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Public Opinion, Polls and Discussion on SodaHead

Public Opinion, Polls and Discussion on SodaHead
SodaHeadlines Entertainment Living Fun & Humor games sports music fashion News & Politics Leaderboard Sarah Palin May Run for Senate: Would You Vote for Her? Sarah Palin may be coming to a Senate seat near you. That is, if conservative attorney Dan Backer has his way. 51% voted Absolutely not! Do you agree? politics

14 Bloom's Taxonomy Posters For Teachers 14 Brilliant Bloom’s Taxonomy Posters For Teachers by TeachThought Staff Bloom’s Taxonomy is a useful tool for assessment design, but using it only for that function is like using a race car to go to the grocery–a huge waste of potential. In an upcoming post we’re going to look at better use of Bloom’s taxonomy in the classroom, but during research for that post it became interesting how many variations there are of the original work.

Are We Overwhelmed By Too Many Social Asks? (INFOGRAPHIC) When it comes to building a social media presence, there's one strategy that seems to be universal. You have to be a pest. Social asks -- invitations on social networks to friend, fan or follow -- are popping up everywhere, and now there's research to prove it. Anti-piracy lawyers caught pirating each other’s work We would like to think that the lawyers that are prosecuting alleged copyright infringers are practicing what they preach, but it looks like one of the most high profile firms involved in such cases are just as guilty of stealing other’s work as those who are downloading illegal media. Allegedly, the file sharing settlement letters and follow-up response templates used by ACS:Law were blatantly copied by lawyers at Tilly, Bailey and Irvine, who were starting their own settlement letter operation. Andrew Crossly from ACS:Law claims that the firm contacted him for help, which he provided, but instead of just using his templates as a guide, Tilly, Bailey and Irvine began to use them as their own without consent. “My cooperation does not extend to allowing, without my prior knowledge, license or permission, to use my firm’s range of precedent letters, paragraphs and responses.

Why I Don’t Use Twitter A Manifesto I believe in Twitter. I believe people want to use it and that it is useful to them. I’m less sure of its susceptibility to monetization, but then again, I cover cameras and ramen-bots, not internet business. Funeral Facts Infographic Via: Add this Infographic to Your Website: Simply copy the code below and paste it into the HTML of your blog, website, or Static FBML box on Facebook <div align="center"><a href=" target="_blank"><img src=" alt="Funeral Facts" width="600" height="1728"></a><br />Via:<br />View Other <a href=" The crew at iMortuary put out this interesting infographic that details a variety of “grave curiosities” as they like to call it. iMortuary is an online funeral home directory, as well as resource for other funeral related services. This infographic is in the style of a headstone, and has a number of engravings that all have a fact inside.

100 Best Illustrator Tutorials of All Time Adobe Illustrator is the most powerful vector software on the planet, and whether you’re using it alone, or in a workflow with other tools such as a 3D program, Photoshop, InDesign, or something else, it can be a great asset to any designer’s arsenal. However, Illustrator is also one of the most daunting programs to learn how to use, with a vast array of tools and features at your fingertips. Some high quality tutorials will go a long way to easing the process, and get you up and going on your own vector creations. In our sequel to the Best Photoshop tutorials of all time, today we have the best Illustrator tutorials ever created and showcased on the web. Whether you want to learn the basics, or something a bit more advanced, this list has it all, from vector characters, icon tutorials, coveted infographic tutorials (which are in high demand), or graphic-design illustration tutorials, this collection of the best Illustrator tutorials will be sure to help you out.

How to Leave Twitter: My Time as Queen of the Universe and Why This Must Stop by Grace Dent « Booktopia – A Book Bloggers' Paradise – The No. 1 Book Blog for Australia Grace Dent is onto a winner. As we all know there are millions of twitter users worldwide. Each of these twitter users has a family, some have wives and husbands, and some even still have friends. These friends, partners and family members will soon feel, or are already feeling, neglected. They have probably come to resent the tweeter’s fascination with twitter and their obvious preference for the company of their ‘tweeps’ over them. In the orbit of every tweeter there must be on average two disgruntled non-tweeters.

Dudes With Beards Eating Cupcakes Apr 10 Dads With Beards Eating Cupcakes Apr 7 Second time’s a charm I informed our friend Rob here that his submission violated DWBEC’s Shirts-On Policy. This was his reply. Life Hack - The 30/30 Minute Work Cycle Feels Like Magic A year ago, I switched to the Colemak keyboard layout. I’ve since had zero pain in my hands when typing for many hours straight, I’ve been able to type faster, and I make fewer mistakes while typing. A few months ago, I decided to try the biphasic sleep cycle. It worked as advertised, allowing me to get better sleep and need less of it. I used to sleep for 9 - 10 hours each day, and now I need just 6 - 7.5 to stay just as sprightly, if not more.

Gamer makes a cool half-million by selling virtual property - Video Games Blog Plugged In Club Neverdie [Updated from a previous story] Think the rent is, in fact, too damn high? How Much Does it Cost to Die? Even after you die, there are expenses to take care of. Lots of them. Share this infographic on your website, simply copy and paste the source code in the box below to your website. <a href=" Image</a>

SodaHead permet de créer des sondages et de les diffuser facilement. Il comporte une forte dimension sociale et permet de s'exprimer sur les sujet d'actualités proposés par le site ou les autres utilisateurs. by fabrice.d Feb 14

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