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String art london - Recherche Google. How to Crochet a Giant Circular Rug - No-Sew – Cute DIY Projects. That comforting feeling you get with a nice, fluffy rug in those cold winter days is no less than a touch of heaven.

How to Crochet a Giant Circular Rug - No-Sew – Cute DIY Projects

Although, the stores have got loads of varieties of rugs, they are often quite an expensive affair to go for. When it comes to saving a huge deal of money, while putting your creativity to great use simultaneously, nothing can be better than a homemade piece of sheer coziness and warmth, just like this super awesome DIY No-Sew Crochet Rug. Bring in some warmth combined with style into your living space with this rug you make all by yourself, that’s not only the softest thing to feel, but also just so pretty to look at.

What’s great is that crafting the rug doesn’t require any sewing or stitching. In fact, you don’t even need to gather any tools for the same, as all the magic lies in your fingers. You begin by doing a slip knot, followed by creating the crochets to complete the different rounds. Crochet a T-Shirt Yarn Basket. Description You can crochet this excellent organiser with just t-shirt yarn.

Crochet a T-Shirt Yarn Basket

Use this practical basket anywhere: in the living room, to hold your toiletries in the bathroom, in the nursery, or even as a gift basket. Jessica from the DaWanda shop Unicus shows you how to make it yourself. Materials See the picture above for all the materials you need for this project. Make a Magic Ring The organiser is crocheted from the centre of the base in rounds, so you simply continue crocheting in a circle until it reaches the desired height. DIY Häkel Anleitung Zpagetti Wäschebeutel. Patches auf bluse - Recherche Google. Häkelanleitungen - Häkelanleitung Mochila Tasche Beutel ENG & NL - ein Designerstück von LeafsCreations bei DaWanda. Crochet pattern (English & Dutch) PDF Mochila bag with with flowers in green, mint, pink and ocher.

Häkelanleitungen - Häkelanleitung Mochila Tasche Beutel ENG & NL - ein Designerstück von LeafsCreations bei DaWanda

Are you just as excited about tapestry crochet and specific about crocheting a Mochila bag like me? Then, this extensive crochet pattern is really nice for you! The height of the bag is approximately 28 cm (11") and the diameter of the bottom is approximately 20 cm (7.9"). Bluse besticken - Google Search. Artwork - Graphic Knitware by Anna Astapova. Craftours - passion your travel. Makerist - deine Handarbeitsschule im Internet. DIY Chinese New Year Paper Lantern - Lia Griffith. Chinese New Year is coming up on February 8th and we have been itching to design and make a traditional Chinese paper lantern for the occasion.

DIY Chinese New Year Paper Lantern - Lia Griffith

Our DIY paper lantern is a mini version of the real thing and is very simple to make with our pattern and tutorial. Chinese paper lanterns have a long long history and have become a well-known symbol of Chinese culture worldwide. Traditionally used on streets and in gateways for practical reasons, it has, over the years, become a beautifully embellished accessory or decorative object rather than a mere functional one! Our pretty paper version is made using text weight paper in red, a pretty jade bead and gold embroidery floss. The tassel on the bottom is super simple to make and can be created by following this tutorial here.

To make this Chinese New Year paper lantern, begin by downloading our pattern and tutorial below. Chinese knots. Hmong Tribal Vintage Textile Dangle Decoration by KulshiMumkin.

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Patterns. Music. Kits – The New Craft House. WOOL AND THE GANG. Touchdown Scarf. New Projects. ShareThis Copy and Paste.

New Projects

WOOL AND THE GANG. WOOL AND THE GANG. 3 x Rolls of Mixtape Yarn 1 x Lil' Pillow Talk Pattern (available in English only) 1 x Sewing Needle Add a cosy and natural feel to your home with the Lil’ Pillow Talk cushion.


As comfortable as it is stylish, our knit cushion will add the extra support you need on your bed or sofa. The Lil’ Pillow Talk is perfect paired with its big sister the Pillow Talk cushion. Wallaby Clutch - Accessoires - Stricksets. Jake Blanket - Dekoration - Stricksets. Garantie Unsere Wolle besteht zu 100% aus Naturfasern.

Jake Blanket - Dekoration - Stricksets

Bee Blanket - Kinder - Stricksets. Garantie Unsere Wolle besteht zu 100% aus Naturfasern.

Bee Blanket - Kinder - Stricksets

Hier erfährst du mehr. Bei WE ARE KNITTERS hast du binnen 14 Tagen nach Erhalt deiner Bestellung das Recht, diese zu widerrufen. Wir erstatten dir dann den Betrag deiner Bestellung. Details zum Widerrufsrecht findest du hier. Gerne helfen wir dir bei Fragen und Problemen weiter. Wir sprechen Deutsch, Spanisch, Englisch und Französisch. Cross stitch heart rainbow needlepoint craft kit by pearl and earl. An original cross stitch kit heart design with chic rainbow multi coloured stripes.

cross stitch heart rainbow needlepoint craft kit by pearl and earl

Makes a perfect gift for someone you love. Our exclusive wool cross stitch kits designed by our founder Jacqui Pearce, will enable you to create your own handcrafted piece of crafty chic. Each and every kit is made up in our Sussex Studio from the best British Components. They use Jacqui's supersize stitch technique with thick wool yarns and so are quick and easy to stitch up even if you are not super crafty.

Dog jumper knitting kit wonderful whippets by redhound for dogs. Our knitting kit contains everything you need to knit your whippet a stylish jumper with the luxury of Rowan wool/cotton yarn.

dog jumper knitting kit wonderful whippets by redhound for dogs

This knitting kit is the perfect gift for any whippet loving knitter! Whippets do love to be kept warm, and this jumper is knitted in the very soft Rowan wool/cotton yarn, and will keep your hound warm on chilly evenings and is a perfect extra layer under a coat on very cold walks. Designed by us for knitters with various skill levels, in the beautiful Rowan wool/cotton yarn, the kit contains the wool, pattern, knitting, sewing and cable needles. We have even included a technical sheet that we have written with the lovely people at Rowan to explain the ins and outs of stitches neede to knit a beautiful garment. Cushion cover beginner knitting kit set, colour block by stitch & story. Made in Britain eco-friendly This knitting kit set for a classic cushion cover comes with a two-tone knit pattern. Complete beginners guide to knitting including needles, yarn, illustrations.

Chunky blanket knitting kit by wool couture. Made in Britain free gift wrap Luxury knitting kit, perfect for a beginner to knitting. This kit will make you a super chunky blanket for you to keep forever. This is a perfect introduction to knitting, the large needles make it easy to count your stitches and the pattern uses a simple knit stitch. This handmade chunky wool blanket is pure luxury and will add that special touch to any room. Knitting kit beginner's pom pom hat gift set by stitch & story. Made in Britain exclusive eco-friendly Knit your own bobble hat with this beginner knitting kit! The hat has a unique swirl pattern and a giant contrast pom pom. Aimed for beginners, you'll learn to knit up this bobble hat in no time. the kit contains instructions on how to make your own pom pom as well as tutorials on how to learn the basic knitting stitches, knit, purl, cast on and off.

The perfect gift for crafters!