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Angéline Mélin. Margaux Motin. MITICA ILLUSTRATIONS. Pétula Poussin. Sleeping Tale. ByGlam: "La Mode, La Mode....Et puis quoi encore?!" Narcisse. Magda Antoniuk. Trends up. Stivo. Dan Stafford. Yoh Nagao (Nagoya, Japan) The work of Yoh Nagao is so irreverent and skewed that we just had to get some of it up on Dazed Digital after he paid a visit to Dazed Towers with his portofolio.

Yoh Nagao (Nagoya, Japan)

In between regaling us with a twisted tale of an ex-tutor's love for his cat, we discovered that he had made quite a name for himself in Europe already and was hoping to head for the Big Apple next. Suffice to say, Yoh Nagao is a talent to keep an eye open for in 2010... What's... ... your work all about? They are sometimes mental pictures, sometimes fictions that are based on real episodes from my life. Main : Cosas mínimas. Valerie Oualid : Agent de ressources créatives. Mozilla Firefox.