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Cornerstone globally was started in 1989 and six years later in China. Since then, Cornerstone has gained credibility as a leading, research-based, Executive Search consultancy in mainland China and Asia.

Our reputation has been built up by consistently assisting companies in the appointment of globally competitive individuals who have gone on to ensure their company’s success. 53% Of C-Suite Execs And 52% Of HR Leaders Surveyed Have Dealt With Mental Health Issues Recently. Remote Working-Yay Or Nay? 8 Leaders Tell Us When It Works Best And Its Pitfalls. 3 Biggest HR Tech Trends For 2021. Creative Talents Are No Picnic To Manage-Here’s How The Team At Freeflow Does It. Why Executives Need Cybersecurity Training. Economist's voice: China's prospects for 2021.

World’s Best 25 Workplaces For 2020 Revealed - Cornerstone China. Fortune has just unveiled its top 25 workplaces for 2020.In a year like no other, a number of companies have risen to and even passed expectations for their employees – and the community at large – amid this toughest of years.Technology Company Cisco came in the first spot on the list for the second year in a row.

World’s Best 25 Workplaces For 2020 Revealed - Cornerstone China

Transportation and logistics giant DHL listed second, while international hotel giant Hilton ranked in third place. Fortune pointed out that “these companies have met the historic challenges of 2020 in human, inspiring ways”. Read the full article here… The Man Who Clothes Asia: Uniqlo Chief Tadashi Yanai. China’s State-Owned Pipeline Giant Agrees To Buy Kunlun Energy Assets For US$6.3 Billion As Consolidation Gathers Steam. 70% Of Employees In Asia Want More Autonomy Over Their Working Schedules. China Remains Attractive To Foreign Investment. WB Sticks By China Growth Surge In 2021. Economic activity will continue to accelerate in China next year on the back of existing supportive policies, despite a grim outlook for global growth due to the resurgence in novel coronavirus cases and lockdowns, economists said.

WB Sticks By China Growth Surge In 2021

The comments came after the World Bank updated its projections for China’s GDP growth on Wednesday and said the country will return to its pre-pandemic growth level next year. The World Bank expects China’s GDP to grow by 7.9 percent next year, compared with 2 percent this year, on the back of improved consumer and business confidence along with better labor market conditions. Read the full article here… Shipping And Logistics Firms Anticipate Huge Gains From RCEP. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement will be a strong growth driver for the shipping industry, logistics firms, and major ports, industry experts said.

Shipping And Logistics Firms Anticipate Huge Gains From RCEP

Participating countries of the RCEP are the 10 member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. They account for around 30 percent of the global population, global gross domestic product, and global trade. Zhang Jun, a transportation analyst from Guosheng Securities, said that more than 90 percent of China’s imports and exports are handled by the shipping sector, and the significant increase in trade between China and other RCEP members will stimulate Chinese shipbuilding, shipping industries, as well as major Chinese ports whose main business is international cargo.

China To Overtake 56 Economies By 2025 In Per Capital Income. A clerk of ICBC bank counts Chinese 100 yuan banknotes as she poses for the camera during a photo opportunity at its branch in Beijing, April 13, 2016.

China To Overtake 56 Economies By 2025 In Per Capital Income

[Photo/Agencies] China is set to overtake 56 economies in the world’s per-capita income rankings by 2025, Bloomberg reported, quoting the projection from the International Monetary Fund on Tuesday. By 2025, China will rank 70th in the world, putting it close to joining the richest one-third of economies, Boosting Diversity Is Vital For Asian Competitiveness. Making electronics industries more inclusive is a competitive business strategy, says Shidah Ahmad, Vice President, and General Manager, Global Order Fulfillment and Supply Chain at Keysight Technologies.

Boosting Diversity Is Vital For Asian Competitiveness

Digital transformation is changing the way we live and do business. Industry design cycles are accelerating, and businesses need to innovate faster for first-to-market advantage. An increasing number of concurrent technologies are evolving across multiple new dimensions and businesses need to keep pace with the technical complexities. Then, there is the need to improve productivity while being cost-efficient. Read the full article here… Your Vitality Quotient and The Future You Didn’t Expect. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of HR In A Brave, New World - Cornerstone China. HR is adding business value in ways previously unimaginable – change management, crisis response, organizational development, and digital transformation.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of HR In A Brave, New World - Cornerstone China

Aditi Sharma Kalra finds out how the CHRO’s job description has evolved and what keeps them busy in this new world, in interviews with seven HR leaders across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and India. We interview progressive HR leaders on their big people-centric plans, China:Employment Rising As Service Sector Recovers At A Faster Pace. China Plans To Double Its GDP By 2035, The Economic Plan Reveals. Can History’s Innovators Teach Us How To Survive In 2020? - Cornerstone China. Your Vitality Quotient and The Future You Didn’t Expect - Cornerstone China. Importance Of Associating With An Executive Search Firm In China. China is one of the fastest-growing countries across the globe has set a bright future for itself.

