Carolina Rodas y Felipe Donoso Location: Quito Rumipamba, Ecuador Project Area: 260.0 m2 Project Year: 2014 Photographs: Courtesy of Felipe Donoso, Courtesy of Juan Martínez Construction: RAMA estudio Site Area: 300.00 m2 From the architect.

Torno Co. Lab / Rama Estudio

Torno is a laboratory of ideas, home to studios and freelancers generating synergies that will enrich the results of the individual and collective work of its members. PORTFOLIO. Graphic Source CA - Empresa. Maker Spaces of All Kinds. Beijing Makerspace. Facebook. Creating Makerspaces in Schools. Two weekends ago, I attended EdCamp NYC at The School at Columbia, an independent school on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Creating Makerspaces in Schools

One of the things I love about attending edcamps is that the day is always unpredictable because you don't know what will be discussed or who will be leading conversations until that morning. What ensued was an inspiring day focused on tinkering, exploration and innovation. Simakerspace workshops. Choose one or all three of these intro to digital technology demo workshops!

simakerspace workshops

Ages 12+ Discounted price for all three workshops: $72 Members and $90 Non-Members or choose individual workshops. Introduction to Micro Computers Wednesday, January 14, 2015 7:00 to 8:30 pm. Rochester Makerspace. VOCADEMY — The place to learn and make ANYTHING! Eli7095.pdf. Artisan's Asylum. MakerSpace: The Online Community for Makers. Is it a Hackerspace, Makerspace, TechShop, or FabLab? The past decade has seen the sudden, dramatic appearance of community spaces offering public, shared access to high-end manufacturing equipment.

Is it a Hackerspace, Makerspace, TechShop, or FabLab?

These spaces are interchangeably referred to as hackerspaces, makerspaces, TechShops, and FabLabs. This can lead the intended audience to become incredibly confused as to why there might be so many names for a single concept. I’d like to take some time to untangle the mess, explain the concepts behind each title, and talk about why I now make significant distinctions between all of these types of spaces.

Let’s start with the hardest to untangle – what’s the difference between a Hackerspace and a Makerspace? Hackerspaces I’ll start by saying that there are many people “in the know” who don’t make any distinctions between the term ‘hackerspace’ and ‘makerspace’. C-base Hackerspace, in Berlin. Early electronics class at Noisebridge. Dale’s anecdote sums up how I feel about the term ‘hacking’. Makerspaces Olin College’s machine shop. Conclusion. MADE Makerspace Barcelona. Stgo Maker Space. Somos un espacio donde convergen la imaginación, invención y creatividad.

Stgo Maker Space

Promovemos, articulamos y desarrollamos instancias colaborativas de experimentación, aprendizaje y trabajo; puntos de encuentro e intercambio donde comunidades, de nuevos y experimentados makers-creadores, trabajan en diversos proyectos que combinan arte, artesanía, ingeniería, tecnología, reutilización creativa, performance, música y ciencia utilizando nuevas tecnologías y herramientas tradicionales.

Somos parte de un nuevo paradigma definido por el movimiento Maker, el Opensource y el “hazlo tu mismo” (DIY). Nuestra visión y misión tiene que ver con que queremos crear espacios dsonde la gente pueda descubrir y hacer lo que lo haga feliz. Queremos comunidades más felices y conectadas. Alejandra Mustakis De ascendencia griega, está en tantos proyectos de innovación de forma simultánea, que nos preguntamos si tiene el reloj para viajar en el tiempo que tenía Hermione en Harry Potter 3.

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