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Contemporary health issues

Tattoo Statistics Australia - An Infographic | Disappear Ink. Piercings. Body piercing is popular for both men and women. While it is often associated with young people, body piercing has been going on for thousands of years in different parts of the world. In recent years, it has become a popular alternative to more permanent forms of body modification such as tattoos. Most people are familiar with ear lobe piercing. Other body parts that can be pierced include the upper ears, nose, lips, cheeks, nipples, navel, tongue, eyebrow and genitals. Rings, studs, dumbbells and bars are some of the different types of jewellery that can be used. Poor practices during piercing procedure can lead to: infection including blood-borne viruses allergic reactions nerve damage. Piercing yourself or getting a friend to do it is extremely dangerous and is not recommended. Things to consider before having a piercing If you are considering getting a body piercing, some things to consider include: Piercing may be fashionable now, but trends change.

Choosing a piercing provider. Lucky-Diamond-Rich-worlds-most-tattooed-man-5.jpg (JPEG Image, 632 × 356 pixels) Elaine+Davidson+01.jpg (JPEG Image, 1024 × 768 pixels) Professional Tattooing Association of Australia. The Tattoos | Ötzi - South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology. Untitled. No mistaken identity: skin head under arrest poses for a mug shot. Picture: Source: Supplied BRANDED for life. Thinking of getting a face tattoo? Be prepared to be rejected in job interviews, thrown out of hotels, refused entry to clubs, get asked for drugs and stopped by police for a body search. Get ready to be treated like a criminal.

Bandidos bikie, Jacques Teamo, following a gang brawl on the Gold Coast. Face tattoos are a growing trend in outlaw bikie gangs and, increasingly, they are popular among young people. But if you are planning to have any part of your face, or even your neck, head or hands tattooed, consider this advice from experts who love tattooing skin, but issue stringent warnings against branding faces. This man won’t tattoo your face. "It's not cool," said Gary Southcombe veteran tattooist from Sydney's internationally famous tattoo studio, The Illustrated Man. "It's a job stopper. Rapper Lil Wayne’s face tattoos are inspiring young men to “look cool”. B1jcz1qIcAAtTJp.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 400 pixels) 7 Most Extreme Tribal Body Modifications. Before you go WTF and hate on these beautiful people, understand that these body modifications were done even before you were born, thousands of years ago and certainly without your permission.

So shut yo mouth, don’t hate what you don’t understand and appreciate the glory that we are all as humans! These peeps are represent of HUMANITY’S MOST EXTREME. And so we pay our respects by educating ourselves. ;-) enjoy! The Mursi tribe are an african tribe from the isolated Omo valley in Southern Ethiopia near the border of Sudan. There are an estimated 10,000 members of this fascinating tribe who are well-known for their trademark “Lip saucer” plates (“dhebi a tugoin“) Like other forms of body modifications (tattoos, piercings, etc.), lip stretching is seen as an expression of social adulthood & reproductive potential. The Apatani women are believed to be the most beautiful in the tribe that they had to make themselves look unattractive to protect them from invaders from other tribes.

Tattoos After Dark - Channel ELEVEN. GSNTV | Shows | Skin Wars. Horrors of DIY tattoos gone wrong - Bay of Plenty Times - Bay of Plenty Times News. People should rethink cheap tattoos because botched home jobs can end up leaving them - and the public - seriously out of pocket. Skye Carson-Wilson, of Hammerhead Tattoos in Mount Maunganui, said botched home tattoos were an ongoing problem. In 2013, 14 Bay people lodged claims with ACC for tattoo-related injuries. The total cost came to just under $500. "In New Zealand we don't have a lot of disposable income so people look to cut costs which is a shame because a tattoo is permanent," Ms Carson-Wilson said. Covering up a bad tattoo was time-consuming and expensive, she said. "People will end up spending double or more than if they'd just come to us in the first place.

" Home artists were not always untrustworthy but they often needed more training. "The person doesn't know what they are doing so they are overworking the needle and chewing up the skin and they are not giving enough information about aftercare and hygiene. " "Her tattoo was all scabbed and was completely coming off. Why Did Pirates Wear Earrings? From Blackbeard to Jack Sparrow, pirates and sailors of old are often depicted wearing earrings. But the gold hoops weren't just swashbuckling fashion statements they served several useful purposes.

Seamen proudly sported earrings as a mark of their travels and voyages. Earrings were given to young sailors to commemorate their first crossing of the equator, or when they rounded the treacherous waters of Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of South America. Earrings were also worn for superstitious reasons. Some pirates were convinced that wearing an earring would improve or even cure bad eyesight, as they believed that the precious metals in an earring possessed magical healing powers.

