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Maintaining And Extending Your Company’s Culture In A Hybrid Workplace. Michael Lewis in Conversation on the Art of Writing. Genome Canada, CFI, OSFI Among Ottawa’s Top Employers. Genome Canada, Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), and the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) are among the National Capital Region’s Top Employers for 2021.

Genome Canada, CFI, OSFI Among Ottawa’s Top Employers

The employers were evaluated by Mediacorp using eight criteria: physical workplace; work atmosphere and social; health, financial, and family benefits; vacation and time off; employee communications; performance management; training and skills development; and community involvement. Read the full article here… Want to build a team of best leaders for your organization; 66% Of Staff Retrain To Find A New Role In Pandemic.

HBR Presents: Coaching Real Leaders. Has 2020 Shown That L&D Is The Most Important HR Function? Dealing with the impacts of a global pandemic is likely something no HR leader expects to experience during their career.

Has 2020 Shown That L&D Is The Most Important HR Function?

However, for today’s professionals, the current crisis has produced some extreme challenges for the function: from remotely managing employee wellbeing to acting as a center of comms for staff during an uncertain and turbulent time. One could argue that every function within HR has had an important role to play. So, what about Learning and Development? Over the course of 2020 (L&D) has also started to evolve significantly. In particular, L&D has seen a major uptick in virtual and digital learning, with many employers re-thinking their L&D strategies, so much so that 94% of L&D professionals have reported having to change their L&D strategy in response to the pandemic, according to the Fosway Group, who also discovered that just five percent of respondents believe their learning strategy, investment, and resourcing will go back to what it was before the pandemic began.

Protecting your business online, with Peter Jones. How to Create and Retain High Performing Recruitment Teams. For most of 2020, the majority of recruiters faced a completely inverted jobs market – one that has been deluged with candidates while vacancies have all but dried up.

How to Create and Retain High Performing Recruitment Teams

Yet, some recruiters are thriving in this new environment. Ordinarily, the equilibrium between supply and demand in recruitment changes gradually, Employers overwhelmed with options can be significantly more selective – which creates further challenges for recruiters. Meanwhile, candidates are now more likely to approach companies directly, and in turn, employers can decrease wages (which also impacts the recruiter’s commission) and demand more from candidates. The Future Of Work: How The Pandemic’s ‘Awakening’ Will Shape Canada’s Labor Force. How HR Should Handle High-Level Exits - Cornerstone Canada. It’s a story that has dominated the headlines all weekend: the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief aide Dominic Cummings.

How HR Should Handle High-Level Exits - Cornerstone Canada

For those hooked into the world of politics, news of Johnson’s leading aide resigning is huge news. Canadian Business Magnate Jim Pattison Reflects On COVID-19, The Economy, And The Importance Of Listening To Experts. CHROs Reveal 2021 Priorities For The People Function - Cornerstone Canada. New year now on the horizon, HR leaders are looking at what 2021 may hold,

CHROs Reveal 2021 Priorities For The People Function - Cornerstone Canada

Changing Job Roles During COVID-19 - Cornerstone Canada. Literally, overnight my role as an event organizer disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Changing Job Roles During COVID-19 - Cornerstone Canada

I didn’t go into melt-down and I didn’t panic, but I did think ‘what am I going to do now’? It even crossed my mind that maybe I would be deemed ‘surplus to requirements’ and become a government statistic. Your Vitality Quotient and The Future You Didn’t Expect - Cornerstone Canada. Today, more than ever, the topic of leadership competencies has become very important.

Your Vitality Quotient and The Future You Didn’t Expect - Cornerstone Canada

Among them in particular is the level of vital energy (VQ or vitality quotient). The vital energy coefficient is applicable to both an individual and an organization. Leaders who are unable to control and replenish their VQ according to circumstances will not be able to achieve high results. And the unpredictable world of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity ) gives us new lessons and sets new accents. It doesn’t matter how strong your blow is, the main thing is how strong a blow can you withstand”, – the words of the legendary Mike Tyson. The Key Shakeup Of ‘White-Collar’ Jobs On The Way - Cornerstone Canada. Hiring in the UK’s capital was starting to vastly improve before London was forced into tier 2 restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Key Shakeup Of ‘White-Collar’ Jobs On The Way - Cornerstone Canada

According to research from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), this was due to a demand for IT experts as London’s businesses prepared for continued remote working. The data, which was provided by business intelligence specialist Vacancysoft as part of its Covid hiring tracker, discovered that despite the furlough scheme coming to an end and on-going economic uncertainty,

The Dos And Don’ts When Working Remotely - Cornerstone Canada. Telling a little white lie can slip into many day-to-day interactions; a friend may ask you something and to avoid hurting any feelings you may dodge the truth, while at work you may tell your manager that you have finalised a task, when really it is still left open on your desk.

