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If anyone needs to know how Pearltrees works, message me, I got you, my stats here speaks for itself folks, enjoy! and have fun here, its all about sharing!!!!! – cloudexplorer
Those pearls which are truly alone, are those no one else has stored, as in unknown web locations, or those that haven't yet been added to Pearltrees, so alone until someone else submits the same one you have. Thus the glowing rings around it as well, indicating its growing popularity amongst the Pearltrees community here. – cloudexplorer
I disagree, its nothing like Stunble Upon, that thing is a dinosaur, this is something entirely different indeed. Stumble upon sucks in my honest opinion, because if you looking to share there, its so restrictive, people care not for most things, and I never had any kind of following there with my shares, here ummm the stats tells the tale. – cloudexplorer
Its not your Pearl its everyones Pearl, we all own the same common Pearls, such as when someone creates the same singular web location as a pearl, Pearltrees is designed for community communications on common pearls, so yeah, its eveyones pearls and not just yours alone. I hope that helps you out a bit! – cloudexplorer
Facebook is awesome, but it gets better when people network in groups there, because its not easy to share your interest there with people who don't care to. Forming groups makes all the difference there for sure. – cloudexplorer
Has anyone located a cool location Known as 'Cloud Sharing', I had the privelege of building it into Facebook, its a cool idea, and I recommend for others to follow suit with pearl collections being built into Facebook. You can find my location there simply by searching for the name or you can use the link here I provided. It has unlimited potential once you've constructed your Pearltrees into highly advanced organized systems, as opposed to just random collections, just as Francois mentioned below. Your interest must be organized in such a way to attract huge audiences in order for these Pearls to make more sense, the potential is beyond comprehension. Good Luck and here's a link to see for yourself. Feel free to like it, add me to your facebook or what you choose there, its meant for us all to share and collaborate efforts to help others branch out their facebook connections pretty much. Sharing is the key! Enjoy! – cloudexplorer
Here's a cool FB Timeline Page for sharing Pearls onto, especially if your a web developer, feel free to give it a look, and you can post your pearls onto it, CloudSharing is the concept behind it, please no spam though. Enjoy! – cloudexplorer

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