Importance Of Associating With An Executive Search Firm In China

China has made its mark of being a leading Asian country. Today, China has built an extensive space for flourishing trade and economy. One of the prominent and highly upscaled cities in China is Hong Kong. With vibrant and diverse elements, Hong Kong is a land that has it all. With such flowing accessibility, all sets of firms, from multinational companies to start-ups, have their branches in Hong Kong. Companies face several challenges to keep up with the growing requirement of manpower. There are human resources firms that help companies with recruiting talents. Cornerstone International is an international search firm which has its place marked all over the world. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of HR In A Brave, New World - Cornerstone China. Degrees Good, Skills Essential – The New Validation For Today’s Workforce - Cornerstone China.

China:Employment Rising As Service Sector Recovers At A Faster Pace. China Plans To Double Its GDP By 2035, The Economic Plan Reveals. What Are The Added Values Of People Analytics For An Organization? - Cornerstone China. Uniqlo To Make Its Debut At 3rd CIIE - Cornerstone China. The Employer’s Guide 15 Things To Avoid When Letting An Employee Go - Cornerstone China. 7 Top Tips To Creating A Success Mindset In Your Biz - Cornerstone China. When we set up in business it goes without saying that we want to be successful.

7 Top Tips To Creating A Success Mindset In Your Biz - Cornerstone China

What can happen is that success does not come as quickly as you hope and self-doubt starts to creep in. You start to wonder if it’s even possible to be successful in running a coaching business or take it to the next level. Everyone has a different perception of success, there is no one size fits all, but what we do know is that successful business owners have a success mindset; A mindset that drives them to keep going, to pick themselves up when things don’t go so well, and to learn from their mistakes. Leading Australian Winery Aims To Tap Into China At CIIE - Cornerstone China.

First Creek Winery, the largest wine company in the Hunter Valley, one of Australia’s most famous wine-producing regions, is planning to participate, for the first time, in the third China International Import Expo, due to take place from Nov 5 to 10 in Shanghai.

Leading Australian Winery Aims To Tap Into China At CIIE - Cornerstone China

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and wildfire, wine production has been affected in the Hunter Valley, How Al-Futtaim Group Hires For ‘Culture Forward’, Not ‘Culture Fit’ - Cornerstone China. 79% Of Employees Surveyed Globally Are In An ‘Always On’ State Of Working. PRESS RELEASE: Cornerstone Announces New Team In Middle East - Cornerstone China. Online Check-ins : 5 Questions To Facilitate Deeper Conversations With Your Team. This Crisis Can Be An Opportunity For HR Directors To Give More Space And Weight To “H” As Humanity. Suite Talk : Yuki Yamada, Uniqlo Malaysia & Singapore CEO, On Attracting And Retaining Talent In The Retail Industry - Cornerstone China. How Do China Executive Search Firms Stay in Touch With Past Applicants. For Excellent Outplacement Coaching In China, Choose Cornerstone.

Cornerstone International Group provides has been providing a top level service of Career Transition Coaching In China to bring out high potential leaders with skills and easy career transitioning.

For Excellent Outplacement Coaching In China, Choose Cornerstone

We during their transfer phase and it can also help potential and hard working candidates to become successful leader. It can be both challenging and difficult when career transition is happening and it can emotionally affect a leader as well so we are here with best coaching service so that it doesn’t get difficult for the leaders to switch. Executive Roles And Industries Most Impacted By COVID-19 - Cornerstone China. Q2 executive search report analyses executive searches across various industries and functions done by Thrive, The data focuses on how Q2 2020 performed within the following four KPIs: opened, held, canceled, and completed executive searches.

These metrics can be adapted to both external and in-house executive recruiting functions. To download the full report, click here. What executive roles are most essential? What industries are pandemic-resilient? These are the questions many executive recruiters have been asking themselves since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. Unfortunately, some have found answers the hard way over the past few months. While the entire executive recruiting industry has experienced the social and economic pitfalls of the pandemic,

PRESS RELEASE: Resurgent Pandemic Stressing Leaders at All Levels - Cornerstone China. Hiring Private Equity Leaders – Part III: Then the Challenge - Cornerstone China. 85% Surveyed In APAC Believe Workforce Agility Is The Key To Future Success. Pandemic Highlights Need for Cooperation - Cornerstone China. New Tech Infrastructure Will Boost Investment, Analysis Says - Cornerstone China. How Our Workplace Will Look In A Post-COVID World - Cornerstone China. Our workplaces may well have a very different look in 2021 and beyond as our employees – and our offices – embrace the next normal. And in all likelihood technology will play a big part to in this.

