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¿Cuánto cuesta morir ? :Todo lo que sabes después de morir. Velatorio en Salas propias, Cementerio Parque o domicilio con capilla ardiente de primera.

¿Cuánto cuesta morir ? :Todo lo que sabes después de morir

Asesoramiento de tramites ante policía, hospìtal y morgue en caso de muerte accidental Traslado en furgón del sitio de defunicón a la cochería. Selección de ataúdes: vasta selección ya sea para tierra o bóveda y una gama de variados colores. Capilla Ardiente: En caso que el velatorio se realice en el domicilio particular – Se provee Café , caramelos y agua mineral. El dolor de pagar un funeral. Sergio Péreztrejo / El Sol de México.

El dolor de pagar un funeral

Optan mexicanos por la cremación ante altos costos en funerales. La cremación es una opción más viable por su bajo costo y condición práctica Casi 60 por ciento de las personas fallecidas en la capital fueron cremadas, con un costo de entre cuatro mil y 20 mil pesos México.- La cremación en México va en aumento ante los altos costos de los servicios funerarios, la falta de espacios en los panteones, e incluso la intención de apresuramiento del proceso de luto entre los deudos del fallecido, señalaron especialistas de la UNAM.

Optan mexicanos por la cremación ante altos costos en funerales

Infografia_01_index.jpg (JPEG Image, 489×640 pixels) Infografia_palaciocanton.pdf (application/pdf Object) Angry-birds-addictiong-explanation-infographic-1.jpg (JPEG Image, 604×2962 pixels) It’s A Smart World Infographic Its-a-Smart-World_hr – The Infographics Showcase. Recycling-infographic.jpg (JPEG Image, 950×4332 pixels) Public Opinion, Polls and Discussion on SodaHead.

Infographic-content-first-half.jpg (JPEG Image, 800×1828 pixels) - Scaled (42%) Are We Overwhelmed By Too Many Social Asks? (INFOGRAPHIC) When it comes to building a social media presence, there's one strategy that seems to be universal.

Are We Overwhelmed By Too Many Social Asks? (INFOGRAPHIC)

You have to be a pest. Social asks -- invitations on social networks to friend, fan or follow -- are popping up everywhere, and now there's research to prove it. A new study finds that in a single month, social networks from Facebook to Twitter facilitate more than 3.34 million social ask mentions from across the globe. Pulp Fiction - infographic by ~dehahs on deviantART. Grave curiosities. We have scoured the internet to find these odd and bizarre facts related to death throughout culture, history, and even celebrity.

Grave curiosities

If you enjoyed these truly weird facts and stats, please feel free to share using the HTML below but please include a link to us! If you would like to include this infographic on your site, please use the code below (you can just paste it straight in): Why Americans Can’t Afford to Die - Current Rates, News and Information about Savings Accounts. A funeral is probably not an event you look forward to planning, but the truth is you will most likely have to at some point in your life.

Why Americans Can’t Afford to Die - Current Rates, News and Information about Savings Accounts

Have you ever considered whether you can afford to pay for funeral costs in the event a loved one passes? You might be a part of the roughly 40 percent of people in the U.S. who don’t have enough savings to cover the expense. “Loved to Death” Fun Infographic from iMortuary - Connecting Directors. Guide to Preparing for Death: Online vs Offline - Infographic. Funeral Facts Infographic. Via: Add this Infographic to Your Website: Simply copy the code below and paste it into the HTML of your blog, website, or Static FBML box on Facebook <div align="center"><a href=" target="_blank"><img src=" alt="Funeral Facts" width="600" height="1728"></a><br />Via:<br />View Other <a href="

Funeral Facts Infographic

A History of Poverty: Charting International Development over Time. The Christian Aid ' History of Poverty ' [] is a quite sophisticated and 3D-esque world map that reveals the development of countries over the last few hundred years in terms of poverty. An annotated timeline provides some interaction possibilities with the data. Where possible, the poverty scale is representative of the United Nations Development Programmes' human development index (HDI). How Much Does it Cost to Die? Even after you die, there are expenses to take care of.

How Much Does it Cost to Die?

Lots of them. Share this infographic on your website, simply copy and paste the source code in the box below to your website. The Cost of Dying. The increasing cost of dying infographic. ¿Cuánto cuesta morir? (infografía) Untimely deaths at MIT. Golden gate bridge suicides. Gráficos en EL PAÍS. The 2012 Statistical Abstract: Life Expectancy. This Javascript allows the page in IE to resize to the minium width of 783 pixels and no less.