The Dos And Don’ts When Working Remotely - Cornerstone Canada

In fact, previous research has indicated that Brits are open to telling lies at work, as Glassdoor revealed back in August that half of UK employees have lied at work, with many stating their reasons for doing so to avoid getting into trouble and to hide mistakes. Similarly, of those surveyed, 39% claimed that lying is commonplace where they work, A Canadian Company That Owns Classic Toys Etch A Sketch And Aerobie Buys Rubik’s Cube For $50M. Video : How Can HR Make Tech Work For Them - Cornerstone Canada.

2020 has been the year that all businesses had to pivot to digital ways of doing whether they wanted to or not.

Video : How Can HR Make Tech Work For Them - Cornerstone Canada

However, implementing technology that works for the business strategy, organisational culture and individual needs is easier said than done. Daniel Cave, Head of Content at HR Grapevine, charts some of the challenges that HR functions face when choosing the technology and how they can circumvent them. Watch the full video here… When consolidations, downsizing, mergers, and acquisitions affect your workforce, or when senior executives prepare for a new role in life; we provide comprehensive outplacement services in Canada in the strictest confidence with integrity, transparency, compassion respect for all individuals.

The Complete Best Practices Checklist To Retain Your Talent - Cornerstone Canada. 5 Ways Outplacement Can Turn Redundancy Into A Positive For Employees And Employers. How The Global Pandemic Has Fuelled A Rise In Virtual Recruitment - Cornerstone Canada. Senior Recruitment Has A Diversity Issue - Cornerstone Canada. Companies that prioritize D&I witness up to a 58% increase in worker performance, whilst companies with higher than average diversity at the Board level see 19% higher revenues than those who don’t prioritize it, according to McKinsey data. However, despite the fact that Deloitte statistics discovered that over 50% of employees believe that D&I needs to be increased within their organization, a new report from the CIPD and Omni has found that a quarter of employers make no effort to attract and recruit more diverse candidates for top-level jobs.

PRESS RELEASE: Resurgent Pandemic Stressing Leaders at All Levels - Cornerstone Canada. Fundamentals of Hiring-Avoid Negligent Misrepresentations - Cornerstone Canada. Whether you are the GM of the Vancouver Canucks looking at who to draft or the owner of a 10 employee manufacturing plant looking to fill a vacancy, the most important decisions you make are at the hiring stage. Not surprisingly in this day and age, there are legal pitfalls employers can fall into at this preliminary hiring stage. Being careful about what you say and even what you don’t say is important. While HR managers want to promote the company, care must be taken to not make any misrepresentations, express or implied, that may not be accurate.

Hiring Private Equity Leaders – Part III: Then The Challenge - Cornerstone Canada. These Are The World’s Best Workplaces For 2020 - Cornerstone Canada. PRESS RELEASE: Cornerstone Announces New Team In Middle East - Cornerstone Canada. COVID Business Terms That Would Have Made No Sense In January. It’s surreal to look back on the past year and consider that the words that have permeated every aspect of our lives, due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and the havoc the virus wreaked across the planet, just 11 months ago the vast majority of professionals simply didn’t know. COVID was an unprecedented event. Governments scrambled to deal with its snowballing spread across continents, whilst the economy went into shock as consumer habits changed overnight and businesses sought some form of sustainability and longevity.

The Corporate Board Is Broken – Here’s How To Fix It - Cornerstone Canada. The Board is the beating heart of your business. The experience around the Board table is the ultimate tool in combatting the fierce current global climate and extending the innovation that keeps your company relevant. However, even in some of the biggest companies in the world, historic Boards have come to inadequate conclusions and the outcomes have negatively impacted the company.

Sometimes, the decisions have been poor, because of a lack of adequate information, Pandemic Highlights Need for Cooperation - Cornerstone Canada. Remote Work Director : Do You Need One? - Cornerstone Canada. Working from home has been a headline issue for HR during 2020 and one that hit headlines earlier this week when the UK Government said that an office worker in England should work from home if they can slow the spread of the virus. In this week’s episode of the podcast, Sophie Parrott, Online Editor at HR Grapevine sits down with Daniel Cave, Head of Content at Executive Grapevine Digital Media to talk about working from home in the long run and whether this needs specific management. The pair discuss the recent news around why the Silicon Valley giant Facebook is recruiting for a ‘Remote Work Director’. In addition, the pair speak to an employment lawyer, as well as two seasoned HR practitioners, to find out whether employers need someone to exclusively head up teams of staff who are working from home.

