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geo-dome prefab geodesic domes geo-dome prefab geodesic domes Welcome to Geo-dome: Invented by R.Buckminster fuller in the late 1940s geodesic domes are one of the most efficient structures known to man, often thought of as complex or expensive to build, here at Geo-dome we can show you just how simple, cost effective and efficient geodesic dome structures can be. With an expanding range of high quality great value geodesic dome kits your sure to find something that fits you're needs. The baby of the range is the GD5, with a floor area of about 5 square meters this dome will fit in pretty much any garden, it can even be halved and used as a lean to greenhouse. Our mid range dome is the GD18 with a very useful floor area of around 18 square meters this dome makes a lovely spacious greenhouse or garden room. The GD27 is the largest standard kit we make, with a floor area of 27 square meters and a diameter of 6m this dome has plenty of space and you shouldn't need planning permission.
What do you do when you want to grow your own food, but live here? That's the question my dad wanted to answer when he started this project about a year ago: Living at 7,750 feet above sea level, with a summer growing season of 80 days, at best, between killing freezes, how can you grow your own food? The answer, as it turns out, is pretty cool: A geodesic dome solar greenhouse. Click through to see what it's like to build one for yourself, and how the garden grows inside once you're done. Photo credit: Jim Dunn Build a Geodesic Dome Solar Greenhouse to Grow Your Own Food Build a Geodesic Dome Solar Greenhouse to Grow Your Own Food
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Biodome Revolution Biodome Revolution Biodome Revolution 2.0 Is Here! Now You Too Can Grow Food For Your Family Year Round! Our Step-by-Step Videos, and Revolutionary Hub Connection System Shows You How! Special Price: $49.95