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Natural Living on a Lavender Farm in Poland. Serviciile noastre. 30 Beautiful Doors That Seem To Lead To Other Worlds. Most doors are hopelessly mundane, but they don’t have to be; they can also serve as meaningful symbols of portals between worlds or between different aspects of our lives. When we set out to create a list of beautiful doors around the world, we were surprised to find just how many truly amazing doors there are out there that have been decorated with beautiful craftsmanship and artwork. The door is probably the single part of a building’s exterior that people will interact most frequently with, so if you want a building to look impressive up close, there’s probably no better way to do this than by having a beautiful door. Burano, Italy Image credits: John C. Hutchins Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA Image credits: Ken Piorkowski Copenhagen, Denmark Image credits: Ingeborg van Leeuwen Valloria, Italy Image credits: socket974 Montmartre, Paris, France Image credits: John Kroll Rabat, Morocco Image credits: David&Bonnie Valparaiso, Chile Image credits: Byron Ellis Garden Door by Kazuyuki Ishihara in Japan.

Cum se construiește o casă de lut și care este secretul pereților de chirpici care nu se crapă Casa de lut ridicată de arhitectul Ileana Mavrodin a devenit o adevărată atracție turistică, reprezentând un magnet pentru toți cei care doresc să își construiască o locuință ecologică cu cheltuieli minime. În exclusivitate pentru Agrointeligența, cea care a lăsat în urmă o carieră impresionantă în Canada pentru a redescoperi frumosul în România explică pașii ce trebuie urmați pentru ridicarea unei case de lut asemenea celei pe care ea a clădit-o în județul Caraș-Severin. Fundația căsuței de lut are 80 de centimetri adâncime și 60 lățime, este din piatră luată din deal, peste care a turnat o centură de 20 centimetri înălțime din beton armat: “Pentru că zidurile au 60 cm grosime, ele sunt foarte grele și atunci toată ideea este ca încărcarea să se răspândească uniform pentru că atunci nu crapă.

Când încărcarea nu este uniformă, se lasă într-un loc și apare fisura în zid. Casele bătrânești de lut de-asta crapă. “Al doilea pas e ridicarea zidurilor groase de 60 cm. Tinkers Bubble an Off-Grid community in Somerset, England. The name Tinkers Bubble comes from the spring that flows through the woodland ending in a small waterfall by the road.

This is where gypsies brought their horses to water them at the bubble, the gypsy name for waterfall. They manage around 28 acres of douglas fir, larch, and mixed broadleaf woodland using horses, two person saws and a wood-fired steam-powered sawmill. Their pastures, orchards and gardens are organically certified. They press apple juice for sale, grow most of their own vegetables, keep chickens and honey bees selling their produce (jam, chutney, pickles, cider and wine) at local farmers markets. Left is Mary and Joe’s home, a roundwood timber frame with lapped exterior walls and thatched roof and repurposed windows. Charming Portable Home With Little to No Maintenance by Kelly Davis. Architect Kelly Davis incorporated 21 years of design experience at Midwest resort Canoe Bay as well as inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright to the immaculate and beautiful design of ESCAPE.

Made of all natural materials, ESCAPE is an environmentally sustainable and energy conscious portable home that can be ready for purchase in as little as 90 days. A solution for those who want the freedom to pick up and move, this modern take on simplistic living can be delivered and travel virtually anywhere since it is on wheels. Easy to install, owners simply plug in utilities and escape to an efficient and mortgage free lifestyle with little to no maintenance. Although built like a cottage, by law ESCAPE is a Park Model RV, and therefore requires no foundation and is not subject to property tax. Ferma suta la suta eco ridicata in Muntii Carpati. Ferma suta la suta eco din lume ridicata in Muntii Carpati Cand spun suta la suta eco ma refer total independenta de orice infrastructura obisnuita.

Exista si un termen specific pentru asa ceva in engleza si se numeste off the grid. Si nu e doar asta senzational, ci si faptul ca ferma in sine, constructiile sunt facute fara niciun fel de cui, numai prin imbinarea lemnului. Si lemnul a fost transportat de catre oameni, deci fara masini care sa polueze in vreun fel. Si lemnul n-a fost tratat decat cu ulei de in, dar a fost recoltat intr-o anumita perioada astfel incat sa aiba cat mai putina seva, deci umiditate redusa. Si hai sa incep cu inceputul ca sa-ti dai seama de ce este unic acest loc pentru ca merita sa afli ca se poate trai total independent si sa te bucuri totodata de confort. Ferma asta este pe locul unui teren care in perioada comunista a apartinut statului polonez. In casa, au improvizat pe timpul iernii un loc de stat, unde au instalat si o mica soba pe lemne.

11 Tiny Homes you can rent for a holiday getaway : Page 2. Resource-efficient, relatively cheap to build and symbols of a simpler lifestyle, tiny houses have been characterized as an alternative for affordable home ownership, rehabilitation of vacant urban land and even an educational tool for sustainable design. The curious but non-committed may wonder, however, what it is like to actually live in a tiny home without going through the whole process and cost of designing and building one, or may be wanting to find a tiny house or cottage to stay in while on holiday.

