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Contact. Affinity Video Learning Zone. Numbered Lists — Part II Multi-Level Lists. In Part I, I covered how to create a traditional outline list.

Numbered Lists — Part II Multi-Level Lists

Now I’m going to walk through the steps of creating a multi-level list frequently used in academic papers, user guides, and military documents. Overview As is the case with an outline list, you need to define a list and then create a set of paragraph styles that reference that list. Defining lists allows you to have multiple lists in a document that don’t interfere with each other. For example, you could create multi-level headings, an outline, and separate lists of tables and figures within the same document, all of which use a separate numbering sequence. In this example, we need to create three different paragraph styles that all refer to the numbered list we define. Step 1 – Define a list To do this, choose Type > Bulleted & Numbered Lists > Define Lists.

Step 2 – Create the first paragraph style In the Paragraph Styles panel, click the Create New Style icon, type the name of the style (such as “Level 1″). CSS3 properties explained. 3 stunning CSS animation effects that will captivate your users. Beautiful visual design isn’t enough any more, modern design needs great interaction to really stand out.

3 stunning CSS animation effects that will captivate your users

Animations in your designs can provide clarity, direct attention, and create a delightful experience. Designing interactions is exciting, but costly. Often it takes back and forth between designers and developers to get animations just right; but it doesn’t need to be this way. CSS transitions afford the opportunity for designers with limited knowledge of code to enhance their projects with stunning motion effects that will engage users like never before.

Let’s start with something simple: moving from one screen to another… Simple view-slider technique. Animate SVG Icons with CSS3 & jQuery. November 30, 2013 | Web Development | By Joseph Howard Recently, there’s been a lot of buzz throughout the web design and development community on using SVG for icons. Due to a number of limitations and inconveniences, using raster-based images for your icons, has become an increasingly painful and restricting endevour. There are a number of reasons why a raster based image for the purposes icons, have become obsolete. I covered this and explored a number of viable solutions in this article here, which is worth reading if you are mostly unfamiliar with the use of SVG in web development. I explored a number of different methods of implementing icons including, pure CSS, icon fonts, and SVG. Which brings us to this article.

I’m assuming, if you’ve made it this far, that you have at minimal, a basic understanding of CSS, HTML, a little JavaScript and Adobe Illustrator. Let’s get started. Full Demo Download Source CSS Only Demo Project Overview. How to create FULL 3D logo in Adobe Illustrator CS5.1 HD quality. Tutorial Files: Issue 114. Tutorial Files: Issue 114 Web Shapes Photocomposite Landscape Graphic illustration Video Tuition £5.99 Advanced Photoshop® Issue 121 Print Edition Buy Online Subscribe Now Digital Editions £12.99 The Professional PhotoShop Book Vol. 4 Print Edition Buy Online Browse Products Digital Editions

Tutorial Files: Issue 114

Plugins for Adobe Illustrator to speed up workflow - Astute Graphics. Create a Wicked-Worn Vintage Pop Art Design. Pop art is alive!

Create a Wicked-Worn Vintage Pop Art Design

As I'm a big fan of grunge style, I'll show you how to design a simple but nice vintage pop art piece with some wear and tear. This is a basic to intermediate tutorial, so you don't need to be a guru to work with this effect and get an awesome result! Final Image Preview Before we get started, let's take a look at the image we'll be creating. Click the screenshot below to view the full-size image. Les effets 3D sur texte avec Photoshop et Illustrator. Les effets 3D sur texte avec Photoshop et Illustrator Avant de commencer téléchargez le pack suivant, puis ouvrez un nouveau document de 1000x1000 pixels résolution 72Dpi couleur RVB 8bits.

Les effets 3D sur texte avec Photoshop et Illustrator

Ajoutez un calque de remplissage dégradé en allant dans Menu > Calque > Nouveau calque de remplissage > Dégradé. Tapez votre texte comme ceci en utilisant la couleur suivante #272727 et la police Ballpark Maintenant prenez l'outil texte (T) et cliquez sur votre texte avec le bouton droit de la souris puis sur créer un tracé de travail, ensuite allez dans l'onglet Tracés puis clique sur tracé de travail et copiez le (Ctrl+C) ou bien allez dans Menu > Edition > Copier. Diplômé en design d’interaction par Internet? Working with CSS Preprocessors - Chrome DevTools.

Formations créatives et gratuite sur le motion design. Mini-Icon Settings Menu with the jQuery Toolbar Plugin. Some dynamic user profile layouts have been implementing more complicated JavaScript features.

Mini-Icon Settings Menu with the jQuery Toolbar Plugin

Notably the dropdown settings menu has been a staple of social networking websites. This is a great method for allowing easy access to updating the user profile, or even posting new content onto the website. The jQuery Toolbar.js plugin allows us to create a mini settings menu nested with Bootstrap icons. In this tutorial I want to show how we can build a small user profile page with a mini-settings tooltip popup. Each of the user options is defined by an icon glyph related to the action. Live Demo – Download Source Code Getting Started The first step is to download a copy of the Toolbar.js plugin from Github. <! When I was testing this plugin I could not get it to run properly with the jQuery 1.10.1 version.

Adding the Icons Looking inside the page HTML itself is rather easy to compile. The Twitter Bootstrap library has a class for organized PNG icons. Download a free PSD every day. Illustrator - Jean-luc Symons on Diigo. National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) Tutorials.