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Agence de création graphique et multimédia. Atelier David Smith. DETAIL. DESIGN STUDIO — Everything Matters. Imagination is an independent, creative communications company that transforms business through creativity - Global - Imagination. Rough Magic : loft27design. Resn - Creative Digital Partner. Bienvenue - Extra l'agence. Proyectos « La web de é. Lorem Ipsum. Quod Erat Demonstrandum. Jung von Matt. Red Square Agency. The Miha Artnak. Design Project. Pirtle Design. Effektive Studio. +44 (0)141 221 5070. Projects. November 2013 / LargeNetwork In Exstenso Magazine New infographic leaflet magazine!


September 2013 / Betterplace Lab, Berlin Betterplace Lab – Trendreport onlab designed the printed trendreport of the Berlin based online donation platform. September 2013 / Musée des Beaux-Arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland Alberto Magnelli Poster designed for the exhibition 'Alberto Magnelli. September 2013 / Galerie C, Neuchâtel, Switzerland Galerie C: 2013–2014 season Posters and flyers for 2013–2014 exhibitions June 2013 / Commune de Tramelan, Switzerland Tramelan Energies Newspaper presenting the energy policy of the City of Tramelan (CH) June 2013 / SwissInfographics Swiss Style Reboot Catalogue and art direction for the exhibition "Swiss Style Reboot – New Perspectives for Information Design" at Gallery 360 in Boston.

June 2013 / LargeNetwork Reflex Magazine May 2013 / Reporter Ohne Grenzen e.V Reporter Ohne Grenzen onlab has been designing the year book since 2010. Angela Lidderdale. Because Studio — Design & Art Direction/ Corey Holms - 23andMe. COMMUNE. RITARU COFFEE — Brandin, VI, Sign, Package and Small Graphics / 2013 Creative Direction: COMMUNE Art Direction: COMMUNE Design: COMMUNE Printing Direction: Manami Sato, Atsuhiro Kondo Production:COMMUNE Client:RITARU by Ryo Ueda from Sapporo Petter Berndalen — Business Card Petter Berndalen — Business Card / 2013 Art Director:Ryo Ueda [上田 亮] Designer:Ryo Ueda [上田 亮] / Yuji Terada [寺田 侑司] Production:COMMUNE Client:Petter Berndalen スウェーデンのフォークミュージシャンPetter Berndalen。


彼との出会いは2013年夏、スウェーデンにてエコ活動に関わる人々を取材した際。 Yuko Ono Sthlm — Package. Proud Creative +44 20 7729 6170. Ill Studio - Home. Studio1500. Strategic Marketing and Digital Execution. Mediafix. Trossos del Priorat ruiz+company. LM communiquer. LEGS. Boondoggle. YES - Paulo Sutch. Persuade, Change, Influence - 'NN'SS™ Denise franke. TOCA ME. FA: Fabrik Agency.

Recom. RALPH HEINSOHN ARTWORKS. I Love Dust. Benoitpelletier-diabolus. Paranoid US. When the world zigs, zag. Johnnie Walker has launched a new global 'Keep Walking' integrated campaign fronted by its latest 'From the Future' spot via BBH London. This week marks the launch of major new brand work for Johnnie Walker globally and the evolution of our iconic "Keep Walking" campaign.

The integrated campaign kicked off with a social content platform, #NextStep, which sees Johnnie Walker filtering the web to provide a globally curated feed of content; a service designed to inspire our communities and help them move forward on a daily basis. At the centre of the campaign is our new brand film, 'From the Future', written by Nick Gill and directed by Fredrik Bond, which marks a step change in the tone, look and feel of the Johnnie Walker brand, in a bold move to refresh and modernise its communications and make it more relevant to progressively minded drinkers around the world.

Work « SEHSUCHT™ Melted Ego – Fragments of Paradise No finger exercise, but a megaton of work and computing time: In his second life as a robotics engineer our very own Mr Timo von Wittken - Sehsucht's lead 3D artist and thoroughbred headbanger - brought this steel monster of an independent music video to life.


Guided by the hard rock guitar riffs of his band 'Melted Ego' Timo (aka Optimo Prime) and an elite division of 24 senior CG masterminds from all over Germany assembled the 'Fragments of Paradise' to convey the songs disturbing vision of an uncertain future in a large-scale cgi video project. 270 shots, 14,000 hours of rendering time and one hell of iron will. The will that Timo always brings in at ease ... We are proud and impressed.

Permeable • graphisme marseille • Direction artistique • Design écran. / comunicazione visiva. First Movement : MOGOLLON. First Movement.

First Movement : MOGOLLON

Work. Showcase Archive Filter Kulturårbok 2012 Transformers Maaemo Notebook Brak Perfect Sounds Forever Pollen Essensen The New Wine - Waves Lars Tornoe Bergen Kaffebrenneri identity Bergen Kaffebrenneri website Norwegian Rain Filmmeldingen. SOON. Motion Graphics, Design & VFX. ДИЗАЙН-ПРОЕКТЫ. Red-design. Colin junius - pagedaccueil. Studio Punkat : Identité Visuelle. Home. Web Design, Manchester by RetroFuzz.