In that case, take a look at our visual tour of some of the many tiny homes for rent all over the world. Serene tiny home Our first tiny home is "serene cabin" located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. De la oras la tara. Jurnal de calatorie spre simplitate.. Viata la tara cu bune si rele, mai ales rele. How to make a small backyard wind power generator. Atypical Family Home: Navigable Houseboat in Amsterdam by BBVH Architects. Have a look at this incredible navigable houseboat transformed by BBVH Architects Rotterdam into a contemporary living space! The story of the project goes something like this: Artist Laura and restaurant owner John needed a bigger houseboat because of family expansion. Their eye fell on a 40 meters long Belgian Spitz Barge which had just retired from its long life of hauling freight over the European rivers. They wanted the ship to remain navigable so no alternation could be made to the engine, steering installation and all other aspects concerning the safety and certification of the ship.

“When we took on the assignment our primary aim was to make a light and airy houseboat. Most houseboats made in the cargo hold of a ship tend to be dark and sometimes gloomy. The steel interior of the cargo hold was then insulated with 10 centimeters of foam and covered with light colored plywood. The Cob House Collection at Natural Homes. Arhitectura ecologica: case ECO cu numai 15.000 euro. Arhitectura ecologica: case ECO cu numai 15.000 euro Case din baloti de paie, fundatie din piatra naturala, tencuieli din pamant si var sau acoperisuri verzi din stuf sau sindrila, toate fac parte din propunerile putinelor firme de arhitectura ecologica din Romania, care aplica tehnici inovatoare de constructie folosind materiale naturale locale, scrie Desi cererea este inca mica, cei care activeaza in domeniu cred ca ideea caselor in armonie cu natura se potriveste foarte bine in tara noastra.

Arhitectura ecologica nu este un concept nou, la nivel mondial. Ea a fost promovata in Europa inca de acum 40 de ani, odata cu izbucnirea crizei petrolului, cand s-a pus serios problema consumului exagerat de energii conventionale pentru construirea de cladiri. Familia Gorski (alaturi de alte cateva firme din tara noastra) propune construirea de case din baloti de paie, potrivite nu doar pentru zonele de campie sau deal, ci si pentru munte. Farmer builds a house for just £150 using materials he found in skips... and the current tenant pays their rent in MILK. Michael Buck used only natural materials or unwanted items to build 'cob house' at bottom of his gardenHe said he wanted to challenge the notion that paying for a house should take a lifetimeHe is now renting out the property to a worker on a neighouring farm, who pays for her lodgings in milk By David Wilkes for the Daily Mail Published: 11:32 GMT, 25 November 2013 | Updated: 02:06 GMT, 26 November 2013 It looks like something straight out of Middle Earth – and the story behind it is almost as fantastical.

This cottage cost just £150 to build, using only natural or reclaimed materials, and is now rented out for a fee of fresh milk and cream. And with no mains electricity, gas or water, the bills don’t come to much either. Scroll down for video Cob house: Michael Buck built this house at the bottom of his garden for just £150 using natural or unwanted materials he found in skips Homely: The cottage has a kitchen and dining area, along with a bunk-style bed to maximise space below Loaded: 0% Cum sa construiesti o casa de poveste cu doar 200 de euro, folosind numai materiale din natura. Cum sa construiesti o casa de poveste cu doar 200 de euro, folosind numai materiale din natura Un fost profesor de arta, actual fermier in Oxfordshire, a construit o casa cu doar 150 de lire sterline folosind numai materiale din natura. Pentru casuta de poveste pe care a ridicat-o in gradina sa, Michael Buck percepe chiria in lapte.

Potrivit Daily Mail, fermierul sustine ca prin demersul sau a vrut sa demonteze ideea ca trebuie sa platesti o viata pentru a-ti putea permite o casa. Michael Buck si-a inchiriat propietatea unui muncitor de la ferma din apropiere care isi plateste chiria in lapte. Casuta pe care fostul profesor de arta a ridicat-o este construidta doar din materiale naturale sau produse ce au fost aruncate de altii, folosind o tehnica de constructie veche de mii de ani.

Casutele de acest tip sunt construite in conformitate cu o metoda ce se crede ca dateaza din timpuri preistorice care utilizeaza doar pamant, lut si paie . Adelaparvu-com-despre-casa-bordei-olanesti-casa-mare-2. Natural Building Workshops for Women & Co-ed - Cob - Straw Bale - Ashland Southern Oregon Flying Hammer Productions. Oaxaca. Casele ecologice si naturale, usor de facut si de intretinut. Scad facturile cu 75%! Casele ecologice si naturale, usor de facut si de intretinut. Scad facturile cu 75%! Daca veti opta pentru o locuinta din lut, lemn sau baloti de paie, veti avea surpriza sa constatati ca poate fi la fel de moderna ca si una din caramida, insa avantajul e ca va costa mai putin sa o faceti, sa o intretineti si e mult mai sanatoasa. Toate aceste informatii i-au fascinat pe participantii la conferinta despre constructii ecologice de la Biblioteca Judeteana “George Cosbuc”.

