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Shure. Donor Power Blog: Nine more good reasons to blog. I've wondered out loud (here and here, for instance) whether or not a nonprofit organization should have a blog.

Donor Power Blog: Nine more good reasons to blog

I'm not completely sold. But here's more for the yes column from the Blogopreneur: The benefits of corporate blogging. Nine of them: Blogs are great for search engine marketingBlogs build and brand your company to be a thought leader in your industryBlogs are great crisis handlersBlogs help to engage customers in conversation, and help in building relationshipsBlogs help to put a human voice to a companyBlogs help you show the world that you have nothing to hideCustomer service and feedbackBlogs are a differentiatorBlogging encourages you to find out what others are talking about you There are really two serious potential barriers that might make blogging not a good idea: You don't have enough interesting things to talk about or (more likely) you don't have someone who can consistently make what you do interesting.Your donors aren't online, aren't reading blogs.

RSS Explained. Layout Gala: a collection of 40 CSS layouts based on the same ma. All layouts use valid markup and CSS, and have been tested successfully on Internet Explorer/win 5.0, 5.5, 6 and beta 2 preview of version 7; Opera 8.5, Firefox 1.5 and Safari 2.

Layout Gala: a collection of 40 CSS layouts based on the same ma

Each of the columns could be the longest, and for testing columns length I've used the script filler text on demand. Each layout could represent a site with five main sections: header, content, navigation, other stuff and footer. The basic markup, common to every layout, is the following: <div id="container"> <div id="header">Header</div> <div id="wrapper"> <div id="content">Content</div> </div> <div id="navigation">Navigation</div> <div id="extra">Extra stuff</div> <div id="footer">Footer</div> </div> It's almost minimal, apart from an extra wrapper around the content.

Talking about CSS: each of the layouts uses float and in most of the cases negative margins. Ajax Lessons. Podcast About The Podcast at Reel Reviews Radio. This post has proven extremely popular.

Podcast About The Podcast at Reel Reviews Radio

If you find it helpful, and would like to support the site please consider voting for Reel Reviews at PodcastAlley. There is a vote submission form at the bottom of this post. Thank you. Link to vote form. Something a little different today. Direct download of the podcast: Podcast About The Podcast (24:22min 16.3MB) or subscribe: I feel like I have a lot in common with the average person who would like to start podcasting. The following photos and information are meant to supplement the information in the podcast. Here is the equipment I mentioned that I started with: This is the M-Audio Mobilepre USB [Amazon]. I also used this basic Radio Shack mic.

When I first started I used Audacity, a great freeware audio editor. I used the standard -12db setting, 3:1 compression and attack time 0.1secs. I kept the standard Normalizer settings – seemed to work fine. I used the setting of -0.2. This is what the waveform should look like when you are done. Thanks!