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Rammed-Earth Luxury Homes. CEA. Arquitectura contemporánea en tierra. Wendell Burnette Architects. Women’s Health Centre / FARE. Architects: FARE Location: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Project Architect: Riccardo Vannucci Project Team: Giuseppina Forte, Joao Sobral, Erika Trabucco & Emanuela Valle Site supervision: Erika Trabucco, Joao Sobral Client: AIDOS [Associazione Italiana Donne per lo Sviluppo] Voix des Femmes Financial Promoters: Partito dei Democratici di Sinistra, European Commission Design Year: 2005 Construction Year: 2006-2007 Site Area: 1,600 sqmConstructed Area: 500 sqmBudget: US $267,067Photographs: FARE This project just won the Health Category Award in the World Architecture Festival.

Women’s Health Centre / FARE

Project description and some great pictures of the construction process after the break. The CBF [Centre pour le Bien-être des Femmes] Women’s Health Centre in Burkina Faso was created between 2005 and 2007 by AIDOS, an Italian NGO fighting for Women’s Rights in Developing Countries. The volumes that contain the various rooms are independent of the roof structure and freely placed atop the platform. Byrne Residence – will bruder architects. Tatiana Bilbao: rammedearth house in Ajijic. Ladrillo, piedra y hormigón visto para una vivienda sana. Fotos: cortesía taller MCM + A REDACCIÓN CONSTRUIR El taller MCM + A tuvo en la casa MM otro logro constructivo: un ahorro sustancial de dinero, pues se gastaron USD 55 000.

Ladrillo, piedra y hormigón visto para una vivienda sana

Para una vivienda de 220 m² (más grande que el común en el medio) es una excelente inversión. ¿Cómo lograron esa optimización de recursos, que es una de las bases de la sustentabilidad? Pues mediante la optimización de los sistemas constructivos, el uso adecuado de los materiales y las tesis arquitectónicas.Pablo Moreira explica que la climatización natural se logró con la adecuada orientación de la casa en el predio. También con el planteamiento volumétrico, donde el prisma de ladrillo se cierra hacia el sol de la tarde y se contrapone a una cubierta ligera abovedada que protege del sol de la mañana, encuadrando el paisaje hacia los volcanes de la cordillera central.El manejo racional de los desechos de obra ayudó a la sostenibilidad, afirma Yahira Álvarez.

Enrico Rio Tijolos Ecológicos. TIJOLO ECOLÓGICO ECO HABITTARE. Tijolos pendurados. Marangoplancolor.pdf. Compressed Earth Block Projects - Dwell Earth - Sustainable. Un block más barato que el tradicional, para casas rurales. CIMVA RAM, CETA RAM, block , Actualmente 7.73/10.

Un block más barato que el tradicional, para casas rurales

Earthbrick Construction: C.E.B. or Compressed Earth Blocks and Cinva Ram Plans. Earth Block ConstructionBuild your home out of dirtwith Compressed Earth Block (C.E.B.)

Earthbrick Construction: C.E.B. or Compressed Earth Blocks and Cinva Ram Plans.

Construction Can you build a house dirt cheap? You bet. There are a variety of techniques to build your own home from the soil at hand, including cob construction, adobe, rammed earth, and compressed earth block (CEB) construction. In CEB construction, for example, soil can be compressed into earth bricks with the aid of a Cinva Ram. The photo here is of Michael Gross with Terra Block Inc. in Orlando, Florida, with a Cinva Ram he built from the Cinva Ram Plan Set. Rustic Modern: Concrete & Rammed Earth House Design. Regional modernism is nothing new, but when executed well it can create a timelessness surrounding house and home – an ageless aesthetic that mixes contextual layouts and sustainable local materials in combination with clean modernist lines, elemental architectural forms and cutting-edge eco-friendly building technologies.

Rustic Modern: Concrete & Rammed Earth House Design

This rural home in the heart of the New Mexico desert draws on vernacular building traditions, employing flat-packed mud brick and simple wooden post-and-beam construction, but also uses concrete as a counterpoint to these conventional materials. The stated goal of architect Signer Harris was to have an “antique home of traditional architecture” but without resorting to kitschy decor of faux-nostalgic ornamentation.

A traditional courtyard was created and surrounded by a kitchen, living room and bedrooms that mediate between the outside world and peaceful interior garden space. Rammed Earth House: Brown, Red & Brilliant Green Design. That idea of using mud straight from the Earth – rammed into brick shapes or layered in rows – is one of the oldest building techniques known to humanity.

Rammed Earth House: Brown, Red & Brilliant Green Design

The recent resurgence of interest in red-and-brown ‘rammed-earth’ building designs may be a ‘green’ trend … but it is also a brilliant (and beautiful) way to save money by factoring local materials, and cheap construction techniques older than written history into even simple home plans. Whether formed first into clay bricks or layered within forms (often used for on-site concrete construction), the naturally variegated textures and local earthen colors in rammed earth buildings become a core part of the aesthetic when a structure is finished. In areas like Arizona where dirt and mud are far more plentiful than wood or stone, people turn to this classic building method out of necessity but also find that the designs can blend in remarkable ways with their surrounding environments. 'The $300 House' Challenge / $300 House / Ideas / jovoto.