Another tale was that pierced ears would prevent seasickness. Others believed that a gold earring served as a protective talisman and that a man wearing an earring wouldn't drown. This, of course, often proved to be false. But wearing hoop earrings did serve one truly beneficial purpose for living sailors. Online tattoo guns trigger health risks. It is a dangerous combination with permanent consequences - a few beers, a few mates and a tattoo gun bought on eBay.

Electricity lineman Jack McMahon has used his tattoo gun on himself about a dozen times - and does not intend to stop. ''You just get a few beers into you and have a go with it,'' the 22-year-old from North Richmond said. He is one of the many young people buying tattoo guns on the internet and becoming tattooists. Dozens of online shopping websites are selling tattoo guns in Australia: eBay and MyShopping have more than 3000 listings for ''tattoo kit'', with bidding starting at $15. But tattoo parlours have reported an increase in the number of clients requiring repair work after DIY tattoos, as health experts warn of the risks of transmitting disease. Mr McMahon said he used tattoo guns ''just for a fiddle''. He has about nine tattoos on his lower legs and three on his thighs that he did himself. ''I've also done some on my mates,'' he said. Tongue piercing ruptures vein leaving schoolgirl needing surgery.

By Chris Brooke for the Daily Mail Updated: 19:11 GMT, 4 May 2010 A girl of 15 needed an emergency operation after having her tongue pierced in a tattoo parlour. Reece-Marie Hall, who had claimed she was 16, began to bleed heavily following the £15 procedure to insert a silver bar. She was taken to hospital by ambulance and had to be placed under general anaesthetic before doctors removed the bar and stemmed the bleeding from a suspected ruptured vein. Reece-Marie Hall, 15, was rushed to hospital after a piercing she had done punctured a vein in her tongue Her case is a warning to the thousands of young people every year who have their tongue pierced. Reece-Marie visited the Classic piercing and tattoo studio, in Hull city centre. She returned to the shop, where staff gave her some gauze. She said: 'Reece-Marie was taken to hospital while I tried to find someone to look after my two young boys. 'When I got there I nearly passed out - there was so much blood. 'She paid me and she left happy.

Tongue piercing infection death prompts warning. Jennifer Mason for AM Updated Media player: "Space" to play, "M" to mute, "left" and "right" to seek. Audio: Tongue piercings can kill (AM) Doctors are warning that tongue piercings could lead to fatal infections, after a 22-year-old Israeli man died in hospital weeks after getting his tongue pierced. Although this is a rare case, oral physicians say there is always a risk of infection when surgery is performed in the mouth.

Two weeks after the Israeli man got a tongue piercing he was in hospital with a fever, drowsiness and multiple abscesses on his brain. After eight weeks, he died from complications, severe septic shock and organ failure. Associate Professor Hans Zola, the head of oral pathology and oral medicine at the University of Sydney, says it is an unusual case. "It's very rare, thank goodness," he said. "It's terribly sad that this has happened, [but] inevitable it's going to happen to somebody. " The case has been reported in the medical journal Archives of Neurology. Beautiful Italian student, 23, died hours after getting tattoo.

Federica Iammatteo was ‘in perfect health’, before getting new tattooNext morning she went into septic shock, and died that nightIt is thought she may have had allergic reaction to the ink By Hannah Roberts Published: 12:52 GMT, 22 April 2013 | Updated: 14:01 GMT, 22 April 2013 Tragedy: Federica Iammatteo, pictured with her baby brother, died a day after getting a new tattoo An ‘energetic and sporty’ 23-year-old has died hours after getting a tattoo.

Federica Iammatteo, a student from Milan, was said to be ‘in perfect health’, before getting a new design inked onto her body. But the next morning she went into septic shock, haemorrhaging. Ms Iammatteo had visited a specialist tattoo parlour on Thursday afternoon to get the new drawing - to the right of her spine. But by Friday morning she felt shivery and had pins and needles in her hands and feet. Medical staff advised her family to go home and that they would call if there was any change for the worse. ‘So cool. you are the bomb!’ Woman Suing Black Ink Tattoo Studio, Says Tat Disfigured Her. If you’ve ever watched Black Ink Crew on VH1, you know that aside from fighting, getting into legal trouble, and having relationship (and paternity) drama, the individuals who inhabit the Harlem tattoo parlor do find time to actually do tattoo art. In fact, the show has helped the shop attract a lot of new customers who want to be tatted up by one of the stars.

That’s why Asabi Barner traveled to New York City to get her tattoo done. When she was 18, Barner obtained a unicorn and horseshoe tattoo that she wasn’t fond of once she entered her thirties. She wanted to get it covered up and decided to try Black Ink Crew because they claim to be experts when it comes to putting ink on African-American skin. So she made the trek, covered up the tattoo with massive chest art, and was excited about the results. That is until she started having a weird reaction to her new ink. She told PIX 11 that the morning after, her left breast started to ooze with puss. Tattoo removal with q switch laser. Tattoo Ink and Pigment Chemistry. Pigment Chemistry What Are Tattoo Inks? The short answer to the question is: You can't be 100% certain!

