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Foreign Language Flipped Class Resources Foreign Language Flipped Class Resources Complete resources for PBL, K-14: publications, online tools, professional development, and research. Website resources include 'how-to' videos and example projects, a Do-It-Yourself project planning tutorial, links to online project libraries, useful downloads of project planning and management forms, and a forum for posting questions to experts and fellow practitioners. Books available: PBL Starter Kit, PBL in the Elementary Grades, and the PBL Handbook.
After the #flipchat at the beginning of July, I wanted to have a single place where I could add documents that I talk about in my blog. Hopefully this will make it easier for everyone to find what they are looking for. I am putting all of the docs on through Google Docs. Please feel free to use them and modify them for your own uses. Parent/Student Flipped Class Intro Letter - I sent this letter to all my parents and students prior to the first day of class last year so that they would have an idea of what the new class structure would be. Flipped Class Helpful Documents Flipped Class Helpful Documents
I really enjoyed Mary Beth Hertz's excellent blog published earlier this week, "The Flipped Classroom: Pro and Con" -- one of the most concise and balanced views I've read on the buzz-wordy concept of flipping the classroom. Advocates say that "flipped classrooms" help overburdened teachers differentiate their instruction to reach more learners, provide an avenue into more hands-on and student-driven learning during classtime, and shift the teacher's role from "sage on the stage" to learning coach and facilitator. Critics say it's just a fad, relies too heavily on rote instruction, and doesn't go far enough in making the needed changes for teaching and learning reform. I've rounded up this list of videos so you can learn more about the challenges and benefits of flipped classrooms. Video Playlist: Flipping the Classroom Keep watching the player below to see the entire playlist, or view this playlist on YouTube.

Five-Minute Film Festival: Flipped Classrooms

Five-Minute Film Festival: Flipped Classrooms
I recently attended the ISTE conference in San Diego, CA. While I was only there for about 36 hours, it was easy for me to pick up on one of the hottest topics for the three-day event. The "flipped classroom" was being discussed in social lounges, in conference sessions, on the exhibit floor, on the hashtag and even at dinner. People wanted to know what it was, what it wasn't, how it's done and why it works. The Flipped Classroom: Pro and Con

The Flipped Classroom: Pro and Con

FlippedPD FlippedPD rethinks professional development to maximize and respect teachers’ time for professional learning. FlippedPD was developed specifically to meet the instructional and technology integration needs of classroom teachers. FlippedPD is a blended learning environment, which combines personalized and on-demand digital resources and face-to-face coaching support for technology integration to meet instructional goals. Throughout each variation, the success of FlippedPD comes from its essential components: creating time for teachers, providing access to an instructional technology coach, personalizing learning by creating small collaborative groups, managing and tracking individual goal setting, maintaining consistency and accountability through record keeping, and providing digital resources to support learning. FlippedPD
What it means to flip English - Morris Flips the English Classroom For people who want to flip science or math, there are a wealth of resources available. While there's no "How-To" binder, you can pretty much pick up another teacher's videos and keep on using the same materials you've been using for years. But in English, other than Troy Cockrum and Kate Petty, there aren't many people flipping AND writing about it. I think it is partially a problem of definition; there aren't many people who can define what English flipping looks like. So here's my attempt: Flipping English is about two things: 1) helping students take responsibility for their own learning by understanding them and their unique skills, abilities, and needs, and What it means to flip English - Morris Flips the English Classroom
5/8/12 State Board of Education meeting: Steve Kelly, St. Louis Public Schools Teacher
Foreign Language Resources from the Flip Class Conference 2012 | Reflipping the flipped The fifth annual flip class conference started yesterday, June 19th, and will continue and finalize today, June 20th. As you already know, I am in Ukraine at the moment and found it a bit difficult to attend the conference physically in Chicago, bummer! Fortunately, it is streamed live and so I am attending it on the “flip side” (as I saw someone calling it on Twiter). So, before we go on with the “Flip Class Stages“, I want to share these awesome Flip Conference 2012 goodies Since it’s keynote introduction, I have been frantically sharing tweets with ideas, resources, tools, best practices, flippers, etc. I have been trying to tweet as detailed and organized as possible, but obviously 140 characters are just not enough to get a full continuous point across. Foreign Language Resources from the Flip Class Conference 2012 | Reflipping the flipped
Teacher Vodcasting and Flipped Classroom Network - A professional learning community for teachers using vodcasting in the classroom Welcome to the Flipped Learning Network™ Ning, the first online community of practice FOR and BY Flipped Educators! ________________________________________________________________ Want to Join? Send a request now. (Approval may take 24-48 hours; we check each request to keep out spammers.) Already a Member?

Teacher Vodcasting and Flipped Classroom Network - A professional learning community for teachers using vodcasting in the classroom

Flipped Classroom in a language class - Teacher Vodcasting and Flipped Classroom Network
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5 W's of flipping video I am working diligently with my wonderful friend and colleague, Randa Kelton, to finalize our professional development session for Thursday. I don't want to give away too much, but I thought I would share this video given I have given (with an appropriate intro and conclusion) as "homework" prior to my flipped class presentations to cover the basics. Alternate Link: http://www.screencast.com/t/HnBRFlQJPqP 5 W's of flipping video
4 Ways Flipping Forces Fundamental Change - Getting Smart by Susan Lucille Davis - edchat, edreform, flipped classroom 4 Ways Flipping Forces Fundamental Change - Getting Smart by Susan Lucille Davis - edchat, edreform, flipped classroom Email Share June 14, 2012 - by Susan Lucille Davis 0 Email Share Photo Courtesy of Flickr: kkimpel I generally like the idea of turning things upside-down if only to see what happens as a result.
Looking back at the flipping and blending I have done in my Spanish class and refle cting on the process, I thought it would make things easier if you have a set of stages that you can follow to work on your flipped classes and to organize and pace yourselves more accurately. I know some will be using the summer to work on planning next year’s flipped class, so I hope this helps….Here it goes… The process of flipping a class consists primarily of four “stages”: The Harvesting Stage.The Washing, peeling, chopping Stage.The Let’s get cooking Stage.The Digesting Stage. Emilia’s foreign language flip class stages Taking it one stage at a time, let’s start with the “Harvesting Stage” The foreign language flip class stages. Part 1 | Reflipping the flipped
Mrs. Kanchan Chellani, one of our math teachers here at NMHS, is very enthusiastic and creative. To engage students in her classroom, she has developed an interactive, student-centered learning environment. Flipping Instruction in a Captivating Fashion
The foreign language flip class formula | Reflipping the flipped
The truth about flipped learning
Structuring materials for online learning: A conceptual model
The “Flipped Classroom” starts with one question: what is the best use of my face-to-face class time?
Steps for a successful flipped class
TED's New Site Turns Any YouTube Video Into a Lesson
formulatepro - Overlay text and graphics on PDF documents. Great for filling out forms.