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Animals in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions. Sue Fennessy.

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Weare8. Weare8. We Are 8 Promo. 8 AppStore. UN VIDEO final version. Weare8 Creators. Cortis.Info Photography. Unexplored Weare8 Content. Kana Phillip. Haley Smalls. Chefs and Recipes. Foleo. Social Network WeAre8 Wants To Make You Money, But Will It Pay Up? Photographer and filmmaker Suzanne Heintz became a viral hit when her photo series “Life Once Removed” -- satirical portraits of one women with a family of mannequins -- gained media popularity in 2014.

Social Network WeAre8 Wants To Make You Money, But Will It Pay Up?

But the very tools that were making her famous -- Facebook, YouTube and many others -- were also making her uncomfortable by cluttering her work with banner and pre-roll ads that didn’t pay her a dime. "I don’t want my viewers to be distracted by 1,000 different ads and trying to click them away, and I don’t want other people controlling who I can and cannot reach based on clicks,” Heintz said in an interview. Enter WeAre8, which is pitching celebrities and artists -- including Heintz -- on a new social network that puts them in control of the advertising and hands over 80 percent of the revenue. The startup, with $4.5 million in funding and support from celebrities like Usher, Jamie Oliver and Shepard Fairey, launched an invite-only beta March 12. New Social Network 8 Promises to Share Revenue With All Users - CMO Today.

New social network weare8 pledges to take brand protection seriously. Tim Lince A new social network is hoping to shake up the social media model by paying users the majority of the advertising revenues generated from their content. weare8 officially launched its beta website last month and its co-founder tells World Trademark Review that the protection of IP and trademarks is one of the platform’s top priorities. weare8, located at ‘’ or as an app on the iOS store, was founded by New York-based digital entrepreneurs Sue Fennessy and Beth Haggerty.

New social network weare8 pledges to take brand protection seriously

It launched on an invite-only basis and currently has over 300 content and brand partners on board, including Jamie Oliver, Donna Karan, Usher, Sundance Channel and OBEY Clothing (screenshot). The site allows users, both brands and individuals, to post text, photos, audio and video to their profile page. She adds: “There are also many brands that feel they have no control of their content on any social environment. A Social Network You Can Make a Profit From.