Manufacturers of inks and pigments are not required to reveal the contents. A professional who mixes his or her own inks from dry pigments will be most likely to know the composition of the inks. However, the information is proprietary (trade secrets), so you may or may not get answers to questions. Most tattoo inks technically aren't inks. Tattoos and Toxicity This article is concerned primarily with the composition of the pigment and carrier molecules. Tattoo Pigment Chemistry The oldest pigments came from using ground up minerals and carbon black. Here's a table listing the colors of common pigments use in tattoo inks.

Next page > Carrier Chemistry > Page 1, 2, 3. Constituent Updates > FDA Warns Consumers Not to Use Certain Tattoo Inks and Tattoo Kits Sold Online. CFSAN Constituent Update August 7, 2014 Fast Facts: FDA has confirmed bacterial contamination in unopened bottles of inks and on needles included in tattoo kits marketed and distributed by White and Blue Lion, Inc. On July 11, 2014, White and Blue Lion, Inc. recalled tattoo inks sold separately and in kits, and tattoo needles in kits. The inks carry a dragon logo on the packaging and are missing the FDA-required name and address of the manufacturer or distributor. FDA has received a report of infection associated with the use of the inks that have been recalled and is aware of reports of adverse side effects in others who may have used these or products with similar packaging. What is the Problem? FDA has confirmed a case of skin infection involving one individual associated with White and Blue Lion tattoo products.

FDA is warning consumers not to use tattoo inks and tattoo kits that have been recalled or that have similar packaging to those that have been recalled. Who is at Risk? How a tattoo is applied. So, you have decided to get a tattoo. You have picked out the artwork and you know where you want to put it. You talked to the artist, settled on a price and filled out the standard release form. Now what happens? Before going further, you must understand that this is a general description of the tattooing process and should not be taken as a definitive procedure. All tattooist have their own way of working and their own procedures for setup, sterilization, cleanup, etc. This article will, however, give you an understanding of the basic steps in the tattooing process, allowing you to recognize and understand what the artist is doing at the time of your tattoo. Before the artist can begin tattooing he will need to set up his work area.

Work table paper: Protective dropcloth where artist places the items needed for the tattoo. Before the artist can begin to put needle to skin the area where the tattoo goes must be prepared. The first step in the development of a tattoo is the outlining. Get The Facts - body piercing & tattoos. Heaps of people are getting body piercings and tattoos these days. Getting a piercing or tattoo can definitely make a statement about who you are. But before you do it (and along with everything else you need to think about): remember that with any kind of tattoo or piercing, there is always a risk of infection from a blood-borne virus (BBV).

Body Piercings Body piercings are holes in different parts of the body (for eg, ear lobes, nose, eyebrow) made so jewellery can be worn. The holes are made with a piercing needle or gun. It is against the law in Western Australia to: An operator can go to jail or be fined for illegally piercing a minor. Tattoos Tattoos are permanent ink designs on the skin. It is against the law in Western Australia to tattoo or brand a person under the age of 18 without the written consent of their parent/guardian. Regardless of the reason to get some kind of body art, there are definitely certain things to consider first. Body Artist (NSW) | Job Guide. Education and Training: To become a body artist, extensive on-the-job training is usually required. Before a reputable studio will consider you for training, you will need to display a high level of motivation and dedication, as competition for such positions can be extremely strong. In order to be considered for training as a tattooist, you will also be required to possess a high level of drawing skill and be able to produce a portfolio of your designs.

The length of training can vary considerably and may range from eight to 12 months for a body piercer and up to five years for a tattooist. You will be required to observe all procedures before attempting them and will then be closely supervised the first time you attempt a new procedure. Typically, you will not be paid during this period of observation and training. Additional Information: To work as a tattooist in NSW, you will need to hold a Tattooist Licence issued by NSW Fair Trading.

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Personal care or body art businesses - Bayside City Council. Purple Haze Tatttooz. Untitled. New tattoo laws fail to target concerns of legitimate operators. Health guidelines for personal care and body art industries - Infectious Diseases Epidemiology & Surveillance - Department of Health and Human services, Victoria, Australia. For healthcare businesses - City of Melbourne. Tattoos, tattoo removal, piercings Edinburgh | Tribal Body Art. Inked Magazine : Tattoo Culture. Style. Art. Tattoos: Addicted to the Needle.

History & Future - How Body Piercings Evolved? Bodyart-2011. My Seven @ National Geographic Magazine.