From self-regulated cleaning devices to stricter cybersecurity measures, technology will influence how the workplace could look as business returns to normal and beyond. These are but a few of the predictions by tech intelligence platform CB Insights. While the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other health authorities have issued guidance for an organization to make offices safer, reopening plans – and the stages of implementation – vary greatly between countries and cities.

Read the Full article here… Create a Highly Engaged Workforce by using our Career Management services which consists of PowerMyWork training which addresses specific needs facing CEOs. Growth Brings China Healthcare Factions Closer - Cornerstone China. Snapshot : Why It’s Imperative For HR Teams To Be A Proponent Of Leveraging Technological Tools. Battle Underway Between Hong Kong’s Virtual Banks And Traditional Lenders As Four New Players Join The Overcrowded Market.

China Predicted To Report 2.3% Positive GDP Growth : Research. Reasons Behind The Inability Of Overseas Organizations To Recruit Top Chinese Professionals. The Chinese talent market has grown significantly over the past couple of years. Despite that many overseas organizations find it extremely difficult to attract and hire top Chinese professionals for specific roles. The excuse of the unavailability of talented professionals in large numbers amidst the local population is no longer working for such organizations. In this context, the professionals offering board advisory in China services, have identified the below-discussed reasons that are responsible for the failure of overseas organizations to recruit top Chinese professionals. Little Focus On Recruiting Most overseas organizations tend to outsource their hiring process to professional recruitment agencies. Long Waiting Time It is common for overseas organizations to make the shortlisted candidates wait for days before confirming their selection or rejection for a given position.

Insufficient Compensation And Benefits. Leadership In Life Sciences & Healthcare - Cornerstone China. How Singapore Employees Feel About HR’s Role In Improving Resilience : Survey. China Should Seize Opportunities To Make Full Use Of Home-Grown Tech. Top 10 Most Attractive Cities For Talent in China - Cornerstone China. Shanghai once again took the crown as the most attractive city for talent in China, followed by Shenzhen and Beijing. According to the report released by Evergrande Research Institute and, one of China’s biggest job-hunting platforms. Shanghai has ranked No 1 for three consecutive years! While Guangzhou has stood in the fourth spot since 2016, and Hangzhou, the business center of e-commerce in China, in fifth for four years in a row.

Among the top 50, cities located in eastern China accounted for 33 spots. Six cities are in the nation’s center, eight from the west, and three in northeastern China. According to the report, southeastern China has seen a rise in the inflow of talent, especially in cities in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. However, northeastern areas have faced a brain drain, with the outflow of talent continuing to expand. Companies Rush To Replace ‘Just in Time’ Supply Chains With ‘Just In Case’ Contingencies As Covid-19 Upends Global Manufacturing.

New Leader Blueprint For That One Question - Cornerstone China. What does this mean for me? That’s the only question anyone has for an executive onboarding into a new role. No one cares about you. The Top Priorities For Businesses In APAC Post-COVID-19. Expert Talk : Why Machines Will Not Completely Replace Labor-Intensive, Hands-On Tasks. Coping With COVID : Learning From The Salamander - Cornerstone China. Factbox : China’s Progress On Business Resumption - Cornerstone China. Top Teams In The Time Of Crisis : Containment And Compassion. How To Ensure Your Organization Emerges From COVID-19 More Resilient. 7 Steps To Successfully Re-Integrate Your Workforce. 64% Surveyed Globally Say WFH Has Improved Work Relationships And Communications. Businesses Change Course Amid COVID-19 - Cornerstone China. Expand Focus, Extend Influence : How HR Will Change In The Coming Decade - Cornerstone China. Life Sciences & Healthcare Face Challenges In 2020 - Cornerstone China. An Exciting First-Ever Virtual Announcement : Asia Recruitment Awards 2020, Malaysia.

The Value Proposition Of A Centralized HR Model To Business Excellence - Cornerstone China. Ensuring The Right People Are On Your Team - Cornerstone China. Now is the time to begin thinking about your employees, and having the right people on your team as you move forward. Although not crystal clear, we are beginning to have an idea of how organizations will operate in the future. What will be different? There have been numerous articles written about how organizations will function. 3 Ways To Spend Time Productively During The COVID-19 Outbreak. XOX Mobile To Create 20,000 Jobs Through A New Online Program - Cornerstone China. Leadership Best Practices That Have Stood The Test Of Time. COVID-19 : Has Video Killed The In-Person Interview? - Cornerstone China. Langfang Economic Trade Fair To Be Held Online - Cornerstone China.

J&J's Response To COVID-19 And How It Helped Cement Employee Trust - Cornerstone China. The Top Priorities For Businesses In APAC Post-COVID-19 - Cornerstone China. Organizational Stress Amid The Pandemic And How Businesses Are Coping - Cornerstone China.