The 2012 Statistical Abstract: Life Expectancy

Funeral-costs.jpg (JPEG Image, 600×903 pixels) Funeral Costs Infographic. Filed under: All Infographics , Cultural Infographics | No Comments » Funeral Costs Infographic Reviewed by Infographics Guy on Dec 5 Rating: Rating: 0.0/ 10 (0 votes cast) INFOGRAPHIC - Average Funeral Costs. Government citizenship rights funeral. Roman Life. Roman LifeThe content of this category provides comprehensive details of Roman Life including facts and information about the everyday life of the Romans including articles on the Patricians, the Plebeians, Law, the Senate, Senators, Punishment, Food, Meals and ancient recipes, life at the forum, the government and a description of the people who worked in the government, a list of jobs, the slaves, what the homes were like, how to read Roman numerals, the alphabet, names, coins and the calendar.

Roman Life

Roman LifeThe special events in the life of a citizen such as marriages, weddings and funerals Interesting facts and information about the life of the Romans. The following pages provide an index to the articles and contents of this category. Click a link for comprehensive facts and information and details relating to the Roman Life: Romans LifeWho were the Romans? The Roman Life section provides history, facts and information about the people of Ancient Rome. Barnet Online – Funeral expenses. Most families chose to employ a funeral director to organise the funeral of a loved one, but this can be carried out independently. The funeral director will collect and move the body, arrange embalming and viewing of the deceased, provide a coffin, hearse and other elements. How To Germany - Funerals. The way Germany handles the dead has long been different, but changes are in the works. Germany's methods of handling the dead have been out of step with those in the rest of the Western world.

For generations, cremation and embalming were handled by the state, rather than by funeral homes; people have had no choice as to what to do with cremated remains (they had to buried in a cemetery); the private cemetery hardly exists; and many people choose an anonymous grave with no headstone (something that's found in Germany's European neighbors but virtually unknown in North America). Opinion Visualization: What Do People Feel about their Economic Outlook. After asking people for their opinion on the topics of Osama bin Laden's death and the U.S. Debt Crisis, The New York Times now presents another approach to gather, and then map, the thoughts of the public at large, in the form of a so-called opinion visualization. The infographic "What's Your Economic Outlook? " [] shows the 100 most recent comments from all people of all ages about various themes, such as their "Upcoming spending plans", their "Job status" or how they see "Economy next year".

This information can be filtered according to gender, employment status, and age. Individual entries, represented as small human avatars, can be selected to read the comment. Paying for a funeral : Directgov - Government, citizens and rights. Ernment, citizens and rights : Directgov. CONCILIANET. Traslado de Restos. El costo del traslado de restos dependerá del tipo y cantidad de servicios que contrate la familia (tipo de ataúd, servicios de velación en Florida, servicios especiales, etc.)

Precio funeral. Existen negocios más allá de la muerte, con gustos y precios como en la vida misma. Sepa cuáles son sus derechos, antes de planear su Funeral. Servicios Funerarios. Consumers Information about funerals in Canada. An American-owned funeral chain is claiming an ever-growing share of that market. A Marketplace investigation has found that its methods may be costing you thousands of dollars more than necessary. Funerals are often the third largest purchase most Canadians will make.

They are notoriously expensive. Ask Darryl Roberts. Differences in Cost between Burial and Cremation in Canada. The question of how much a funeral should cost is one that we are often asked at Canadian Funerals Online. The question of cost is sometimes an issue that people feel uncomfortable asking a funeral director, believing that asking “how much” does not seem dignified. This demonstrates just how much of a ‘distressed purchase’ a funeral is, and how culturally we still feel uneasy about the ritual of dying.

Yet, with tougher economic times hitting all of us, the cost of dying has become a very important one. Fortunately, the Internet helps people find answers to the question of cost, without having to go through the discomfort of making multiple enquiries by face to face or by telephone to funeral homes. Canadian Green Burial Laws. FASTSTATS - Deaths and Mortality. Welcome to Funeral Service Association of Canada. Untitled. European Union competition law. Funeral Help Program: Consumer Guide to Saving Thousands on Funerals. Prison funeral expenses covered by state. Average cost of a funeral « Your Funeral Guy.