Resultado de imágenes de Google para. Gallery - Rammed limestone house. Ensayo 1 Mampuestos. Arquitectura-sustentable+%281%29.jpg (JPEG Image, 624 × 351 pixels) Earth Building UK. Earth blocks or clay lump use a well-mixed wet earth, which is normally (although not always) combined with a good quantity of vegetable matter, most commonly straw or chaff.

Earth Building UK

The earth mixture is then formed either by hand or cast in wooden moulds to make regular sized blocks or bricks. We know that the Romans used mudbricks (blocks) for construction in the UK, and it is likely local building traditions were already in existence that pre-date the Roman introduction of earth blocks in the UK. Today the building tradition is most associated with East Anglia.

Mechanically cast mudbricks using forms and presses, rapidly produce uniformly shaped and sized (and often more compact) mudbricks. Research by the University of Bath, Arc Architects and others has investigated the use of unfired (green) bricks for new construction. Fortress Brick House by Wise Architecture (KR)

Houses in Sindang-dong, a neighbourhood in Seoul, Korea, are built right up against each other at the foot of Hanyang City Wall which straddles a very narrow, steep hill overlooking the neighbourhood and the city.

Fortress Brick House by Wise Architecture (KR)

Fortress Brick House by Wise Architecture, photo: Noh Kyoung Say the architects, “a lot of shamans have lived around that neighborhood. It was said that due to these circumstances, the name of this town was originated from ‘Sindang’ which means ‘a Spiritual place’ in Korean.” “The landlord bought this land since he wanted to live closely with his son’s family within one property. Though privacy was an important element to consider, each house needed to be opened to each other. Egypt - Earth Architecture. Revealing the Potential of Compressed Earth Blocks—A Study in the Materiality of Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB): Lightness, Tactility, and Formability, by Egyptian architect Omar Rabie, documents explorations of the potential of CEB while studying at MIT, The Architectural Association and Auroville.

Egypt - Earth Architecture

In these two experimental mock-ups, Rabie explored the different possibilities of bondings using one block—specifically how the shape of the single block influences the block bonding patterns in a stack bond and running bond. This portion of a wall was built of specially formed interlocking blocks to increase friction to test how high friction masonry wall will highly resist lateral loads in comparison to walls constructed with standard blocks.

In this case, the blocks are interlocked in the long direction of the wall. This experiment proved that it is possible to freely form more complex CEBs and build walls with an unusual bonds, like this strong zigzag bond. India - Earth Architecture. The Center for Earth Architecture & Sustainable Integrated Development (CEASID) in Bangalore, India is hosting a Certificate Training Course in Earth Architecture.

India - Earth Architecture

Details below: Part-I (1week) * Duration- 27th December-31st December 2010 (Mon-Fri) Auroville Earth Institute. About Us The Auroville Earth Institute (AVEI), previously known as the Auroville Building Centre/Earth Unit, was founded by HUDCO, Government of India, in 1989. The former building centre progressively evolved and took the name of the Auroville Earth Institute in 2004.

AVEI is a non-profit organisation registered under the Foundation of Auroville, which is an organisation of the Government of India. Visita de Eng. de Senegal a Sahara, ensina fabricar Tijolos de solo-cimento com máquinas tijolos. Prensa V3. Prensa Vimaq V2 fabrica 11 modelos de tijolos solo-cimento. - Grupo Aguilar. Ecolaria - Manual construtivo com tijolo ecológico - Vídeo Dailymotion. Uploaded by DwellEarth. Ladrillos Ecológicos - Eco Máquinas - Prensas y Equipamientos para la fabricación de ladrillos ecológicos, bloques ecológicos y pisos ecológicos. Eco Máquinas - Eco Brava. Equipamiento adecuado en las normativas NR12, NR10 e CE (Comunidad Europea): Este producto está adecuado en la Normativas Seguridad en el Trabajo de Maquinaria y Equipo NR12, NR10 garantizando la seguridad completa de sus operadores, también tiene sello CE (Comunidad Europea). COMPRESION HIDRÁULICA DE HASTA 6 TONELADAS, evitando desgaste físico y resultando en ladrillos ecológicos con acabamento perfecto.

NOTA: La altura del ladrillo es la única dimensión variables, ya que está sujeto a las características del suelo y su contenido de humedad. Para mantener siempre la altura estándar, el operador llevará a cabo un simple ajuste en la máquina, dejando a la altura milímetro de ladrillos ecológicos: Conozca los modelos de Matrizes Padron que acompaña la máquina. Por la versatilidad del equipo, tenemos Kits opcionales de moldes modeladoras, conforme las seguintes lineas de modelos: Ladrillo Macizo, Macizo Convencional, Ladrillo Canaleta sin hueco. Best Compressed Earth Block Machine - Dwell Earth - Compressed Earth Block Experts .m4v. Construindo com Tijolos Ecológicos - 10 Pilares. Compressed Earth Block - Dwell Earth Designed - V Lock Block - Interlocking Compressed Earth Block.