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Incredible leaked alien footage. Discerning Alien Disinformation: Part 1 - Alien Agenda. Introduction In less than a decade, mankind will be confronted with undeniable public disclosure of the alien presence.

Discerning Alien Disinformation: Part 1 - Alien Agenda

The critical choices that follow will turn into tragic consequences if made in ignorance, confusion, weakness, or desperation. Therefore informed choices must be made to safeguard human freedom. This book is about acquiring discernment in handling future relations with alien forces by seeing and learning from their current methods of deception. We must consider the possibility of alien deception so that we can preempt it. Distinguishing between peaceful and aggressive aliens is easy. If we enter into diplomatic relations with deceptive forces without recognizing them as such, we will be doomed to repeat history for the last time.

Asking how we can discern between the two will tug firmly at the lynchpin of the entire deception. Without knowledge of what positive aliens are truly like, people might accept the faux alternative. Researching Transcendent Phenomena Greys Notes. CIA and Secrets of Mind Control. According to the Central Intelligence Agency’s Fact Book, the NSC (National Security Council) and the CIA were established under the provisions of the National Security Act of 1947.

CIA and Secrets of Mind Control

In December 1947, the NSC held its first meeting. James Forrestal, the Secretary of Defense, pushed for the CIA to begin a ‘secret war’ against the Soviets. Forrestal’s initiative led to the execution of psychological warfare operations (psy-ops) in Europe. CIA personnel were not opposed to working with Nazi doctors who had proven to be proficient in breaking the mind and rebuilding it. In some cases military bases were used to hide these covert activities. The concept of running a secret ‘black’ project was no longer novel. One of the areas to be investigated by the CIA was mind control. Diligent use of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) helps to cast light on the advances that have been made in controlling the way people think and act. Inevitably, however, it is an incomplete picture.

HiddenMysteries Information Central. Sfs/sfs.pdf. Tsm/tsm.pdf. Play/PLAYTHINGS_S.pdf. USNS7 SELECTION. TEXT. Operation Mind Control - pdf - MCRAIS. Development of Psychological Warfare. Development of Psychological Warfare. Development of Psychological Warfare. Psychological Warfare Techniques lecture. A new piece on Yuri Bezmenov By Toby Moreland In a 1980's interview with G.

Psychological Warfare Techniques lecture

Edward Griffin, Yuri Bezmenov, KGB defector and expert in propaganda, said the subversion methods employed in the U.S. by the KGB were designed to "change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that - despite the abundance of information - no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country. " This multi-stage process requires media complicity/mediocrity, control of educational policy, widespread corruption in politics and industry, and the unlimited money/credit of the international bankers who funded and controlled the USSR. Scrupulous and influential opponents are discredited, threatened or murdered. It is important to understand that the goal of ideological subversion is NOT to convert everyone to the left.

Religion - "Destroy it. Media - "Who elected them? If We Had A Choice Y.B. interview with G. Development of Psychological Warfare. Development of Psychological Warfare. Blackmovies8june1943.jpg (802×1109) Past Recipients Doublespeak Award.