Persoane din Cluj, Targu Mures, Galati si Bucuresti s-au alaturat bistritenilor si au participat, duminica, la conferinta cu tema ”Vino sa inveti cum sa construiesti ecologic si natural!” , sustinuta la Biblioteca Judeteana “George Cosbuc” de constructorul Nemeth Janos, reprezentantii Naturalpaint – singurii furnizori de materiale de constructii ecologice profesionale din Romania si de Anita Lengyel – initiatoarea proiectului Satul de lut din Pomi, judetul Satu Mare. Vladimir Megre, Kin's Settlement, Kin's Domain, Ringing Cedars of Russia's Facebook Community, Clinical study of the use of Cedar Nut Oil in the treatment of Ulcer and Gastritis, Cedar Nut Oil with Cedar Resin, Resin Extract, Recipes, Limited Time Offer, This section is devoted to the information that will be useful in the creation of a Kin's Domains. The Motor-Cognitive Connection: Early Fine Motor Skills as an Indicator of Future Success by Bill Jenkins, Ph.D We generally don't consider the development of manual dexterity like hand-eye coordination in babies to be an essential element of cognitive development.

In fact, the scientific terminology itself – "motor skills" for movement and "cognitive skills" for mental processing – draws a clear and definite separation between these two types of functions. As it turns out, such thinking may be holding us back from innovations in education that might truly be able to make a difference for a great many young learners. Recent research has demonstrated a clear connection between the development of fine motor skills in early life and later success in math, science and reading.

The Motor-Cognition Connection Motor Skills as a Predictor Toward Better Interventions Watch Video: by Penny Simkin 1. 2. 3. Build a $300 underground greenhouse for year-round gardening (Video) Growers in colder climates often utilize various approaches to extend the growing season or to give their crops a boost, whether it's coldframes, hoop houses or greenhouses. Greenhouses are usually glazed structures, but are typically expensive to construct and heat throughout the winter. A much more affordable and effective alternative to glass greenhouses is the walipini (an Aymara Indian word for a "place of warmth"), also known as an underground or pit greenhouse.

First developed over 20 years ago for the cold mountainous regions of South America, this method allows growers to maintain a productive garden year-round, even in the coldest of climates. Here's a video tour of a walipini that shows what a basic version of this earth-sheltered solar greenhouse looks like inside: © Benson Institute It's a pretty intriguing set-up that combines the principles of passive solar heating with earth-sheltered building. SilverThunder/via. Medieval Spanish ghost town now self-sufficient ecovillage. It’s a utopian fantasy- discover a ghost town and rebuild it in line with your ideals-, but in Spain where there are nearly 3000 abandoned villages (most dating back to the Middle Ages), some big dreamers have spent the past 3 decades doing just that. There are now a few dozen “ecoaldeas” - ecovillages - in Spain, most build from the ashes of former Medieval towns. One of the first towns to be rediscovered was a tiny hamlet in the mountains of northern Navarra.

It was rediscovered in 1980 by a group of people living nearby who had lost their goats and “when they found their goats, they found Lakabe”, explains Mauge Cañada, one of the early pioneers in the repopulation of the town. The new inhabitants were all urbanites with no knowledge of country life so no one expected them to stay long. At first, the homes weren’t habitable so they lived 14 in a large room.

Slowly they began to rebuild the homes and the gardens. Self-Seeding Crops You’ll Never Need to Replant - Organic Gardening. One of the characteristics of a truly sustainable garden is that it produces at least some of its own seed. This is most often done when gardeners select, harvest and store seeds until the proper time for planting the following year. But some self-seeding crops produce seeds so readily that as long as you give them time to flower and mature, and set seed, you will always have free plants growing in your garden.

You can simply let the seeds fall where they are, or toss pieces of the seed heads into the corners of your garden, or whichever area you want them in — no harvesting, storing or replanting required. With most self-seeding vegetables, herbs and annual flowers, you’ll just need to learn to recognize the seedlings so you don’t hoe them down. Should seedlings require relocation, you can simply lift and move them — after all, they are sturdy field-grown seedlings. Spring Seeds for Fall Crops Managing Annual Self-Seeding Crops Volunteer Veggies Controlling Rampant Self-Seeders. Traditional Moon Planting | Aussie Organic Gardening. Ce este agricultura biodinamică? Permaculture in the design of buildings | Elke Cole. Satul din Buzau cu casute eco: Sunt facute din lut si sticla, iar pe acoperis creste iarba. Case-naturale-ecologice-hrana-sanatoasa-si-viata-autentica.