From Amazon And Zoom To Your Local Corner Shop : The Businesses Thriving After Six Months Of Lockdown. Are You A ‘Trust-Washing’ Leader? - Cornerstone Canada. Trust in leadership is difficult to come by, as the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer revealed that CEO credibility dropped by 12 points that same year, with 63% of respondents claiming that their leader was somewhat or not at all credible. whereby someone says they are going to do something, while ‘crossing their fingers behind the back’, suggesting they were never going to do it in the first place. with many trusting brands a lot less nowadays.

Growth Brings China Healthcare Factions Closer - Cornerstone Canada. How To Change Your Culture, One New Person At A Time. We’re living through times of huge social upheaval. From #MeToo and Black Lives Matter to the environmental protests whose escalation matches the increasing incidence of extreme weather events right across the globe, it seems as if the world is on the march. Whether it’s transgender rights or the need for companies to operate in a more sustainable fashion, Talent Management Could Be A Fundamental Re-Set - Cornerstone Canada.

Company Boards ‘Need At Least One BAME Member’ - Cornerstone Canada. The biggest UK firms should have at least one black, Asian, or minority ethnic (BAME) member on their boards by 2021, 101 Guide On Hiring A Global Leadership Development And Coaching Firm. What Is The Role Of An Executive Coaching Firm? A well-organised executive coaching firm provides rigorous coaching to the executives who lead departments and teams of a company. The coaching enables them to polish their leadership skills which will help them lead and perform at their best. Leading Recruitment Firms Canada. Cornerstone Specializes in Finding Game Changers and Hard to Find Talents. Finding great candidates for senior management roles is more than how large is our candidate database, which Cornerstone has already a large pool. Past The Worst? Time For Organizations To Hold Onto Their Best - Cornerstone Canada. As the job market begins to open up, organizations may become susceptible to talent loss at a crucial time of recovery as lockdown measures are gradually eased.

Leadership in Life Sciences & Healthcare - Cornerstone Canada. How Productive Is The UK Workforce? - Cornerstone Canada. How To Offer Remote Employee Recognition - Cornerstone Canada. Actively promoting employee recognition has been known to improve productivity and morale, with various studies indicating the several benefits, it can bring to a business. Finally, Some Good News For Business - Cornerstone Canada. For many weeks, a dark cloud has been looming over talent acquisition. In May, hiring dipped drastically as businesses reined in their budgets and employees chose to stay put to weather the storm. Your PCPS- Post-COVID-19 People Strategy! - Cornerstone Canada.

We have all moved through the statements and buzz words that have come with this pandemic. How To Manage Your Remote Recruitment Team Effectively - Cornerstone Canada. How To Strategically Re-Board Your Workforce - Cornerstone Canada. Pandemic Brings About Change In Regulatory Science - Cornerstone Canada. Six Strategic Priorities HR Teams Need To Focus On Right Now - Cornerstone Canada. The Decade Ahead : Committing To Lifelong Learning. Leaders Explain How To Smash Career Goals - Cornerstone Canada. A Leader's Most Crucial Role In A Crisis - Cornerstone Canada.

What Has HR Learned From The Last Month? - Cornerstone Canada. These Workers Will Consider Changing Jobs Even In A Pandemic - Cornerstone Canada. Are Women Leaders’ Better Champions Of Well-Being? Life Sciences & Healthcare Face Challenges In 2020 - Cornerstone Canada. Retained Executive Search Firm Canada, Executive Search California. Interim Life Science Executive Search Firm Canada. Top Leadership Development Firms Canada. How Can HR Succeed At Remote Recruitment? - Cornerstone Canada.

How Is Coronavirus Affecting UK Workers? - Cornerstone Canada. Shaping The Future Of Businesses - Cornerstone Canada. Ensuring The Right People Are On Your Team - Cornerstone Canada. The Need-To-Know Stats Around Working From Home - Cornerstone Canada. What If Virtual Learning Is The New Normal? - Cornerstone Canada. What Is The Future Of Work Post-COVID-19? - Cornerstone Canada. COVID-19 : Has Video Killed The In-Person Interview?  - Cornerstone Canada. The Economic Impact Of People Technology - Cornerstone Canada.

COVID-19 : Employees Believe Leaders Are 'Failing' To Manage The Crisis. Love Working From Home? No Problem Says Twitter CEO - Cornerstone Canada. Post Covid : Coaching Starts At Home - Cornerstone Canada.