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Motivation to move forward Today. Today I have this burning desire to succeed and I'm sure majority of it all stems from my mother, and her powerful stance she took on parental guidance, and nurturing us to become strong solid men.

Motivation to move forward Today

Many people today seem to lack motivation for some odd reason, and they all have their own personal excuse's for such a thing. I have been able to detect ways of helping others with this issue, I'm not going to be like my mom though & try to do the drill sergeant method of motivating people. I'm simply going to list many themes to begin focus upon, and attempt to inspire people from my own personal experiences. Those who choose to use this help or form of guidance.

Extreme Sports - What's in your bag of tricks. Skate or Die - The wonder years of New York City Streets When I was young what had appealed to me most in the sporting arena was skateboarding.

Extreme Sports - What's in your bag of tricks

I'll never forget the very first time I saw a skateboard & not one on television. I must have been about 7 or 8 years old back then, and when I tried to stand on it I simply fell on the floor. At that time I was living in the big city of New York at 174th street in the Bronx in a tough dangerous drug infested neighborhood at the time, so skate boarding became a way out of street life for us young city kids. Not everyone there was bad, or into drug dealing then our building we lived in was probably the cleanest one & had the most friendly people too.

Flash - & Drag and Drop Design. It takes some getting use to, to discover where the hidden features are located, for each application tooling & advanced user interface capabilities.

Flash - & Drag and Drop Design

For the most part it's fairly simple to get it all started though, once you get the hang of it, you won't wanna let go of the mouse. Dragging things into place on the screen & then seeing the results of your laboring is definitely a super rewarding experience. Many people pick up quickly on how to work the flash tooling of the editor, especially with the usage of the mini-page, which allows for hidden pages to be built within a single web page. Powerful imaging tools, & audio/video rendering software also goes into the inner workings of this editor.

The true power behind Cloud Computing. The true powers behind this new technological advancement they call Cloud Computing actually begins at your network connection; without a good network connection, people have no way to gain access to it's powerful source of networking potential.

The true power behind Cloud Computing

The speed of your network also makes all the difference dealing with cloud computing, and how effective it will be for the average user as well as advanced users, such as online business owners. The companies that currently offer these Cloud services utilizing power computing, all deal with any technical issues that arise due to faulty programming or invasion from intruders on their networks. We only responsible for making the best network connection as possible on our end, in dealing with the type of internet service provider we choose and the devices we purchase. HubPages. Romancing the Stones by Dancing. Going out to clubs to find people, to date, to have fun with friends, and to seek a romantic night of dancing pleasure is what many people do today, and have been doing for years.

Romancing the Stones by Dancing

A night club can make for a great escape from the everyday hustle, and pressures that people experience, so dancing is what many look forward to. I loved watching the dirty dancing movie many years back as a child, which became my motivation to learn as well, & so movies can help us all get into the swing as well. Rap Lyrics in Controversy. Tupac's life, was one that ended in rebellion against the world itself and tragedy as well us as Biggie who appeared to be his enemy to the rap scene, but it was definitely associated to him becoming anti-american in many ways through his lyrics & social movements he got started.

Rap Lyrics in Controversy

Him and Biggie Smalls we're actually friends long ago and we're going to unite their music movements prior to being persuaded, and misled by instigators on the ground to begin waring and fighting verbally in lyrics against one another back in the late 90's. He began a movement of his own through his music which stirred up a huge uproar from as far as the west coast of the US, to the East coast, from inner city to inner city, and even reached many rural communities. His music was very serious at times, and was loaded with tremendous passion about many deeply embedded inner city stories of lives that were shaken by poverty & harsh living conditions. Meditative Focus. At this point I was over joyed to actually have in my possession something that has captivated my mind for years, leaving me wondering & desiring to learn much more about it all.

Meditative Focus

I quickly got to the reading of each book, I was so absorbed into them that I literally read 8 books in a matter of 2 weeks, this was something I had never done before. The content levels of the info I was absorbing was far beyond my previous college experiences I had studied years back of some related subjects. I Can't think of what to write my next hub about. Poetry for me became a sort of artful game, where I could literally jump into a hidden reality that never ever existed before, but through writing these new found realities of my mind, bright new radiant idea's would suddenly pop up like colorful butterflies do so unexpectedly, on some nicely weathered dreamy day.

I Can't think of what to write my next hub about

Each line allows for a differing view or perspective, but doesn't have the same rigid structure of a prose piece of literature. It wasn't long before I was able to fill up an entire book with words I was gathering from all around me. Life brings new meaning to poetry. Water Wasn't flowing when spontaneity began Its living expands of growth supply & demand Sometimes trapped in differing forms habitat for the creative process.

Life brings new meaning to poetry

Levitation. Will our physical bodies be able to one day take lift off into outer space without assistance of UN-identified flying objects to change our potential fates How will we handle this responsibility of many sorts How will we be able to defend ourselves from a much harsher course.


College Life - Venturing Around Campus. First day Out On Campus College campuses are something of a fantasy for most young people, and it was a dream for me to finally get onto it to meet others like me. Knowing that college presents great academic challenges for us all, I was to make the best of my very first day out on campus at Manhattan College, located in New York City, in a rich area of the Bronx borough known as Riverdale. After leaving my college dorm called Chrysostom Hall, I decided to venture off into the main campus area, where I was to meet a large number of other students filtering through the stair cases & walking in various directions. The College Experience - my take on it all. I went to college back when college was truly a fun experience, people wasn't losing their minds, & doing harm to themselves or others back then due to the harsh survival stats today with the economy and all.

It was the year 1993, and I was 18 years old at the time, these times had their up's & downs for me & my family in particular. I was somewhat forced to drag my clothing through the city trains in a shopping cart, it definitely felt embarrassing, but I am proud to speak about it today. Now this might all sound kinda lame compared to today's stories of survival, but this is my true experience.

College Activities. I use to love watching the Manhattan Jaspers play basketball, this NCAA D-1 team when I was in college around 1993 was serious. Their head coach at the time was Coach Franscilla, I forgot what his first name was, but oh well I guess I can google it. LOL. The important part for me was in how the teams chemistry was actually formulated, and how they displayed such a powerful presence on the court throughout all the years I was there.

The School of Civil Engineering. Calculus-I was actually the easiest class for me, and I'm sure many of you reading this hub would think I was crazy for saying that. I've always been an amazing mathematician since I were young in grade school, so at every interval of learning the subject I excelled at it far above the average math student. I actually enjoyed math so much that I was doing equations all the time in my head where ever I went, the only time I didn't practice math problems was when I had to learn a differing subject, and even then the equations would somewhat float around in my head. I use to have to force myself not to think about it all, but I loved me some math especially calculus. Since I were an engineering student at the time, this love of math came in handy for me. Collective Idea's. Does Life have a true Purpose?

Purpose is something that people find hard to define for oneself. My purpose in life is one that has a biological essence, a philosophical order, a social atmospheric pressure, a conduct that's disorderly at times, & spiritually may be seen as absent when not focused upon. Does Adulthood take a toll on People Today. Major Earth Quake - East Coast. Hurricane Irene. AfterMath of Irene in Jamaica Queens.